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Thats funny that my email does not match what you just sent me. My email from you did not say anything except to try certain things that I had already tried, and I made it very clear that I wanted a REFUND. Show me the email that you sent that you are referring to. It does not exist. I will pursue this untill I get a REFUND from you, I beleive you are not a very good company and I will finally get my refund even If I have to get legal assistance on this. Show me the email you are referring to. The attachments are the only ones that I have received. It is very clear on 8-16-00 that I did not want your product and wanted a refund. Gloria Kimble

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> [Original Message]

> From: Ascentive Support

> To:

> Date: 10/19/00 10:27:47 AM

> Subject: RE:


> Hi Gloria,


> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 you sent us the following message:

> Please refund my credit card for this download. It is like most of the

> things that you get from the internet. It does not, I repeat does not

> speed up my internet at ALL. Please reply on how to prove to you that I

> have removed this garbage from my systems. I know that I can delete this

> mess but I am sure you have a form of somekind for me to fill out to prove

> that I have removed the stuff from being used. I ordered for three

> computers, mine and two gifts to myself for my other 2 computers. I only

> downloaded 2 and it does not work as you said it would. Please refund and

> reply


> Agent John Darlington replied on the same day with:

> Hi,

> Before we process your refund, you might find these quick modifications

> helpful....



> ...If you do intend to submit a refund, please send the following

> information in a message to [email protected] before the 30-day trial

> period expires:

> 1. Your order reference number.

> 2. The product name(s) and serial number(s) for the product(s) you'd like

> credited.

> 3. Your download code.

> 4. For verification purposes, the last 6 digits of the credit card used for

> your purchase.

> 5. Refund code RF099


> If one of the products has worked for you, but not the other, we encourage

> you to keep the effective product on your system. Please specify if you are

> removing both webROCKET and winROCKET from your system (the changes they

> have made will also be removed), or only one of the two. We will cancel the

> appropriate serial number(s) and refund the appropriate portion of your order.


> Please allow 4 days for the request to be processed by the refund

> department. If you have not received notification it is has been processed

> within 4 day please contact us at [email protected].


> When you have received your refund, be sure to delete the refunded

> product(s) entirely, as further usage of the serial numbers for refunded

> products is illegal. If you have decided to keep webROCKET or winROCKET,

> you will continue to receive Lifetime Technical Support for that product.


> Sincerely,

> John Darlington

> Ascentive Sales

> http://www.ascentive.com


> Included in that email was the form for getting a refund (it is numbered 1

> through 5).


> We did not hear from you until Tue, 19 Sep 2000. Although you did send us

> the correct information for receiving a refund, you waited seven weeks

> after you ordered the software (three weeks past the allowed 30 days).


> We believe that a month is enough time for users to decide whether or not

> they need a refund and we apply that rule to everyone, including you. We

> would be happy to provide the organization of your choice with copies of

> the emails you sent to us as proof that you did not submit the refund form

> within 30 days of your purchase.


> At 08:27 PM 10/18/00 -0700, you wrote:

> >You will notice that you did get my request for a refund within the 30 day

> >period. All I got from you, as you can see by the msg attached was to try

> >things that I had already tried and asked to be refunded. I see no form as

> >you say you sent. Do you want to re-think my refund before I proceed

> >further with my desire to get my refund from you which I asked for on

> >8-16-2000. Show me a refund form that you sent. Gloria Kimble

> > [Original Message]

> > > From: John Darlington/ Ascentive

> > > To:

> > > Date: 9/20/00 7:48:01 AM

> > > Subject:

> > >

> > > Hi Gloria,

> > >

> > > Ascentive offers refunds for a 30 day period following the initial

> >product

> > > purchase. Unfortunately, it seems you did not submit the information

> > > necessary to process your refund within that time period (you ordered on

> > > 8/1/2000). On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 you were sent a request to submit your

> > > refund form and this is the first we have heard from you since. I'm

> >sorry,

> > > the refund period has expired.

> > >

> > > You will, however, continue to receive Lifetime Technical Support for

> >that

> > > product and free replacement copies.

> > >

> > > John Darlington

> > > Ascentive Support

> > > www.ascentive.com

> > >

> > > ---Original Message---

> > > Wed, 16 Aug 2000 15:18:09 -0000

> > > Hi,

> > >

> > > Before we process your refund, you might find these quick modifications

> > > helpful. The QuickOptimize settings sometimes don't produce a

> >performance

> > > increase, and may even slow down the connection, for certain users of

> > > webROCKET Internet Optimizer. If this is the case for you, the key to

> > > successfully speeding up your Internet connection is determining the

> >right

> > > MTU value for your connection type. After you have done this, you can

> > > experiment with other settings on the Detailed Optimization page in

> > > webROCKET Internet Optimizer to maximize your performance.

