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Mickey - Minneapolis, Minnesota,

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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you today concerning a long time issue I have been having with the coverage provided through T-Mobile.  I have been a customer of yours for more than 5 years, starting out as Pay-As-You-Go customer, increasing my requested coverage as my needs increased.  I currently use the internet frequently as well as the texting feature but don't find myself making calls as much because of the lack of coverage I am getting.

We have been forced to maintain a home phone because our cell phone reception is nearly non-existent from our home, and although that has solved that problem in part, it obviously doesn't help us to make calls when we are away from our house.  In addition to the problem making/receiving calls, I have had to download Pinger (which is a wi-fi app) just so I can send texts from my home, as the standard service you provide rarely works.

Just recently I had my partner switch over to T-Mobile, as she was unhappy with what Sprint had to offer.  I have always been happy with the customer service you provide and your rates have been fair, so I encouraged her to move over to a Family Plan with me.  I think that the problem with mediocre coverage became more prevalent with that decision however, because now I notice that it is not just me that is having issues, but her as well.  We have done troubleshooting on both phones and I am certain it is not the devices themselves.  Our issue with T-Mobile's coverage is not just in our home, but all over the Metro area.  

When she was working in the center of Downtown Minneapolis she had no texting service at all and couldn't make a phone call from the corner of 9th Street and 3rd Avenue.  When I drive home from Mendota Heights regardless of the weather or the time of day, my phone drops calls constantly.  Yesterday alone I was unable to make a call out from my phone off Hwy 55 and the Mendota Bridge in Mendota Heights.  I lost 6 phone calls in the 19 mile drive between my work and home.

There are the consistent T-Mobile dead zones I expect (like the Hwy 94 West/35W North split just outside of Downtown Minneapolis), and then there are the surprise dropped calls that unfortunately seem to be increasing.  Everyone I talk to on a regular basis, whenever I lose a call, says "Oh, I know. You have T-Mobile".  I have lived with it for quite sometime because I was willing to sacrifice good coverage for the good and personal service I have always received with your company, as well as your prices.  I am however at a breaking point these days.  I feel like I am paying for a substandard service and now I have someone else who is suffering with me since I had her join my Family Plan.

In our home we have tried the signal booster hoping that would help and it did not, as we were not even able to get the bars necessary to bounce the signal off of it to assist us in making an outbound call.  We have complained on multiple occasions and have been given a credit to our account which we appreciated.  We have been assured that it would be looked into and told that the information on that end on the "coverage map" showed we "should" be receiving 2-3 bars of coverage.  I can assure you if you stand out in my backyard or on the sidewalk away from my home you cannot make a call at all, unless by some very rare fluke of a chance.  This is not only costing us money with T-Mobile in paying for a plan that gets zilch for coverage, but it also costs us when we have to maintain a home phone just so we have coverage while we are at home since the cells don't work.  I used to use HotSpot but found that kind of a pain as I had to toggle back and forth in my settings just to make a call.  It was by no means ideal.

Where we are at currently is that we are going to need to find another provider, as this issue has not been resolved with our previous complaints. Not ideal for us or for T-Mobile, but we cannot continue to pay for a service that is not working for us, good customer service and fair pricing aside.

I would like to find out if we can get out of the 2 year agreement that we are in with the second phone on our plan.  I would normally ride it out but I don't believe we should have to considering the circumstances.  We have not selected another provider as of yet, so this is not a request to turn off service, but I would like it if you would let me know which direction to go with this.  Would you be willing to terminate my contract with you without charging us with an early termination fee?  It is going to further cost us to buy new Smartphones with whichever carrier we decide on, so your assistance to curb some of the costs we will incur with the switch. Especially considering this is not something we want to do but have to do.

I appreciate your assistance in the matter.  I really have enjoyed T-Mobile and this is a big disappointment for me as I would like to continue being a customer of yours, but as I'm sure you would agree, it makes no sense to pay for something you aren't getting.


Michelle C****


********** Resolution - early termination fee waved **********

In July we get a bill stating we still owe money for a month that the phone was inactive and cancelled in. I call T-Mobile and got no satisfaction in their response. I then complained to T-Mobile Corporate......


