"Thank You" Emails From Consumers

Over the last 16 years, Rip-off Report has saved consumers around the world millions of dollars

Why I Do What I Do...What Keeps Ed Magedson, Founder of Ripoff Report Going Every Day

Every day people ask me, "ED, why do you do this, subjecting yourself to harassment, continuous lawsuits and the endless days of work?"

This is not a thankless job: Every day Rip-off Report receives "thank you" letters and phone calls of appreciation from government agencies including the FBI, FTC, SEC, IRS, Homeland Security, US Postal Inspectors, Justice Department, and government agencies from over 9 other countries which we assist all the time. "Thank you" messages also come rolling in from newspaper and magazine reporters as well as TV news producers. Most important, though, are all the "thank you" emails we receive every day from consumers. All this appreciation is one of the many reasons why we keep working for YOU, the consumer.

Despite the over 19 hour work days, constant death threats and lawsuits that linger for years, costing well over $3.5 million in attorney's fees to date, we are still here for YOU! ..Companies sue us to take down Reports or to gain access to the author's information to victimize them further harassing them with the threats of a lawsuit to coerce the author into taking down their Report. Well, everyone knows Rip-off Report does not remove Reports. Dozens of lawsuits later we've never lost a case. Why? Because the law is on our side and under the First Amendment, consumers have a right to speak out and remain anonymous.

In fact, we believe that the First Amendment right to remain anonymous is so important that we have spent $1,000s of our own money in attorney's fees fighting to protect authors by keeping their names confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law. In one recent example, a large California corporation which sold products to people with less-than-excellent credit tried to subpoena records from Rip-off Report asking us to reveal the names of three authors who had written reports about their negative experiences with the company. Our lawyers fought the subpoena, arguing that under the First Amendment, people have a right to speak freely and anonymously as long as they do not make statements which are false and defamatory. On March 21, 2008 in a ruling you can read here the Arizona court agreed with our arguments and granted Rip-off Report's Motion to Quash the subpoena, meaning the names of the three authors would remain confidential.

As we have always done in the past, we can and will fight to protect your right to speak out anonymously when you have been cheated or wronged. The one limitation, of course, is that you MUST be sure to use this website for the purposes it was intended -- to spread the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Making false statements about other people and businesses is wrong, it is unlawful, and it is prohibited by the Rip-off Report Terms of Service. If you break these rules, you can face significant liability and Rip-off Report can't and won't protect you if you make statements on this site which are defamatory.

Consumer input and support is a huge motivator for Rip-off Report employees and the many independent contractors from around the globe who assist and support Rip-off Report. Hearing your success stories, knowing the education consumers receive to stop rip-offs and saving consumers millions of dollars keeps us all motivated.

Below you will find some of the thousands of emails we receive every month.

Are you someone that finds it hard to believe these emails are real? If you are a news reporter interested in checking out the truthfulness of these "thank you" letter writers, or other thank you emails in our file, just e-mail us and we will put in touch with any of them who have indicated they would like to talk with the media. Most consumers give us that permission when they fill out their user profile.

Those Thank You Emails.......

Ripoff Report Helped Stop Unwanted E-mails

I will like to thank you for the website RipOffReport.com. I keep getting email from this company to sign up and I nearly did, however I decided to do a research to see if I would find anything negative about these scheme before I commit myself. If not for your site I would have become another victim of GMB DIRECT.

Keep up the good work

- Robert

I need to remove a posting - thanks, I now understand why you do not remove reports

Hi Ed. Thanks for the feedback. Of course, right now I am just trying to get back our deposit. He didn't call back or respond to emails for 5 months and the ONLY way I got him to respond was to threaten posting negative feedback. To show him I was serious, I started with your site. Well, it worked like a charm. He sent a check next day UPS and we put it in the bank yesterday and we will see if it clears. I told him if the check clears, I'll update the posting. If not, I'll go on a rampage. So your site has enabled me to have him by the proverbial balls. However, now he claims to have lost business (which says a lot for your site) and is threatening the lawsuit if I don't remove the fraud and scam remarks. I wrote you from my other email address as well (this is my work email so PLEASE do not publish or reveal this address) so you do not have to answer that one. Anyway, if the check clears, I'll be making a donation as thanks.