> > >

> > > After QuickOptimizing for your connection, you can modify the MTU setting

> > > on the "Detailed Optimization" page in webROCKET.

> > >

> > > For a modem connection, you should try the following MTU values to "home in" on the best one for your connection: 516, 384, 256, 640, and 768.

> > >

> > > For a high speed connection, you might try the MTU values: 1024, 1152, 1280, 1408, 1536, 1792, 2048, 2560, 3072, and 4096. With ISDN you might also find 768 or 896 helpful.

> > >

> > > If you find that two different MTU settings seem to help, you might try a value between the two to see if it makes an even greater improvement. Adding or subtracting 64 will help you select a setting.

> >If trying modifications of the MTU value doesn't improve your Internet speed, you might want to experiment with other settings on the Detailed Optimization panel.

> > > In order to use a custom setting, load webROCKET and click on the "Detailed Optimization" tab. You can select the "Custom" option under MTU and use the scroll bar or arrows to the right of this to set the MTU value. webROCKET optimizes your current Internet connection.

> > > Note: Custom MTU settings are not automatically reloaded the next time you use webROCKET. This avoids compatibility problems on systems that don't support higher values.

> > >

> > > You will still connect at the same rate -- for example, a 28,800 bps connection -- but data will come through the link at a much more efficient rate. Also, the speed trend is usually obvious if you QuickOptimize (or try the above MTU suggestion) and then use webROCKET over the next few days.

> >So far, we have a 98% success rate with webROCKET.

> > > When evaluating the improvements to your system, you should be sure that you are looking at the total download time, not the modem connection speed or download rate because these are not accurately calculated by Windows and will not reflect the modifications made by webROCKET. The changes to your packet size affect the quantity of data transferred while using the same connection and download rates. You can test total elapsed time for transfers under approximately the same conditions by using the same time of day and connection speeds to perform these tests.

> > > If you are using a modem to connect to the Internet, and you have a fax machine plugged in on the same line, it may degrade the quality of your line and slow down your Internet connection. Try unplugging the fax machine to see if it affects your Internet speed.

> Regarding your purchase of winROCKET, have you tried all the options on the winROCKET QuickOptimize screen? One or more of these should noticeably improve your computer's speed without requiring you to modify anything on the Detailed Optimization panel. To do this, select the phrase that best

> > > describes how you use your computer, select your operating system, and then

> > > click "QuickOptimize Now!"

> > >

> > > You can also experiment with settings on the Detailed Optimization panel by moving the selection arrows with your mouse. New values for each item will show up in the boxes to the right. After you have selected values, you can click "Start Optimization" to have the program modify your settings accordingly.

> > >

> > > When you have made a change and optimized, you should see in the lower

> > > portion of the winROCKET panel the date and time your system was last

> > > optimized.

> > >

> > > If you still aren't getting good results and would like further

> >assistance,

> > > or a refund, please let me know.

> > -----Original Message-----

> > >

> > > Please ignore this request because your product does not improve internet

> > > performance at all. So I only need a refund and not a CD.

> [Original Message]

> > > > From: Gloria Kimble

> > > > To:

> > > > Date: 8/1/00 6:21:00 AM

> > > > Subject: speed up internet and computer

> > > >

> > > >

> > > > If I download your special, will I get a CD in the mail in case I need to download again? I have 3 computers with Earthlink as my internet provider,

> > > 1 has win 98 and 2 have win 95. I also have WEBTV PLUS but I am not sure it will work with it but I will try. I will not be able to re-load on the WEBTV PLUS with a CD, just online re-load, (if it works with WebTV Plus)

> > > --- Gloria Kimble

> > > --- [email protected]

> > > --- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

> > >

> > > John Darlington

> > > Ascentive Support

> > > http://www.ascentive.com

> >--- [email protected]

> >--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

--- [email protected]

--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

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2 Updates & Rebuttals

EDitor's Comment ..not true


Sat, November 02, 2002


I don't think Gloria would do that. You see, when Rip-off Report staff reviewed your REBUTTAL earlier today, they verify the information. Gloria gave her home address and phone number as do most victims who come to the Rip-off Report. As a matter of fact, while I'm on the subject, recently, an ABC TV producer told a CBS TV producer, the consumers who file on the Rip-off Report always seem to check out. And that's a fact.

ED Magedson
[email protected]


Customer Falsified Their Information

#3UPDATE Employee

Fri, November 01, 2002

In response to this customer's claim, the entire set of emails that this customer posted are falsified. For one, the refund code that the customer provided is not even our refund code and the form that she presented is not our refund response. We have a form that you must fill out, and have had the same form since 1999 when the company opened and that is NOT from our form.

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