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I have about 50 websites on WIX.  Several of which are paid for with Premium account.

Never having a problem uploading files and managing these sites, I was surprised to receive a message that I’m over my storage. I logged into a website to delete items (there used to be several MB of storage used with images relating to this website), and was surprised to see images and files from each of the other website that I own bringing (bringing the used storage to 6.3 GB).  Frustrated, I spent several hours tediously deleting several images not related to this website.  Since images from all of my websites universally populated this site’s image bank (not with my doing), it was assumed that if I delete an image it would universally delete.  When logging into another one of the websites….no such thing, all of the images were still there and storage usage was at 6.3GB.

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Each website had its own image bank and storage capacity. Somehow – without me doing anything, every image/video from each of the websites populated each of the individual website banks and storage capacity.


If all images were merged to a single image/video bank, you should be able to delete an image once and its gone.  Not the case, in order to delete one image from all website banks, I have to log into 50 websites and delete the same image 50 times out of each individual website’s bank.

This means manually deleting hundreds of image and video files times 50/website.


I contacted WIX, to find out why all of the images/videos cross populated to every website.  The results:

·      Incredibly poor customer service

·      Each time you receive a reply from a different person

·      Each time you have to spend hours re-explaining the scenario

·      Most of the time they tried to turn this issue around on me and told me to hire someone to help

·      They were kind enough to in a condescending way send me instructions on how to delete files

·      Wasting months of writing tediously long messages


FINALLY!  Someone from WIX admitted that in 2019 they did a migration within their system.  Meaning for customers, this caused that caused every file to duplicate into each website individually within an account.  This means each image/video for each of my 50 websites, duplicated 50 times.  This is because on their end they are not able to differentiate which image/video within an account belongs to which specific website.  So they just took all images from all websites and duplicated them into each individual website.  Obviously when you take 50 websites worth of storage, multiply this times 50 it will ed up at each website being over 6.3 GB of storage.  WIX is kind enough to let me know that though I did not cause this, I can log into each of my 50 websites individually to delete the close to 6GB of unrelated files one by one – a total of 315GB of data.  This will take me weeks, if I spend every day doing nothing but deleting files.  Or my other option is to start paying for extra storage for something that I did not cause.  Currently, I’m not able to do anything on the 50 websites, unless I spend weeks deleting files. Will WIX pay me for this time?  I’m happy to calculate an hourly rate and send a bill! 


They do something on their end, and instead of grandfathering in accounts that will be affected, leave you and your customers screwed and try to profit off this above all!


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