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Complaint Review: Sprint Long Distance Telephone Company Corporate Office - Irving Texas

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- Columbia, SC,
Tue, March 28, 2000

Sprint Long Distance Telephone Company Corporate Office
P.O. Box 152046 Irving, 75015 Texas, U.S.A.
Cellular Phone Companies
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The commercial said, "Five cents a minute in-state and out-of- state..." I called to get this five-cents-a-minute plan and was served "gladly" by a Sprint representative who said my plan would start that same day. When I got the bill, I realized I had no five cents per minute calls. They were all still ten cents. The worst part about the bill was that the calling card rate had increased from ten cents per minute to $1.89 per minute. My 79 minutes had cost me $425.69. I have never had a bill this high ever before. I had never had a phone card before but because it was "ten cents per minute," I decided it was a great deal. This bill is only the beginning. It is for February. The March bill will be even higher.

I was told by Bell South that I had to pay Sprint or they would cut me off. The Sprint manager, Carolyn, said she'd give me 35% off the bill but she had to attend a meeting and would call me back. I have yet to hear from her. Then another Sprint manager, Mr. Williams, said, "The phone company has the right to change rates at any time without notice to the customer."

Is there any recourse? If you are too busy for this rip-off, would you please give me some ideas. All I know to do is pay the outrageous bill or let the phone get cut off and go to another company, if a company will take me with my bad credit.

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New Jersey,
Sprint Over Charging me

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, November 22, 2004

HI, My name is Karen. I am having a problem with them over charging me every month. I have 2 differant cell phone companys. I use Sprint just to talk to my husband and i pay the 5.00 a month to talk PC to PC and i also pay the 5.00 a month to talk at 7 pm. Last month they said i owed 300 and something dollars and they would not check my bill, they said they where right, so i asked for a detailed sheet so i could check my bill and they would not send me out one. After staying on the phone for an hour i found out they put in the wrong numbers for my PC to Pc and to talk after 7 so they fixed that. I called on the 15th of this month to pay my bill off and i asked the women do i owe anything extra and she said no. I also asked her if this month coming up was outstanding and she said no it was fine. I just got shut off yesterday, which was the 21. They say i owe 214.00 from the 15th to the 21st. But I still had 500 usage. Then she was saying the bill is for last month that they are a month behind, when the other women i spoke to told me i owed nothing. Again I asked for a detailed bill and she would not so i was on Sprint.com while talking to her and i was having trouble signing on . It would not let me Check my Billing page. What are they hiding? I told her to put me in collections cause i will not pay the bill. All i use Sprint for is to talk to my husband, I use Cingular to talk to people and i never have a problem.

The only way to fight places like sprint...


Sat, April 21, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #1818.
It was sent by JAKE THE SNAKE CONSUMER PROTECTOR at [email protected]

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their phone number: 9723439343
Their relationship to the company: Advocate

I can sum it up a few words. Once a long distance carrier has your number and address they will rake you over the coals every chance they get, usually about as often as the sun rises.

The only way to fight places like sprint, south western bell at&t ect is to stay on there assess 24 hours a day till you get what you wanted. Do the following from now on:

First make a series of calls say 5 record every one of them.
2. play dumb they let the guard down and will tell you everything under the sun.

3 be sure to ask who you are talking to, where they are located and an ID number AT THE END OF THE CALL ONLY, this way you get the screw job on tape first.

4. Then go back and find the parts where they promised you to fix what was wrong and know who said it time location position ext.

5. Then call again RECORD IT, get past the morons gate keepers to the manager, no matter how may times they say there is no one available, keep at them, if they hang up-BONUS TAPE PROOF for you.

6. Get a manager then ask to speak to a department leader, typically saying a rep told you to go to hell will get you there, if not tell them you got it on tape.

7. At department level explain what has happened and demand the problem be fixed, then demand more free stuff for your time and so forth, if the level three monkey doesn't buy your story play parts of the tape for him-

8. This is where you get your ass kissed because most times you have enough to threaten to sue for different reasons, or the old reliable threaten to take your story to your uncles niece that works for USA today and will publish the dirt on them from page of the business section.


PS.. after you get your stuff fixed and use your free minutes SWITCH COMPANIES ..LOLOLOL

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