Checking Credit Card Statements to Avoid Bogus Charges

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your Ripoff report saved me. I received my credit card bill today, and for the first time in months, really checked my charges. And what did I find? Three charges from UMG--one for Prescription Savings, one for Money Ahead, and one for Buyers Edge. So I attempted to call the 800#--they were closed until Monday. I then called my credit card company, and found that these charges have been going on since Nov., 2007. I told them that I had no idea who these people were, and what the charges were for. Until I found out that the charges started in Nov., I was going to blame my computer and buying online using my credit card. But I didn't get my computer until Jan., so that wasn't it. My credit card company told me I would not be responsible for these charges, closed this account, and opened a new account with a new #. I will receive my new info and card within 5 business days. Please, please, tell consumers to check their bills carefully every month, something I should have been doing. Thank you again for your website--it saved me!

- Lori

Ripoff Report NEVER Removes Reports

I just want to thank you for your policy to never remove something you thought should be posted. There was a site (city.data.com) that had alot of information regarding the people/companies reported under # Report: #316795 titled

Report: Highland Development, Duchesne Land , 4Joe And Joan Steed

The owners living in the development had submitted lots of information, and warnings, even though the property values would most likely be lowered, but they felt that the general population thinking of moving here needed to be made aware of what to expect, so they could make the decision to buy or not based on truth from actual owners instead of only what the developer said.

Unfortunately the site must have been threatened with a lawsuit because they closed down the thread, thereby giving people here in Duchesne NO voice to speak out or warn anyone.

The Steeds are very litigious people and continue to hire and fire attorneys that do/ or not do what they want.

Keep up the good work, I will be letting everyone know about your site.

- Jeanne

Ripoff Report Alerts Consumers of Bad Businesses

I was scammed with the free trial issue by the same website: (Jordan Publishing/ www.foreclosurestore). I'm very upset about it and I wished I would've ran into the Ripoff Report before I made that decision. I'm currently trying to clear things up on this issue with the bank now as it is. But i was suckered bigtime!!! But next time I'll do a little more research on the business before I purchase anything. Thanks to Ripoff Report you guys make things a whole lot easier by providing a list of bad businesses on your webpage.

Thanks a lot!!!

- C.D.

Checking Credit Card Statements to Avoid Bogus Charges

Thank you for the reports on Vacation Professionals of Methuen, MA.

My wife and I made an appointment with Vacation Professionals. When we called to confront them on the Rip Off Report, they told us that nowhere in the offer does it mention free. It certainly implies free when it congratulates you on being awarded tickets and a rental car.

This certainly saved us much aggravation and we thank you immensely.

- Debbie & Russ

Ripoff Report Helps Family Avoid Rip-off of Horse Training

My family cannot thank you enough for the work that you do, the forum you provide. We were completely hustled by a horse trader, Patricia Wilson last fall. We cannot create a report because she still has one of my in-laws horses in training and we can't risk anything there. But, I was able to convince my husband's parents that she is bad news because of the reports I was able to find on your site.

More importantly is the fact that when I called the Cass County, TX District Attorney, Clint Allen, I learned he had already begun an official investigation of this woman. Bringing all of this information together for his office will be key to the successful prosecution of her crimes.

Our horse was a gift my husbands parents purchased from Patricia. So, we were walking a fine line being grateful but dealing with our unbroken horse. Luckily, we had a couple states between us so they couldn't see that it took 4 months of training before my daughter could get on her horse!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Ripoff Report. What a fabulous service.

God bless,

- Nancy

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I was wrong to ask to cancel my Rip-Off report.

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. You are 100% correct of your explanation. Yes.... I was wrong to ask to cancel my Rip-Off report. I was not thinking correctly. I was happy to get my refund," which I was not expecting to get back at all", and also the service that you were expecting receive from Joan Marie Physic Expert was not satisfactory. Yes cancel my cancel. Leave my Rip-Off report as is.



Ripoff Report Allows Consumers to Expose Corporate Giants

Thank you for providing easy means to expose the corporate giants that feel untouchable. I love your "Want to sue Ripoff Report?" section. Finally someone with a backbone that will not let those bullies walk all over them. Having your website with your attitude backing the merrits of it underlines what this country originally stood for and what so many bullies out there are trying to take away from us ordinary people.


- Konrad

Ripoff Report Helps Consumers Become Aware

Hi EDitor,

I just want to thank you for your time and energy in your website. I have been personally fighting with 5/3: Fifth Third Bank, in Cincinnati, Ohio and sure sh**t they acknowledged they were in the wrong, however, my case it's the business "dinging your customer to make more fees for the bank." I just want to say consumers need to do their "toll" to get these companies to wake up!

