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Complaint Review: Cinch Home Service - Boca Raton Florida

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Jason - Las Vegas, NV, United States

Cinch Home Service
4700 Exchange Ct, Suite 300 Boca Raton, 33431 Florida, United States
(800) 778-8000
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This criminal corporation apparently took over Sears home warranty. I never received notice of this, via email, text, voicemail, or U.S. mail.

I have been paying automatic withdrawal from my bank since spring of 2018. Not once late on payment. I (had) a whole home warranty: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliances. I am located in Las Vegas, NV.

Dec. of 2018 my 1st Gas package HVAC unit failed, Sears sent a tech out, said I had a cracked heat exchanger on a 25 year old unit. Then five days later they sent a tech back out to verify first tech. Long story short, almost a month in December 2018-Jan 2019 No heat with four children and a disabled family member that requires 24hr Registered Nursing Care. The company that eventually came out installed a new (cheapest) unit, but did an amazing job, and even handled the completion of the city inspection. At this point I realized how the dog and pony show works, but grateful to have heat, and the new cheapest unit should give me at least 10 years of solid service. I did have to pay $1,100.00 total deductible for the completion of this job.

I had a refrigerator break, they sent different techs out 9 times to NEVER repair the unit. Also Never gave me 500.00 to put down on the new refrigerator if they deem it unfixable, because apparently they just hope you give up, which we did after 9 months. I ended up having to purchase. (of course during lockdown pandemic when unit finally failed)

I had a dishwasher break, they sent a tech out, then a month later it literally melted electrical inside the unit, smoke came bellowing out of it and blew up, and is still blown up to this day.

I had a $450.00 Moen kitchen faucet with cartridge failure, (Sears) sent a non-sears tech out, that said the faucet must be replaced with a 120.00 faucet. I laughed and said ok thank you, will think about it. (Mind you I had to shell out a 100.00 non refundable deductible for each FAILED repair. ) Long story short, I never got my deductible back, the company that quoted us the junk faucet blew my wife and my phone up for a week before they took the hint, and yes they were very ignorant about it. I had notified Sears I found a Direct OEM Replacement cartridge on amazon for 25.00 took me less than 5 minutes to replace this cartridge, and to explain to the company we already told them no, we repaired this faucet ourselves, and to leave us alone.

Fast forward to November 2020 - My 2nd HVAC unit heater had failed, only this time I am in a very bad situation, like most of the rest of the world. I personally have not worked in 36 months due to my disabled family member (Dec. 2020) and was going to get hired in March when lockdown occurred, and all hope for any employment is now vapor.

I tried to call Sears, I couldn't get through, I look online Sears is bankrupt? Cinch home warranty is now who I contact. They did send someone out, (the same crappy company that wanted to trash my 450.00 kitchen faucet over a 25.00 part). Immediately the technician flipped a switch and got mad at me because I had asked him politely to go through the back yard to access my roof, and to not walk on ANY of my tile roof (I have shingles around my rooftop units). I lost my homeowners insurance January of 2020 because I need a WHOLE roof replacement which yay me, I cannot afford a 40,000 dollar roof right now. (and the most obvious, our family will be homeless and lose everything because  no homeowners insurance if this place burns down from all the space heaters, and broken Gas heater) The technician got bent because I asked him politely not to walk on the roof because it has failed.

The technician ignored me when I tried to ask him questions. (when he was down on the ground not working) The technician said your heat exchanger is cracked, and in order to replace your unit I will have to de-rate your 3.5 ton unit to a 2.5 ton unit. (of course the red flags went off, this is how they buy a cheaper package and rip me the homeowner off, also it is a 4 ton unit?!) As he was loading up his van he said oh and it will be a minimum of a week just for paperwork to send another tech out for verification. I was furious when he left, de-rate my unit??? Which will run 24 hours a day in the summertime, and you don't care about my family- little children and disabled parent have no heat. This dude acted like this was his house, and he paid the bills here!?

 I called Cinch back, and requested a different company. Wow! What a mistake, the first tech called my phone and my wife's phone almost 50 times, came to our house and rang our doorbell for 20 minutes harassing our family?? I thought I was going to have to get Metro police involved.

Second company came out and said nothing to us, verified the unit needs replaced, said he was ordering a heat exchanger, and other parts, and to call them in a few days to see what's going on. (Not the other way around)? We tried to call the second company back a week later, to get a recording during business hours, and no call back after leaving my name and number.

I called Cinch. They hung up on me five times, had my wife call, she gave our address, and they hung up on her.

We waited till the next business day and called them again, I begged and pleaded to speak with management, they said WE DO NOT have a manager, how can I help you over and over. I hung up.

 I called next business day after finding a number to Cinch home warranty office in Florida, I finally got supposed management that told me she does not have a direct number and that our case will be assigned a medical something or other which never happened. Next day a woman did call back and left a voicemail saying to call her, we did call back half an hour later politely left name and number and we will be eagerly waiting for her call, she never returned our call after 3 days of waiting. I called Cinch again after another half an hour with being transferred and explaining all this over and over and over, she said oh you have been approved for a replacement but it will cost me 2,600.00 and some change for deductible. I had her list out the complete cost and what a terrible rip off, 350.00 for the box and whip, which is sold at home depot (same unit) for 80.00, the whole list was like this. I explained that most of the charges were almost 3 to 4 times the average cost. She then said well you could do a buyout. She said we will send you a check for 2000.00, or call the company that wanted our money but never called us, and did not care. We STILL didn't have heat.  I said SEND ME THE CHECK!!

I sold my truck. I have sold almost all my belongings since March. I just spent the last of our money for food and gifts, to buy this 6000.00 unit (labor, install, and inspection) I did receive the check 10 days later, and I ultimately paid 4000.00 for a matching unit, 10 year warranty, installed the very next day after I hung up with Cringe I mean cinch, and it was worth it to starve my family, and tell em sorry no santa till maybe march of 2021 because we finally have HEAT! I am NOT exaggerating ANY of this, this IS really what is happening to us NOW! In fact after all this we may be homeless in Jan-Feb2021.

It gets better. I called 12-17-2020 to cancel my Sears home warranty, and the lady says I have to put you on hold to someone else, and I wait on hold 10 minutes, and get a woman who says I am unable to cancel my home warranty because I am under contract with them.??? Say what?? I never read or signed anything, and I never received anything stating this, change of Ownership etc. I need to pay 300 plus dollars to cancel?? No work was EVER completed, I also lost that 100.00 deductible for no work and the five space heaters I had to buy for each of us to stay warm, risking burning our house down with no homeowners Insurance, while being without work, no money to eat, I am on all kinds of meds because I need 30 teeth pulled from an infection from wisdom teeth, and do not have the 7k to pull teeth, and still need money for false teeth. THIS IS INSANITY!

Oh well I lose, and I will continue to lose.  At least for the time being we have shelter and heat!

Please stay away from this company, and apparently you will not be able to cancel without some form of punishment, after they take advantage of you from every direction, leave you high and dry, and ultimately ruin your credit.  

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