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Complaint Review: Nicholas Kahrilas - Beverly Hills California

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esme - los angeles, California, United States

Nicholas Kahrilas
433 N. Camden Ave. Suite 720 Beverly Hills, 90210 California, United States
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It's been almost two years since I quit working for Nick Kahrilas full-time. I quit because I wasn't being paid for the work I was doing, despite his promises that as soon as he closed "this big deal" I would be paid. I worked full-time, paid for work materials with my own money, even loaned Nick $3,000 at one point, in hopes that we would succeed in closing this (imaginary?) "big deal."  He had enough money to pay for his $7,000 a month home in Westwood, his (and four other people in his family, his wife and three kids) fancy cars, meals in expensive restaurants every day, expensive trips to Mexico and Florida, but never had money to pay his employees.

There was one other person who worked with me who STILL is working for Nick, despite not having been paid a regular "salary" in at least three years...I don't know why he still believes in Nick.  However, I believed him after not being paid my salary for almost a full year!  So, i guess i can't throw stones...

I tried to sue him but my attorneys told me that it's not worth it to them, he has no assets, he has nothing we can go after for the amount of money that he, by law, owes me. (Almost $150,000, because in California, every day that goes by that you don't pay someone back-owed pay, you have to pay them as though they worked for you that day. It's been 2 years since I quit working, and at $200 a day, plus the original $28,000 he owes me, that amounts to almost $150,000.)

So, I am left with nothing to show for 18 months of work for this man, who continues to go on with his life as if nothing is wrong and he's just a regular businessman.  He's not! He's a con artist and a liar.

I have dozens of text messages and emails where he promises that he will pay me the money he owes me. But he never does. Instead, he just continues to take money from unsuspecting "investors," and "employ" naive dupes who he doesn't ever pay, and keep it moving.

Be warned, because this man is utterly unscrupulous and has no conscience!

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los angeles,
United States
I would love to contribute to any expose of Nick Kahrilas

#2Author of original report

Thu, November 01, 2018

Over the course of my employment for him, he ripped off multiple people. He assured me time and time again that he would compensate the people he'd defrauded, but he never did. I would be happy to tell you everything that I know about his shady business dealings. He is a parasite of the highest order.

He is a very, very bad person who ruins people's lives and doesn't feel one ounce of remorse or shame or guilt about it; he just moves on to his next victims!

He must be stopped!




United States
NIck Kahrilas owes me 75K

#3General Comment

Wed, October 31, 2018

I do not know why Nick Kahrilas is still in business. So many Lawsuits and ponzi schemes. He conned me for 75K. 

I will work with the media and 20/20 to investigate all his operations. He lives lavishly on peoples investments--can't sue him cause nothing is in

his name. I am sure he remembers who he did not pay back the 75K he owed with interest for over 3 yrs now.

I hope no one will be victimized like me. Bad Karma will take care of him.


los angeles,
United States
So Many Lies

#4Author of original report

Thu, June 07, 2018

I am sorry that David Pinkston is so enamored of Nick Kahrilas that he would lie for him, but upon rereading the rebuttal, I found like, a dozen demonstrably untrue statements. First and foremost, about me being unprofessional in my work habits and in my work attire and fired because of my "felony record" (I don't have a felony record). If I was such an awful, unprofessional, unreliable and "drug addicted" employee, why wasn't I ever fired? Why did I leave after 18 months (because I hadn't been paid for months) And why did Nick continue to pay my phone bill for a full year after I did leave (because he told me he would pay my phone bill until he paid me the $28,000 he owed me).  Also, I was an executive assistant/website copy editor/content producer for Nick Kahrilas. I was never a "commissioned employee!" How would I make a commission writing website copy and articles for Nick to publish on his various websites and driving his limousine to Riverside?  This is a joke. 

It is true that I got arrested after a physical altercation with my ex-husband. However, I was NOT convicted of a felony and I never have been convicted of any felony, despite David's claim. I also think it is hilarious that David says that Arnie Clomera left because he thought I was a "meth attic" (whatever that is), when Arnie left the job he did so because Nick hadn't paid him and he was sick of working for free. Notice that there is no affidavit from Arnie saying anything about me being on drugs--it is absolutely untrue. 


