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Complaint Review: Lynne Stuart (a.k.a. roxi lamb) - chanhasen Minnesota

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Lynne Stuart (a.k.a. roxi lamb)
P.O. Box 202, 702 w. village Rd. Apt 101 chanhasen, 55317 Minnesota, U.S.A.
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I paid Lynne Stuart (aka roxy lamb) $1400.00 for acting classes for my daughter. We later decided not to participate. I asked for a partial refund....$1000.00 and she could keep $400 for her time and our decision, last minute, to cancel. She verbally agreeded over the phone to that refund.

I have yet to receive and dime back and I have a civil suit in court. Ms. Stuart did not show up for the first hearing. I saw her walking the other day and asked her where my money was and why she did not show up in court. She laughed and told me that she had nothing to say to me. This person lives in Chanhassen, Minnesota and conducts her "acting classes" at the Community Center. Please be aware that once she has your money, you will NOT get it back!

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"Roxy Lamb" is a liar.

#2UPDATE Employee

Thu, July 24, 2014

Hi - I just want to interject. I know this post has not been updated in 7 years (and the original was posted 14 years ago!), but I am Serpil Ludwig's daughter. I was there. "Roxy Lamb" is a delusional scam artist (I mean come on, that is a porn star name, not any sort of legitimate actor's name) - She was totally sucking up to my mom during our first interview, giving out actor's "tips" - did you know that having light bulbs reflect in your pupils is a "trick" to make your eyes pop and your headshot stand out? Yeah, it's a bunch of BS. She talks a good game to people who don't know better.

My mother had to take her to court several times because she would not give a refund, eventually freezing her bank account, etc., and still did not receive a dime back.

She also states that her "business manager" told us up front there were no refunds - This woman was running her business out of her apartment and a PO box, there was absolutely no business manager involved.

There was never a restraining order against my mother. My mother hasn't even lived in the state of Minnesota for close to 10 years. "Roxy Lamb" lived in a different part of Chanhassen than we did and the chances of  her running into my mom at the grocery store are slim - she would have had to travel quite a ways to shop at the same grocery store and there were several other closer options. The only time my mom saw Roxy Lamb outside of court was our first initial interview.

I do wonder, though - how did she know how big our house was? She was never invited over, she must have been hanging around on her own accord.

Anyway, this caused my mother a lot of stress back in the day, and I just happened upon this and wanted to set the record straight.





Serpil, Chanhassen, MN lies & had a restraining order against her for following and verbally abusing me!

#3REBUTTAL Individual responds

Wed, November 21, 2007

1) Not only has Serpil received all her money back...long, long ago... years and years ago! she has refused to file a report to clear my name.... or do anything here! I asked her and her husband and he simply slammed the door in my face. They have NO INTEREST IN JUSTICE OR JUST OR KINDNESS. 2) I was in the hospital with my daughter with Meningitis when the case went to Court and I didn't even know about it as my family and I were fighting Meningitis even tho' docs told us we had the bad flu! 3) After out, I appealed the Judgement given by my no show and the MN Judge refused to allow me my day in court as couldn't believe we were in the hospital and I had docs to show it! 4) I took Serpil to Court to get a restraining order against her because she was so low class to yell out swear words to me in grocery stores, when I was walking, etc. and she'd follow me in her big SUV... with and without her husband. They did everything to intimidate me because they are very wealthy and very nasty. Serpil is a housewife who doesn't work and complained the whole interview with her daughter. I nearly didn't even accept the daughter because of the mother. The mother is a real basket case who loves to create negative things for others whether founded or not! 5)Serpil was told there were no refunds at the beginning! She also told me her daughter never shows for things they pay for. I said there are no refunds. After calling her each time her daughter missed she decided to harrass me for a refund... even tho' she doesn't need it... lives in big, enormous home, knew there was none offered, my business manager told her no! 6) I'd given her a discount in the beginning because I didn't want to drag on the interview any longer. The woman is not nice, not kind, not feminine and was so boisteriously obnoxious that I just said yes to her begging for a discount! 7) Me... I'm one of the best Acting Coaches you could find! Promise. I'm a Midwestern, Sweetheart who dislikes people who lie!

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