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Complaint Review: Uhaul - Everett Washington

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- everett, Washington,

N. Broadway Location Everett, 98201 Washington, U.S.A.
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After calling every U-Haul center in my immediate area, I finally found a truck that I would be able to rent 2 weeks from the day I was calling. I thought then that my troubles were over.

When I picked up the truck, and the agent took us out to do a "walk around" there were so many scratches, dents on the vehicle that I wanted to break out my camera in case it got turned around on me! The front end bumper was barely hanging on! But an ugly truck did not concern me at the time I just wanted to move into my new home.

I got into my car and my father drove the truck, and when we got home he told me that the truck would not shift gears in the Drive position (this is an automatic, mind you), so he had to drive in the Neutral postition. Now I am NOT a mechanic, but I would say this is a signifigant problem!

But by now it is after hours at the center and we decided to press on, as I had to vacate my old address ASAP. As night fell and we had to use the headlights, guess what they did NOT work!!! Imagine, here I am on the freeway with no headlights! On ly the brights worked, so I had to annoy every driver that came into contact with us and our

So needless to say that, I stopped moving with this van and borrowed a pick up truck from a relative and made 2 dozen trips to my new home, can you imagine the fun?

The following morning I turned in the truck, and it being a Sunday was unable to speak with the rental agent. Lucky for him!

I contacted the customer service department and informed them of my intent to stop payment on my credit card, and the major mechanical problems that I encoutered. They of course did not reply until they did not recieve a payment. Then after 2 letters I recieved a response that ALL vehicles rented are in good condition because they are well maintained and repaired! Then they offered me coupons on my next move!

I will NEVER EVER rent another vehicle from U-Haul again! I did convy this to the representative and again no answer!

My advice is to stear clear of this company, safty comes after the all might dollar!


everett, Washington

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Sorry Joe... It is a shame... June, good thing you aren't a mechanic!

#2Consumer Comment

Sun, July 11, 2004

Hi Sorry Joe, Unfortunately, each person who works for a company is a representative of that company to the public. Each action they do reflects on the company and all of its employees. That is why it is very important for each employee to respect the customer and do their best to give a good impression of the company. It is also why it is very important that the company deal quickly with an employee that fails to protect its reputation. A persons should not need to purchase anything additional in fear of being charged for pre-existing damage to a truck. That would really be unacceptable just to protect myself from being accused of damage already done to a truck. I do agree with June that something was wrong with the way that the report was originally presented... the nuetral thing has me stumped too... but instead of lamblasting the person I figure that it is a case of something thinking that what they are saying is sufficient but isn't. That is quite common. It is possible that it wasn't shifting out of first gear and the person had to shift it to neutral to coast the truck... Also June, it seems as if there were time constraints on the original poster and was trying to make the best of a bad situation... The poster said that the truck wasn't used and then returned the next day... so if you could enlighten us where this person was wrong it might be of benefit to the rest of us. I just love it when people want to jump on a person posting and try to put them at fault.



#3UPDATE Employee

Sun, July 11, 2004

The truck is a rental truck. People do not have the respect for the truck like they do for there car. U-haul has safe move protection that you can buy for $14 dollars a day. that is a quick fix for the scrach prob. Im sorry the head lights did not work. That should not have happend. There are bad Apples in the comp. there is in every comp. You should not dis the comp. but the persons the are involved. I take it as a slap in the fase when you say that U-Haul is a bad. comp. to rent from. I take time and pride in the work I do and to have someone say I do a bad job when I have never met them. Ouch. Well sorry that your rental with U-Haul sucked. But just remember that there are other people that work for U-haul that take pride in what they do. Sorry Joe


sounds like you brought some of this on yourself

#4Consumer Suggestion

Sat, May 08, 2004

I am going to start this off with a question. I also am not a mechanic but what you said made about as much sense as putting water in a pail with large holes. You said the truck wouldn't shift so your dad drove it in neutral. Don't mean to insult you but if it was in neutral the only way the truck moved was if he was going down hill. And knowing there was a problem with the truck yet continued driving it.. Did you call their breakdown line for assistance? Sounds like this truck shouldn't have been rented but it also sounds like you brought some of this on yourself.

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