The fact that I have now been slandered and defamed by a man who was thrown out of the Bel Air Bay Club because he'd ripped off so many of the other club members (and who still owes me $28,000) is truly mortifying. Nick Kahrilas currently has multiple lawsuits against himself and members of his family for not paying his rent, for not paying contractors, for not paying credit card bills, for just being a total deadbeat. I tried to sue him for the money that he owes me, and my attorneys were very confident they could win, but when they checked on whether or not Nick would be able to pay a 6 figure judgment they were confident they would receive, they told me that he doesn't have any assets. He doesn't own anything, he hasn't paid his rent in months or even made his car payments. So they told me that there was no reason to file a case against someone who you can't collect against.


Keep making up lies about me, Nick, and I'll just rebut with the truth. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a "drug attic", so it doesn't even matter what you say to bully and harrass me, you're giving plenty of ammunition to my attorneys! Thanks for that!


Los Angeles,
United States
This is the rest of the story

#5UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Tue, June 05, 2018

 Esme Gregson’s posting on ripoffreport.com omits many key points. First of all, Esme mentions that there is another independent contractor that is still currently working with Nick. Well I am that other independent contractor and I have a few things to say about Esme Gregson since I was her roommate during the time she worked with the Kahrilas Group, and I also worked with Nick at the Kahrilas Group. We had a third roommate named Arnie but he ended up moving out because he was convinced Esme was a meth attic but I did not initially believe him but I was unfortunately proven wrong. Arnie moved out because of her addiction and her mood swings but I did not get physical proof of her drug use until later that year.

One night there was a knock on the front door and when I opened the door, standing in front of me was the Los Angeles Police department and they were looking for Esme Gregson. I knocked on Esme’s bedroom door to let her know that the LAPD was at the front door looking for her. When she left her room to meet the police at the front door I then notice small chunks of what looked like crystal meth on her desk. The police ended up arresting her that night but for throwing and object at her ex-husband Uri which was caught on video. She was later found guilty of domestic violence, and has a felony conviction on her record. Not only does Esme have to regularly report to Anger Management classes but routine drug tests too. As the police took her into custody I went back to her room to investigate what that strange chucks of very small rock like crystals was on her desk. Not only did I find and confirm that there was small amounts of meth on her desk, I opened the desk drawer and found a small, clear plastic bag full of large rocks of crystal meth that must have weighed about 3-4 grams, a mirror with 2 lines of meth about 2 ½ inches long, a credit card that was used to crush up the narcotic, and a straw that she used to snort the drug. I was able to recognize what type of drug she had from seeing pictures of meth while I was studying at California State University, Fullerton for my criminal justice degree and watching documentaries on television. I was shocked and got scared that the police might find out about the meth and charge her with health and safety code 11377, possession of methamphetamine, which has a penalty of up to one year in county jail and/or a maximum fine of up to $1000.

My first reaction was to flush the meth down the toilet and that is just what I did because none of us wanted Esme to get more jail time but we were all trying to help Esme get back on track. "No good deed goes unpunished”. I let Nick about what happened including the arrest and confirmed that Esme was a confirmed drug addict. Instead of instantly firing her, Nick wanted to give her a second chance. In fact, Esme’s phone call to get out jai after being arrested went to Nick, not her family. Nick was able to coordinate her bail with a bail bondsmen and criminal defense attorney he knew. When Esme returned home from jail I told her that I found her stash of meth and flushed it down the toilet. I also told her that "I can’t be around that stuff” and that she was putting all of us at risk of being arrested. I informed her that I almost became a Drug Enforcement Agent back in 1998 but was disqualified due to high cholesterol, and I am totally against all forms of illegal narcotics. She agreed not to bring anymore methamphetamines into our residence anymore and apologized. I explained to her that there is nothing natural in meth. The drug is made up of common household chemicals such at paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, draino, acetone, and the drug is very dangerous.