To Whom It May Concern,
I wrote to your customer service department back in the late Spring, in regard to an issue I was having with my coverage through T-Mobile.  We had 2 phones attached to a Unlimited Family Plan that we were getting very poor coverage on and I had written in with my intentions of canceling the our plan with you and moving to a new carrier.  I had asked that the early termination fee be waved, which your company was kind enough to do and in mid-May we purchased new phones with another carrier, maintaining the old lines with T-Mobile for roughly 2 weeks before actually closing them.  On June 4th, 2013 we called T-Mobile to port 1 of the phone numbers and eliminated the second, fully moving to the new carrier.
Shortly after our plans with T-Mobile were thought to be cancelled, we received a bill which I wasn't expecting to owe.  We paid it not thinking much of it and continued on with the new carrier, not utilizing either of the old phones.  Today however, I received a bill for $141.41 showing an active line for (612) 600-XXXX.  I immediately called your customer service department and spoke with a representative, who said considering the circumstances with the cancellation, she would have to transfer me to a "specialist".  It was then that I talked to Andrea L. (rep i.d. #1271171).  She was professional and understood the circumstances, but indicated that since I had never "officially" called in to cancel the service, I would have to pay the remaining bill.  She indicated she would lower the bill to a single plan (of which the amount was not given on that call) in an attempt to resolve the issue.  I advised her that any bill whatsoever was not acceptable and that I would not be paying it.
We purchased new cell phones in mid-May from the new carrier and paid a decent amount of money to get going on the new plan.  We paid T-Mobile money to finish what I thought would be the final bill, only to get a second bill after the June termination of our lines.  When I called in and spoke with the gentleman at T-Mobile on June 4th, I told him that we were porting my number (612) 532-XXXX and canceling the other line entirely, as my partner was going to continue to use the line that the new provider had assigned to her.  There was almost an immediate disruption in service on my phone and on hers, as we were not allowed to call in to or out of either of those lines within minutes after that call was made to T-Mobile.  At no time was I told by the T-Mobile representative that I would need to speak with someone different and I was never transferred to anyone else other than that one representative.
Having been a T-Mobile customer for roughly 8 years (initially as a Pay-As-You-Go customer), I had never had another carrier;  I had never before cancelled a plan with a cell phone provider, so I was not entirely familiar with what I now know to be your procedures for doing such.  Nor was I was ever told by the representative I spoke with in June that I needed to do anything other than what I was doing on that call.  As I expressed to Andrea when I spoke with her this evening, I honestly feel I paid for what was a sub-standard service for 2-3 years longer than I should have.  Any further bill beyond the final one is insult to injury at this point.  I would implore you to view the history of my account to see the multiple times I called in asking for assistance to get my line fully functioning.  I made every honest attempt to stay with T-Mobile for much longer than should be reasonably expected.
My request is that I simply want to be treated fairly here.  I do not feel that any bill on a line that was not utilized and thought to be closed, is a fair way to treat a current or departing customer.  Having been happy with your customer service, your prices and my phone, I sang your praises and tried to make my relationship with T-Mobile work, which unfortunately it did not.  In my writing of this letter, I continue in my attempts to have this be a professional and clean termination of our contract and want still to give your company the benefit of the doubt, even though frankly I am quite irritated.
In my conversation with Andrea, she indicated to me that there was no one above her that I could go to with my complaint.  Being certain that is not the case, I am addressing this with you now.  I would like to see whatever remaining charges you are attaching to my account removed and have this be a clean break, as I feel I have more than done my due diligence in my dealings with T-Mobile.
Thank you for your time in addressing my concerns.  I look forward to your reply.
Michelle "Mickey" C****

*********No resolution through T-Mobile********

Today I received a letter in the mail telling me I owed for June and July, denying me of my request to have any of the charges waved.  This is my letter to the the BBB.......


