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Ripoff Report was brought to life in 1997 and since that time Ripoff Report has continued its’ mission to help consumers. Beyond hosting our public interactive forum where consumers can warn other consumers about frauds, scams and rip-offs, Ripoff Report helps warn the general public of questionable situations by responding to media inquiries who are looking for news stories and providing them with information. Many of our efforts have resulted in on camera interviews with employee insiders and with those who have been victimized. The media plays an integral part in helping warn people about frauds, scams and rip-offs.

Businesses with Complaints on Ripoff Report

If you’re willing to make things right with customers from the past and going forward, allow Ripoff Report to visit your business to take photos and verify your business, and give a commitment to customer satisfaction, then this program is for you. See this video to learn more.

Business with NO complaints on Ripoff Report

If your business has no complaints and you would like consumer to know about your commitment to customer satisfaction when they search your name on the Internet, and you will allow Ripoff Report to come down to your business to do an on-site inspection, so Ripoff Report can confirm to consumers what a great business you are and, where Ripoff Report can be your first line of defense on the internet.. then this video is for you.

Empowering Consumers since 1997 – Ripoff Report Verified™ .. there is no other program like it on earth.

Ripoff Report Verified: Trusted Businesses | Consumer Awareness

Ripoff Report Investigates filthy illegal disgusting masks found online.

Ripoff Report: Don't Let Them Get Away With It!

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Ripoff Report Investigates

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