When I returned to work the next day, I was still traumatized from the discovery of meth in my own apartment and was unable to focus on work and execute simple tasks. Nick noticed the signs of trauma and sent me to the movies with $50.00 so I could grab lunch and watch a movie at the local theater which was a big help to my conscious. My suspicion of her drug use started far before the night of her arrest. During the time I lived with her she displayed signs of her drug use by staying up all night long, having friends come over really late at night, talking for a long time when we would have conversations, swaying back and forth while sitting, unable to remain still in a relaxed position and abnormal sleeping habits. I can recall a time when her ex-husband Uri showed up to our apartment intoxicated and proceeded to get into a physical altercation with James who was one of Esme’s male friends visiting that night. Uri put James, into a headlock cutting off his air supply to his lungs. Esme then told Uri that he was in violation of the restraining order and had to leave.

I contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and informed the dispatcher that we had a physical altercation in progress and the suspect was in violation of a restraining order. During the time Esme was an independent contractor for the Kahrilas Group the monies that were paid to her were advances on commission. This was clearly understood by Esme and me, however, Esme began interpreting the rent payments and advances as salary even though there was no employment agreement or any paychecks given to Esme. Our compensation for work was paid for in the form of commissions made from insurance deals closing, and this was clearly understood by both of us, she often did not work a 40, 30 or even 20 hours week in the office. I would often carpool with her into work and we were late just about every time because she was never able to get up due to her extracurricular activities. Instead of being on time, we would arrive approximately 1-2 hours late and then she would leave early which was sometime around 2-3 pm. Since I carpooled with her, I had to leave at the time she wanted to return home or I would be stranded in Beverly Hills. I later began to take my own car so I can show up on time and put in a full day’s worth of work. Since we were on 100% commission Nick tolerated it. Esme often wanted to work from home which was not possible since all of the files and documents we needed, like a binder of insurance applications, were at the office.

On one occasion while driving to work Esme displayed such low levels of driving awareness that she was unable to stay in her lane, not using her turn signals and failing to look at her blind spot before she changed lanes. I was very concerned that we would be involved in a traffic collision and began texting Nick saying that Esme was showing signs of eradicate driving and there was a high chance of us being involved in a traffic collision before we showed up to work. Aside from showing up late and leaving early, Esme continued to wear clothes that were not considered acceptable office attire. Instead of showing up in business clothes, she continually showed up in her paddle tennis attire (short shirt, long socks, tennis shoes, etc.). Her dress code would not be acceptable at any place of business especially one that would often have clients come to the office for a presentation which was common in our field of work but once again since Esme’s compensation was commission based Nick let it go.

Finally, Esme could no longer work with the Kahrilas Group due to her arrest record. Although she did pass her life insurance the test to become a life insurance agent, the California Department of Insurance did not grant her a license to sell life insurance due to her arrest record and the fact she is a convicted felon. The California Department of Insurance will deny a license application if the individual has a felony or ever a misdemeanor denounced by their code or other laws regulating insurance. Esme was ordered by the court to attend anger management classes and have regular drug tests due to her domestic violence charge and prior legal squabbles.

Her posting on ripoffreport.com stated that she "loaned Nick $3000 at one point”. This money that she supposedly loaned Nick was used to pay for our rent at our apartment located at 3221 Carter Ave in Marina Del Ray. Nick helped Esme as long as he could but because of her self-destructive behavior and huge mood swings it could just not continue. Esme was a harm to the business and herself. He would often give us an advances on commissions to pay for living expenses even though that was not part of the deal. In fact Nick paid for Esme’s cell phone for two years after she had stopped working with us to help her out. I have known Nick for 15 years. He is a good person and the hardest worker I have ever met. At no time, in the past and present, did Nick intend to do anything but grow a business and give Esme an opportunity to work and make some big money through large commission transactions. Unfortunately Esme never produced and due to a host of personal issues has found it easier to try and extort money from Nick and the business.

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