Complaint Type:Wireless Complaint

Description of Complaint:

I had been a customer of T-Mobile's for more than 8 years, the last 5 or so wrapped in a plan with them. In June 2012, I encouraged my partner to move over to T-Mobile with me. Although I had a few coverage problems myself prior to this, I had weighed my options and opted to stick it out with T-Mobile. The issues with that poor coverage however, became more prevalent with time and I had called and complained to T-Mobile on numerous occasions. In May 2013, I wrote to T-Mobile with my intentions of canceling our plan with them. I had asked them to waive the early termination fee considering the circumstances, which they agreed to do.

In May we purchased new cell phones and on June 4th (before the new billing cycle) I called T-Mobile to cancel one number and port the other to the new carrier. Our lines both became inactive within minutes of that call and I assumed that was that. We both began to use the new phones and the line in question sat inactive and unused for the month of June forward. In July we received a bill stating that we owed for a full month of service. I immediately called T-Mobile to advise them of their error and asked that they adjust the bill, removing the charges. They refused.

I was instead told that I had not "properly" cancelled the second line; that there was a "process" that they had to go through that was not done on that call. I advised the representative that I was never told of any further steps or procedures involved when I called in to cancel our lines and port one of the numbers. The rep offered to lower the bill but indicated she would not wave it. Unhappy with her offer, I asked her for someone higher up to speak with. She indicated there was no one above her. After being unsuccessful in my attempts with customer service, I filed a complaint with corporate. Today I was advised via mail that I would now not only owe for the full month of June, but for any and all charges incurred up to July 15th, when they actually considered the second line to be cancelled.

  1. Desired Settlement:Other (requires explanation)
  2. Desired Outcome Description:These charges are not warranted. It was an error on T-Mobile's end and I would like them to nullify the bill they are stating I owe.

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Fort Worth,
Yeah.. TMOBILE is VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY. ALL cell phone companies are.

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, July 27, 2013

I too have horror stories about these cellular companies. I was with AT&T for several years paying skyhigh monthly rates as I was an Iphone customer with unlimited $30 dollar data plus AT&T placed about $25 dollars a month in fees, surcharges and charges on my bill. It seemed like each bill would be different with a different "Charge" that their agents would say were "Government Taxes" and I saw a report on the news in Tennessee where a man questioned the "Government tax" with the taxing authorities there and they did some research and found AT&T was the ONLY COMPANY charging it. 

I finally did away with my unlimited data and went onto one of their tiered plans at AT&T where I recieved 2GB per month and then they would throttle my service (slow my internet speed on my iPhone) down to 2G speeds. I was fine with that except when they throttled my speed I was barely getting 1G speeds. I could barely open an email. I ran several speedtests on my phone and they all came back barely pulling in 1G speeds! AT&T had rendered my internet on my device useless! 

Their agents would lie and lie and lie. Do their little tests and say "Well we see nothing wrong with your phone". Then finally when they grew tired of me they blamed Apple. They said "Hey, its's Apple's problem" take it to Apple. Apple tested my device and said all was fine and of course they blamed AT&T. Back and forth. I knew it wasn't Apple's problem as the phone worked fine until AT&T throttled my service. The thing is they LIE. They can't throttle and be assured of which speed. 

I am now with Tmobile and Tmobile has AWFUL customer service. All of their agents are in India or the Phillipines or somewhere overseas. I have been on the phone for HOURS trying to speak to an American. I have been placed back into the phone loop, hung up on, sent to dead lines, yelled at, etc. Tmobile has to have the WORST customer service in the entire world. What do they pay those people? Not much for them to be acting like this. I was told several times by several foreign agents that TMOBILE didn't have American Associates, etc. 

And yes the companies lie about the service quality. I use to work for AT&T Uverse and we had customers that had chronic problems with their uverse. We knew they could not get service. The salespeople should have told them but AT&T is so aggressive that many agents simply LIE to customers. We were told when customers called in even with the technicians would have notes in the system saying this person couldn't get service to never tell the customer that and to continue to send out technicians. Over and over. AT&T and ALL cell phone companies are GREEDY. Very unethical companies. That is why they all have a major, class action lawsuit every couple of years. They expect it. 

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