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ripoffreportverifiedsafe If you are a savvy business manager, you know that all businesses make mistakes, however, it is how those businesses handle those mistakes that separate the good businesses from the rest! Further, you are also probably aware that your online reputation can be just as important as the quality of your products and services. Through the Ripoff Report Guardian+™ Program, Ripoff Report is helping businesses, just like yours, highlight positive aspects about their business’s goods and/or services, highlight their commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and help guard their reputation on Ripoff Report from future complaints – now and into the future.

Everyone is a critic these days… We know that as a new business, or as a business that has worked long and hard to keep their customers happy, the changing times can be scary. Now more than ever people are turning to the internet to make reviews about businesses, just like yours! If you have managed to keep, or want to keep, a clean record with Ripoff Report, one of the longest running consumer complaint forums, you may want to consider theRipoff Report Guardian+™ Program as a method to advertise all of the positive aspects about your company while protecting your business from potential future complaints and negativity on Ripoff Report. Remember, “It’s no longer buyer beware, it’s more so seller beware.”Ed Magedson (1997)

Ripoff Report can be your first line of defense on the Internet. Ripoff Report typically ranks highly (often at or near the top) of search engines. If someone wants to learn about your business they will likely search for your company name online. Sure, your website, videos, etc. might rank high too, and that is great if they are just trying to get contact information or learn a bit more about your company, but often people are trying to learn why they should NOT want to do business with you, right? And what are they likely going to look at first? Probably not that five-star review. And what about when someone is thinking about complaining about your business online? Who do you think they will come to? Ripoff Report!

How can Ripoff Report help? Consider these points:
  • Consumers can stumble across your business when they weren’t necessarily even looking for you. Listings about your business show up in many more places online then you would imagine. Most just do a search on their name and think that’s it. But there is actually more to it. Because of the key words in our Ripoff Report Verified Business Review the listings have a tendency to show up on all kinds of searches including when searching for your competitors. Of course, because our listings stand out…people often want to stop and read something called RIPOFF REPORT with your business name in connection with the words RECOMMENDED, TRUSTED, and/or VERIFIED. Opportunity to bring in new business…mission accomplished.
  • If consumers are looking information about your business, they will likely see your Verified Business Review online which will have all the good, positive, promotional information about your business. Getting consumers positive information about your business…mission accomplished!
  • If consumers are looking for something negative about your business they will likely be drawn to the Ripoff Report Verified Business Review listing about you (it’s the Jedi mind trick) and see all the good, positive, promotional information about your business. Luring speculating consumers to read positive information about your business…mission accomplished!
  • If consumers want to complain about you or your business, because maybe they didn’t have the pleasant experience that you had hoped for, they will likely come to Ripoff Report because obviously taking complaints is what we are known for OR because they see the positive Ripoff Report Verified Business Review about your business and they want to file a Rebuttal to tell us why we are “wrong” about you. However, rather than letting that complaint go up on our high ranking website, we will actually connect your business’s designated customer service representative and that unhappy customer right away so that your business can assess the situation quickly and, within reason of course, make things right with that customer. Satisfied customer = no Ripoff Report complaints and possibly winning back the trust of a once disgruntled customer…mission accomplished!

Regardless of why that consumer is searching for your business online Ripoff Report can be an asset to your business! Don’t believe us? Just ask any of our existing Verified status member businesses.

Program Requirements
  • No Ripoff Reports. Members of the Program cannot have any existing Reports about their business, or affiliated business, on
  • Be legit! Members of the Program must be a legitimate business in good standing with the law, i.e., no basement dwellers who steal credit cards allowed
  • Make a commitment. Members of the Program must pledge a commitment to customer service and satisfaction and fulfill all duties and obligations required for earning Ripoff Report’s trust and achieving the status of being Ripoff Report Verified™
Program Benefits
  • Advertising! Our listing can bring you business that you didn’t even know was possible!
  • We are your first line of defense on the internet! Like a moth to a flame, disgruntled consumers will likely come to Ripoff Report to make a complaint about you. Fortunately, we monitor for such complaints and if one ever does come in, we quickly email the upset customer to calm them down; assuring them the member business will make things right with them. We then put you in contact with that customer to resolve any issues within 14 days. Of course, everything within reason.
  • Become a TRUSTED and RECOMMENDED business…get Ripoff Report Verified™! We send out a third-party verifier direct to you to learn about your business through an on-site inspection, taking of photographs, and conducting an interview.
  • Promotion!Ripoff Report will help craft a promotional Business Review that will reflect your business and services as being trusted by Ripoff Report.
  • Eye-catching headlines on the Internet!Ripoff Report will create an eye catching headline associated with the Business Review that will promote your business’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Consumers know that if your business is trusted by Ripoff Report, then they can trust you too!
  • Customer service styled support!Ripoff Report is here to assist with resolving problems with customers from the past, and the future, so to help avoid negative comments on the internet. We want to make sure that, within reason, every consumer who complains to us about your business is taken care of appropriately. At the same time, Ripoff Report also wants to help protect its’ Program members from the unreasonable consumer. We do our best to take a fair and balanced approach.
  • Directory listing! Members who earn the Ripoff Report Verified™ status may have the option to be listed in the Ripoff Report Verified Business Directory™. This is just one of the great ways that Ripoff Report can RECOMMEND a Verified status business to consumers.
  • Stamp of approval!Members who earn the Ripoff Report Verified™ status have the ability to use the Ripoff Report Verified™ logo on their business website.
Examples Of Program Member Headline Listings On The Internet:

Check out the following positive listings via a search on Google:

Ripoff Report Guardian+™ Program…the “all in one” program that uniquely helps businesses obtain new customers through promotional advertising, becomes an extension of their customer service to help resolve issues where necessary, and helps promote and maintain their reputation online through 24/7 monitoring on Ripoff Report.

No program on earth does for a business what Ripoff Report does… No program on earth does what Ripoff Report does to verify a business…a business a consumer will trust.

If you are ready for your business to join the Ripoff Report Guardian+™ Program and rise to the ranks of other elite customer service and satisfaction minded businesses, start your application process to Get Ripoff Report Verified™ NOW!

For more information about the Ripoff Report Guardian+™ Program simply e-mail [email protected].