Advertising Standards

Ripoff Report Advertising Standards

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report offers both banner and text ad placements throughout the site for approved advertisers. In-text ads, words highlighted in a blue double underline, are provided by a third-party.

As advocates for consumers worldwide, we take our advertising very seriously, since we want our visitors to feel safe doing business with the companies that advertise with us.

Ripoff Report is regularly used and referenced by Attorneys General, the FBI, US Postal Inspectors, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, SEC, IRS, local and national media, local and national law enforcement in the UK, Australia, Canada and India, and consumers worldwide. With such a prestigious and demanding audience, we take great care in choosing our sponsors.

Our rules are pretty simple. Ripoff Report advertisers must be...

Real companies

No fake companies or scammers here! We confirm the existence and track record of every advertiser to ensure a company isn't a fly-by-night operation that will pick up and leave after they've taken what they want.


We ensure an advertiser is scam-free and has no outstanding reports filed against them. If a genuine complaint against them does come in, they must agree to resolve the issue to the complete satisfaction of the complainant.


We accept only advertisers that benefit consumers, such as reputable lawyers, consumer-oriented publications, news organizations, valuable products and counseling services. We don't accept companies who advertise porn, gambling or get-rich-quick schemes, and we cannot accept ads that market to children under age 13.

Controlled linking

Once an advertiser has an ad placed within Ripoff Report and linked to their own site, no changes can be made to the advertiser's approved landing page, nor any sub-pages added, without obtaining the approval of Ripoff Report. Landing pages will be regularly checked for accuracy and compliance. Why? We want to be sure we send our visitors to a safe place.

Now, if you're ready to become an approved Ripoff Report advertiser and reap the benefits brought by a website with extremely loyal visitors, top search engine rankings and trackable results, start here.

Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.