I saw you on Fox 11 and I am extremely impressed by your drive, desire and ambition to correct people's troubles with big corporations. Just remember when you're staring at your email that seems like it doesn't stop that you ARE HELPING each one of us! I have never NOT brought your website into a conversation!!! I always promote you and your goal!

If you ever want some more help I'll be happy to accommodate your expansion. I have worked for big pharmaceutical companies and bio tech companies!

Thank you again for ALL you do!
Peace always to you and your sleepless nights!!!!

- Kari

Ripoff Report Makes Businesses Act

Dear Ed,

A consumer we assisted had serious problems with a difficult retailer ( and we use the term retailer loosely) with no results for nearly four months.

But suddenly, when the owner of the company discovered a negative report on your site, he suddenly wants to make good to the consumer. He must be up for sale or something?

We still have to see this happen, but if it really comes true, then we will rejoice, and we will disclose the entire story.

But, it is a good one. This business made a serious mistake in judging its customers.

Thanks for being here for us!

- C & H

You are right! They have refused to give me monies they owe me if I don't remove this report.

You are right! They have refused to give me monies they owe me if I don't remove this report. I will explain to them how they can turn this into a positive. Everyword is the truth and they believe it is inflamatory, it is the truth and they don't like it. It was time someone spoke up and told the real story. I am receiving phone calls from former and current employees/Independent Contractors who took this treatment and some are still taking it, thanking me.

I will keep posting untill resolved.

- David

Ripoff Report Reports Helped Consumer Get Money Back

Hello, Ripoff Report.

Because of your website, we have been refunded all of the money that we feel was stolen from us by Wells Fargo, and First American Payment Systems. We are very grateful to have found your website. First American still owes us over $2000.00, and they have agreed in writing to pay us, but only with the agreement that after we receive the funds we have to remove the report from your website. Is that possible? I didn't see that option on updates. I was prepared to write an update explaining that we have received our money back, but they want me to remove the report completely.

Can you let me know the procedure?


- Frank

Ripoff Report Helps Consumers Become Aware

Mr. Magedson,

First of all, I would like to comment on your web site. I LOVE IT. I have used Rippoff report to report two attorneys that hurt us beyond what anyone could possibly believe. They cost us thousands of dollars. I know that you have helped a lot of people and even some, you were able to get their money returned. I also understand that you cannot help everyone. If you would like to read my report, it is under: Robert D. Clements & Steve Ongert. These two lawyers represented their selves to be lawyers that handles insurance claims and remediation claims when really as I have just learned, they are divorce lawyers who took advantage of the people that were hit by the by the big mold scare. Our home was flooded and from there, mold took over our home. We were having problems with our insurance company and our remediation company. So we hired these two liers which by the way came recommended by someone that later herself found out that they were scamming people like us. I would love to get our money back from them. I was just thinking that if anyone could get results like that...you could. If you would be interested in helping, please email me @ (e-mail address removed by Ripoff Report).

Thank you

- Tonti

Ripoff Report Helps Consumers Avoid Credit Card Scams

A friend of mine asked me to check out a credit card offer he received from "The Union Workers Credit Services." I suspected it wouldn't be on the up-and-up so I told him I would check it out. I did a Google search and your website was at the top of the list.


I am glad services as yours exist to prevent this extortion being inflicted on millions of other gullible people.

Please keep up the good work,

- Wayne

Ripoff Report Helps Consumers Get Money Back

The whole time, Mr. Ogunbajo has been particular about the transactions being between himself and I, no third parties. When he kept defaulting on ALL appointments/promises to pay, I panicked and started searching the internet for any site that'd allow me to lodge a complaint. With me being in Nigeria and him being overthere in the States, I felt particularly disadvantaged. All I wanted at the time was for a third party to call him up and tell him they were aware of his failure to meet his obligations to me.

I found ripoff report.com! Without meaning to praise you or sound sycophantic, after I lodged my report, I felt so relieved, I was able to get a full night's sleep for the first night in a while.

Previously when I did a google search for BABATUNDE OGUNBAJO - BOZO AUTOS it brought up a yellow/superpages website and some other inconsequential sites. After I logged in my report, I found out that doing the same search this time brought up ripoffreport.com as the second or third result.

I was stunned! I mentined it to some friends here in Lagos, someone must have told his brother who probably told him... I'm not sure how he got wind of it but the very next day, no two days later he calls me and starts a song and dance about me overeacting. He insists tjat he has bought the two trucks and that he was owing only $8,200.

