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We are here for you! Directing your communications to the proper Department will help ensure your matter is responded to appropriately. If you are unsure where your communication should be directed, the Customer Service and Support Department will be happy to assist you and make sure that your communication is forwarded to the appropriate place for further review and handling.

Important Notes Regarding Contacting RipOff Report:

  • We really want to hear from you, however, if you are upset, we ask that you take a breather to calm down a little, and when you do write to us…please be kind to our staff. After all, we probably didn’t cause the problem that you are upset about, but we are certainly happy to try and assist you with information.
  • Please do not copy multiple departments on e-mails as this may drastically delay responses from the appropriate department.
  • Our staff can only answer general questions and provide you with basic information. Any information provided should not be construed as legal advice or as giving advice as to what Program or option may be best for your particular situation. All information received and options should be considered with the advice of your personal or business advisors, including legal counsel.

General Contact Information

Please note that Ripoff Report typically does not respond to “snail mail” via “snail mail”. If you intend on writing Ripoff Report via “snail mail” you should include a working e-mail address in your communication so that you may receive a response. Failure to provide an e-mail address in your “snail mail” may result in your communication being disregarded.

MEDIA CONTACT / Government Agencies
[email protected] < Email before calling
(602) 518-4357 ... let the phone ring up to 9 times
General Business Information
[email protected] < Email before calling
(602) 518-4357 ... let the phone ring up to 9 times
Ripoff Report PO Box 310 Tempe, Arizona 85280
(602) 518-HELP (602) 518-4357 ** ... let the phone ring up to 9 times (602) 359-4357 ... select the department needed

CONTACT THE "EDitor" - Who is Ed?

Ripoff Report’s Founder, Ed Magedson, can be reached by e-mailing [email protected]. Ed would love to hear from you if you have some cool ideas on how we can improve, or you just want to send a friendly “Hi!”, “Thank You!”, or would like to discuss the dog rescue program that he is working on.

General Inquiries

  • General Questions / Not Sure What Department You Need
  • Assistance with User Accounts
  • Advertising Inquiries: [email protected]
  • Technical Support
  • Submit a Testimonial on How Ripoff Report has helped you: [email protected]

Program Specific Inquiries

  • Information on the Corporate Advocacy Program
  • Information relating to a Corporate Advocacy Program Member
  • Submit a Testimonial on how the Corporate Advocacy Program has helped you
GUARDIAN+ PROGRAM[email protected]
  • Information on the Guardian+ Program
  • Information relating to a Guardian+ Program Member
  • Submit a Testimonial on how the Guardian+ Program has helped you
  • Information on the VIP Arbitration Program
  • Submissions of information for the VIP Arbitration Program
  • Information on a past VIP Arbitration Decision
  • Submit a Testimonial on the VIP Arbitration Program has helped you

Accounts Receivable and Payable

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT - [email protected]
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Payment for Subpoenas
    • Customers of Ripoff Report Programs
  • Accounts Payable
    • Vendors
    • Contractors

Legal Notices and Inquiries

LEGAL DEPARTMENT - [email protected]
  • Subpoena Processing
  • Court Order Review
  • Government Agency Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Notices (Trademark and courtesy copies of DMCA Notices)
  • Legal Notices specifically pertaining to Ripoff Report
  • Requests for Use of Information Contained on Ripoff Report