What Our Members Say


Consumers love to do business with companies that they know will address their complaints. Our member businesses not only get that, but they also use it to their benefit.

"Ripoff Report is thanked all the time by businesses that first said, "This will not work, you are full of it!"   After search engine listings change from a negative to a positive and getting new found business they quickly change their tune.

Our Members Vouch for the Program

Members of Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program have seen first-hand how taking a positive, proactive approach to customer service issues can not only improve the relationship with your customers, it can also improve morale in your business while increasing sales opportunities.

Member comments, in their own words...

"Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program literally TURNED OUR BUSINESS AROUND, for the positive.

--CAP business member, Fortune 500 Company

"Granted, we needed to make changes, but if it weren't for Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program, we would never have made the change."

-- CAP business member

"Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program helped employee morale as well as improved our sales."

-- CAP business member

"I didn't believe it when you said, 'by doing this program, you'll turn a negative into a positive and once that's done, you'll wish there were more Ripoff Reports on your business!' Now I understand what you meant... it's true!"

-- CAP business member

"We might not have ever admitted there were problems unless we were exposed, we all need a little reality check once in a while."

-- CAP business member

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