How It Works


Corporate Advocacy Program helps you promote your commitment to customer satisfaction and remediates complaints on your behalf.

Turn a NEGATIVE complaint into POSITIVE PR for your business.

What CAP membership DOES for your business.

  • Reviews all reports and contacts the author, verifying for unfair, unjust, unbalanced or phony filings.
  • Determines the truthfulness of the complaints as best as we can.
  • Exposes phony reports filed by competitors, malicious individuals and/or disgruntled employees.
  • Sends an email to each person who posted a report about your company, notifying them that your firm has offered to negotiate in good faith to resolve their complaint.
  • Prevents reports from being filed in the first place, if the complaint is handled and remedied immediately.
  • Updates all reports stating your commitment to address complaints.
  • Provides updates to existing reports, stating your side of the story, as well as your resolution to the problem. This shows how you made changes to your business to avoid reported problems in the future.
  • Prevents the filing of phoney reports by competitors or malicious individuals by exposing existing reports as false or malicious.
Consumers LOVE doing business with companies that show that they work to resolve complaints and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make it right for their customers.

Our Philosophy Everyone loves to do business with companies that can admit mistakes, are willing to make things right and make improvements, showing how they give their customers the benefit of the doubt. When you demonstrate your commitment to improving the relationships you have with your customers, you build goodwill inside and outside your business. Few are willing to go so far to please their customers. Not every business is up to the task. Are you?

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