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Wess - Casa Grande, Arizona, United States

5304 E. Southern Ave. Ste 101 Mesa, 85206 Arizona, United States
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My wife and I found a house that we liked that had a pool and a solar system that was advertised the solar system was owned.  We made an offer and it was accepted.  The paperwork began.  The seller had to fill out a "disclosure" and it was stated on the disclosure that the solar system was owned, not leased. The only reason we looked at the home was the solar was owned.  We moved forward with the purchase of the home with a VA loan.  I am a 100% disabled veteran service connected.

About a month after closing in January I received an email from Sunrun Solar about contacting a representative to sign paperwork to be able to get the best performance out of our solar system.  I called the number given to me and left a message when I was directed to voicemail.  The gentleman called me several times but I was unable to answer at the time of his calls.  He never answered when I would call him back.  

Finally, my wife said she would make some phone calls.  She called customer service at Sunrun and spoke with an agent.  She was then told that the solar system was under a lease and that she would have to sign the lease contract to be able to see it.   She refused and demanded they send her a copy of the lease with the previous owners.  The agent sent a copy to her email.  After reviewing this lease agreement it is noted that the lease agreement is with the owners that Mr. Barton purchased the home from.  

We then called our realtor and told him what we had found out.  He had suggested calling our title company that did the title search on the property.  We contacted them and we received no repsonses for months.  Finally after leaving many messages and emails to our contact at Magnus Title we received an email that said they were looking into the matter. The title company continued to blow us off and not answer any questions. Finally my wife recieved a phone call from the President of Magnus Title on May 23, 2023.  It took 5 months for someone to contact us. 

The president of Magnus Title had spoken with her lawyer and it had been clarified that there had been a red flag when the intial title search was completed and the agent who did the title search call Mr. Barton and asked him why the UCC Financing Agreements were showing up.  My wife was told by the president that Mr. Barton told the agen that the system had just been paid off and the paperwork was in process of being filed.  Therefore, we were not informed of said lease before purchasing of the house. She also told my wife that we would have to get our own lawyer in this matter. 

We are receiving zero credit for the production of solar energy from our panels on our home that we were lead to believe belonged to us by Mr. Barton and Magnus Title.  I am a disabled Veteran and we cannot afford a retainer for a lawyer.  I have been trying to get information on what lawyers represent disabled veterans to no avail.  We have a government home loan and we were deceived and no one is willing to stand behind the contract.  Now the summer is here and our energy bills have increased by triple.  We would have never purchased a home like this if not for the "owned solar system".   

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If You Think You Have A Case.....

#2Consumer Comment

Wed, May 31, 2023

 Exactly what did you expect? Did you think they were going to hand over a ten million dollar check??? Come on, use your head! If you think have a case with real substantial injuries which somehow impact your quality of life then find a personal injury attorney! Those cases are handled on a contingent fee basis which means you don't pay a penny unless you win.


Casa Grande,
United States

#3Author of original report

Wed, May 31, 2023

What are you talking about personal injury lawyer? Thats not what this is about. This is about people, LLC selling a home and not being honest about the contract. I purchased a home that was advertised as having a paid for owned solor system. That is HUGE when it come's to energy bills and figuring finaces and following a budget. I purchased a home with a paid in full solar system I want my solar system, NOT being harrased by solar company telling me I have to sign a contract lease agreement to be able to reap the benifits of having a solar on my home. Not to mention they would still owne the solar system. If I sold anything to anyone that was found to be faulse I wouold be drug thrue the courts sued fined the works. These people broke the law and im left holding the bag and I'm not going to stand for it. I'm  tired of turning the other cheek being the better man. The LLC that sold the home was told there was something wrong with the solor agreement he chose the believe the prevous owner when they said it was paid for and thats how he presented and sold the home. As far as I'm concerned he or his LLC owe me a solar systm paid for thats what I purchased and thats what I will get.


Casa Grande,
United States
refute rebuttal.

#4Author of original report

Wed, May 31, 2023

Well who ever you are if you knew anything about gov. VA loans you wouild know that the prosses one has to go thrue is very exstencive. You wouldnt know that WOULD YOU! DO NOT LOOK DOWN YOUR CONDISENDING NOSE AT ME. My being a disabled vet does not have anhything to do with this how ever I'm one of a very proud groop that put there life on the line for you to enjoy the feedoms you have so that you can look down your s****.>


United States
I Suspect...

#5Consumer Comment

Tue, May 30, 2023

 You signed to place yourself on the hook for many thousands of dollars, didn't you. Let me guess, based on your admissions here. You didn't have YOUR OWN ATTORNEY review the transaction, did you? You didn't bother to have YOUR OWN HONE INSPECTOR do a complete inspection, did you. You didn't have YOUR OWN SURVEYOR do a property survey certifiable to you, did you? The real estate agent not the title company are law firms with loyalty to you. Buying a house is not amateur night and being a disabled veteran has nothing to do with this, either.

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