Anyway, I asked him for the dock receipts for the vehicles he claims to have taken to the ports and told him that over the four weeks that he played me around, if he was interested in paying the money, at $2,000/week, he would have payed 8k.

It's been 5days since we had that discussion, he has paid 2k but still has not sent any port documents. I sent the email yesterday, stating the terms of our agreement and copying some interested parties to witness.

I THANK RIPOFFREPORT.COM FOR HELPING TO RE-OPEN THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION WITH MR. OGUNBAJO. The $2,000 I received within a week of posting my report is testament of your site's effectiveness. More grease to your elbow.

Best regards,


Ripoff Report Helps Consumer Avoid Scam

if it was not for this site i would of been just another victum of that rip off .to make it worse it was going to be for granddaughter. she did not get one,but thanks to ripoff report thay did'nt get our money. we are both disabled,she is 16. it was to help her learn.thank you so much. keep up the good work

- DG

Ripoff Report Helps Consumer Avoid Too Good To Be True Scam

Dear people,

Thank you so much for having made this site. I received extensive e-mails from Mike Waters as well. I have been told, that if somethings is too good to be true, mostly it is not true. So with this in my mind, I always started searching the internet about the person making you this offer. And when giving in Steve Waters under Google Search I found your site. So thanks a lot for this information, not that I was planning to start at once a business with him, but it is good that your site was there. Thanks a lot.

With kind regards,

- Aart and Khon

Thank you for not removing my post. These guys deserve what's coming to them

Yep, I understand what you meant and I totally agree with you. People need to know how these companies work to make a living. Just because I took some drastic steps they responded by saying they will reimburse me the money provided I take all negative comments back. These guys deserve what's coming to them. I might be one of the lucky ones, but there are others that have been victimized and have never got reimbursed. A lot of these internet companies are scamsters and its good you have a site that's advocating the innocent consumers.

Ripoff Report Helps Consumer Avoid Too Good To Be True Scam

I must say thank you for all you do. It seems that the small business man can only get so far before the people above remember how they conned their way to the top and stop us from following in their footsteps. Life means nothing and we are without morals today I am firmly stood beside you. I am pushing to get inventions accepted as I am the son of a famous inventor and I do promise to give you publicity as and when I can.

Thank You

- Gordon

Ripoff Report Helps Consumer Get Refund


thanks for the info posted at- https://www.ripoffreport.com/Corrupt-Companies/ENTERTAINMENT-REWARD/entertainment-rewards-they-sig-4934w.htm

I noticed an unauthorized charge of $9 by Entertainment rewards this month. I am being charged this amount since last 3 months after I purchared tickets from ticketmaster (which was the first and last time). My bank (Bank of America) initially refused to help me and asked me to get in touch with the merchant. They did provide me merchant telephone number though which only asked me to re-enter my card number.

Then I came across this article at ripoffreport and went back to the bank insisting that a claim should be filed. Now they are going to refund the amount charged in last 60 days. However, bank still says nothing can be done about the amount charged before 60 days!


- Yogesh

Thank you! Glad you did not remove my Rip-off Report!

Thank you. I acutally read this after I messaged you under the agreement that is signed before posting..haha. My bad. Yes the employer is doing nothing to resolve this and they are threatening to have me charged with defamation of character. I see your point in not allowing posts to be removed.

Ripoff Report Gives Advice to Consumers

Thank you. Thanks for providing this service. Your web page was very helpful in getting this man locked up.

- Bob

Ripoff Report Gives Consumers a Heads Up

Thank you for the information you provided in regard to WLI Reservation Rewards - Expedia.com Scam! The charges hit my Capital One credit card. I called Capital One and they were VERY helpful. They connected me via conference call with Reservation Rewards and after simply validating who I was the WLI representative reversed the 10 months worth of charges ($100) from my Capital One account. Your website was very helpful. Thank you!

- Rick

Rip-off Report has tens of thousands of other thank you emails collected over the last 10 years. If you would like to let us know how we have helped you, please e-mail us.

If you would like to help keep Rip-off Report free, please donate. We are always fighting to keep all Rip-off Report's up in-spite of all the lawsuits that have tried to make us take them down, and to date we've never lost!. That's right, to date, we've never lost a case! Our legal costs total from around the globe and general maintenance to keep Rip-off Report alive are more than $120,000 a month on average.