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Complaint Review: Karen I. Green-Rose - El Segundo california

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mark - los angeles, california, United States

Karen I. Green-Rose
214 Main Street/ Suite 382 El Segundo, 90245 california, United States
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Beware of a female attorney in Los Angeles County by the name of Karen I. Green-Rose.

BAR number: 190482.

Current business: 8762 S. Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite D81

Los Angeles, CA.


[email protected]


222 North Sepulveda Boulevard

Suite 2000

Los Angeles, CA.


She describes herself as a real estate investor and "mix and flip specialist."

However, in reality, Karen I. Green-Rose is a CON ARTIST and criminal.

Attorney Karen I. Green_Rose also goes by the name of Karen Ilene Rose aka Karen I. Rose aka Karen I. Green-Rose.

Karen I. Green-Rose is a CON ARTIST AND SCAMMER who has been and is an attorney (Albeit a completely unskilled and UNETHICAL attorney ) and now an alleged "real estate" mogul who ownes an LLC by the name of:

Habitat Heaven Properties, LLC.


She uses this business:

Habitat Heaven, LLC. to commit FRAUD, elder financial fraud, and many many other criminal acts in order to escape law suits.

She thinks that an LLC will give her "free reign" to commit all of the acts of fraud and other crims she wants.

However, anyone who knows her willful criminal acts can also file to have her LLC assets levies, as well.


It should also be noted:

Despite facts that, per her State BAR Of California attorney profile does not list disciplinary action, she does in fact have major DISCIPLINARY ACTION against her by the State BAR Of California.

The State BAR Of California does not list disciplinary action of certain classifications, however does permanently place such actions in the file of attorneys and makes them available upon request.


And the very fact that Karen I. Green-Rose has had and remains under DISCIPLINARY ACTION, by the State BAR Of California proves that she is highly unethical and UNSTABLE enoug to go off the scales at any given moment.

Any attorney who lacks self control as Karen I. Green-Rose lacks, should not be trusted in business negotiations, let alone any legal proceedings.

And, to this day, she is still not remoresful.

In fact, it would not be unusual for her to come to this very post and post one of her own phony, unfactual, terribly skewed "responses," as she has done in previous years.


In approximately 2014, "attorney" Karen I. Green-Rose aka Karen Ilene Green-Rose was disciplined by the BAR Association for MISCONDUCT, when she intentionally and publicly, in print, disclosed the personal information of a client in full form.

"Attorney" Karen I. Green-Rose in a completely unethical, immoral, unskilled so-called attorney and conartist.

She is also mentally ill.

No attorney with full mental capacity and ethics would have done what she did to turn a client of record and to divulge the information of a client.

Karen I Green-Rose aka Karen Ilene Rose aka Karen Rose is a failure.

And here are additioanl reasons to distrust this SCAMMER and mentally unfit woman by the name of Karen I. Green-Rose aka Karen I. Rose:

In approximately 2016 Karen I. Rose applied to the courts of Los Angeles County to have her name changed from Karen I. Rose to Karen I. Green-Rose, in order to corruptly cover up her misdeeds, California BAR Disciplinary actions and the public postings (ALL FACTUAL) about her on this very accurate site and many other public online sites.

People must ask, WHY would she have applied for a name change?

And that would be a rhetorical question. She might FALSELY alleg that she had a name change for "personal" resons. However, her allegation is FALSE. She is a liar and a phony-An absolute charlatan.

Karen I. Green-Rose has had a name change for only one reason and that is very bad and unworthy reason. She is unsuccessfully attempting to hide her past.

And, as anyone knows, bad people cannot change and they cannot hide their pasts.

Remember this name:

Habitat Heaven Properties, LLC.

Remember this name so that you do NOT fall into the regretful trap of conducting business with this mentally unstable woman, Karen I. Green-Rose who lacks self awareness and, even worse, self control and who commits financial fraud and scams and cons against people and wipes out their life savings in the space of just a few minutes with her con games and other crimes.

For reference, the following is the original report against her:


I hired this attorney in 2013.

I really regret having hired Attorney Karen Rose. I have also learned that, in September 2014, the BAR Association took formal action against Attorney Karen Rose, by issuing her a warning letter for having committed extreme misconduct by going on several public forums and posting sensitive case information about her clients. These are prohibited actions committed by attorney Karen Rose and show that she is unethical and unstable. The proof is right here, on this site, where in false response to another review, attorney Karen Rose violated the BAR Association's warning and discipline and again posted sensitive case info on a client. It is clear that she is bullying and stalking this client. As her former client, I have had the same experiences with her and I know how unstable and dishonest Karen Rose is. In 2013 I hired her to handle a court matter for me. She and I signed a contract and I paid her the agreed amount. But a month later she illegaly demanded much more money, in violation of the contract. I told her I did not have any more money. So refused to show up to court on the appointed court date. I was left to be alone on in court. She also had called the other party and sold all of my information to the attorney for the other side. I was devastated. Then she started to go on many sites and post all of my case info for the public to see. Her office manager called me and asked me to be patient, because attorney Karen Rose has a substance abuse problem.I felt sorry for her, so I let it go. But then Karen Rose started calling me at late night inappropriate hours and asking me to met her for drinks. I became scared, so I reported her to local authorities. I would never reccomend attorney karen Rose to any potential client.

Beware of Aware of Attoeny Karen Rose. She is a snake.

She also goes on sites like avoo.com and writes phony "good" reviews about herself.

Attorney Karen Ilen Rose is very desperate and unstable and should be approached with extreme caution.



And every single word of caution in the preceeding Report should be taken very seriously.

Karen I. Green-Rose aka Karen I. Rose aka Karen Rose.

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