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Complaint Review: Sky Harbor Auto Sales - Phoenix Arizona

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Mon, October 16, 2000

Sky Harbor Auto Sales
2246 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Auto Dealers
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On 10-10-00 I received a call from an officer Akre of the Phoenix Police Dept. The first Question he asked me was did I know where my car was. My response half asleep wan no, oh my daughter must have used it to take the kids to day care. I said.

He then asked me to describe my daughter to him and I did so. He then explained that he ran the plate on the car and found them to be stolen, belonging to another vehicle. He said he would have to do some more checking on it and call me back. About five minutes later he did. He explained that the car was to impound the car and could I come and get her? I asked him to bring her home. As I had no other vehicle to go get her. And she was seven and a half months pregnant, and the stress would not be good for her. (Keep in mind that she was stopped as a felony, and was severely traumatized, as six officers were ready for gunfire if needed. Pulled her from the car and threw her on the hood, and questioned her for twenty minutes. This was so stressful to her, she has been home sleeping and afraid to come outside.

The officer said he would do what he could and get back with me if need be. I did not know what to do at first. But soon decided to call the dealership where I purchased the vehicle. While waiting for my daughters return, I did so. I was greeted by the finance manager, Latisha. I asked to speak to the owner three times, to her sarcastic laughter. She explained that I would have to speak to her about this problem. As I began to explain the problem, she began to laugh and mock my words. She explained that I would have to obtain the Police reports and the impound yard paperwork and bring it to her and she would go from there. I asked her how I was supposed to do this, Then she proceeded to tell me to get a bus or walk in a very nasty tone. Then she promptly hung up the phone.


All of this was just the last straw: The real problems began when I first purchased this vehicle. On 7/14/2000 My girlfriend and I, frustrated and tired pulled onto the lot of Sky Harbor Auto Sales at 2246 E. Van Buren. I desperately needed a vehicle that day. The sales manager, Joel, greeted us. He allowed us to look around and test drive a few vehicles. Being a hot summer day we decided to go and get a cold drink and come back later. Upon returning we were greeted by Joel again. We looked at a few more vehicles and I decided on a 1994 White Ford Probe. Joel quickly took us to the sales room and began pulling out the paperwork, and handed it to one of the assistants for preparation. He explained to me the price of the vehicle was around $5,000.00.


We left the paper work unsigned on the table as Joel again insisted on taking me outside to confirm my choice and discuss some repairs needed on the vehicle. The transmission was bad, and there was wiring hanging from underneath the dash. Joel assured me that the dealership would make the necessary repairs on the vehicle as it was covered by the 15-day lemon law.

Upon returning to the sales room, the assistant was placing the paperwork on Joel's desk. We agreed to 500.00 down in split payment, and Joel quickly began going through the paperwork, shuffling them around very quickly, saying he was now in a hurry, pointing quickly where I should sign. With everything signed, my fianc and I left. I dropped the car off at my house and went to dinner in my fianc's car.

After a few hours I returned home and decided to look over the paperwork thoroughly. I noticed almost immediately that the price of the vehicle listed on the title and registration app. was now $6,606.62. I then noticed on the third page, the vehicle purchase order, that the total price, tax, doc fee and registration fee less my 500.00 down left a total balance due of $7,106.62. I immediately called and spoke to the finance assistant manager and explained this to her. She promised she would look into this and get back with me.

To date, I have received no information on why the price had changed.

What I have received is while arriving for my third payment, it was explained to me by Letisha and Joel that they had lost my original contracts and told me that it would be just a formality and for me to sign all blanks and they would fill out the rest and send my copies later. Still no copies to date. What I have received is a payment book, On the payment book my balance due was 8,822.23.

I would gladly recommend to friends and family to purchase their vehicles from Sky Harbor Auto Sales, as they truly do stand behind all the stolen cars and plates, they sell.

Currently the plate that was on the vehicle that I purchased is being held as evidence and the Squaw Peak Precinct. The car has been re-plated and taken back to Sky Harbor Auto Sales so that they may sell it again to the next unsuspecting customer.

UPDATE 10-16-00

I contacted the badbusinessbureau.com and according to them there have been many complaints regarding

Sky Harbor Auto Sales with changing of contracts, repossessing cars after customers being just 2 days late making payments. Plus, badbusinessbureau.com says according to reports from across the country, dealers have been doing this sort of thing and getting away with it, leaving the customer stranded. Most states won't prosecute auto dealers for pulling these stunts they claim are mistakes!

badbusinessbureau.com also said this vehicle was most likely sold by Sky Harbor Auto Sales 2, 3 or times over by them repossessing the car after their customer was late making payments by just 2 or 3 days.

badbusinessbureau.com volunteers also called Sky Harbor Auto several times last Thursday. In the first telephone recorded statement, Sky Harbor Auto was asked if there was any payments that were due? The sales manager stated NO, he explained that the customer has always paid on time. This question was asked several times. The next day, Friday, the owner now says that the car is now in default and he should not even return the car. The Sky Harbor owner "Dave" seemed like he was going to do me a favor and let me take the car as soon as they get the paper work straightened and get it back from impound.

badbusinessbureau.com understands that I do not want my car back now, and I do not ever want to deal with these people again!

Sky Harbor feels that now that they have received the car back from Police impound and they have the paper work straightened out with new plates that are not stolen, that I should just put my tail between my legs, pick up the car, and make my payments to them. SORRY Sky Harbor, this is not happening.

Taking them to court would take too long. Actually, I could not go to small claims court because the amount that I would be suing for would be much higher than small claims allows.

If I go to Civil Court, I would have to higher a lawyer and that would end up costing me for a lawyer almost what I want to sue for and it is expensive to file in civil court.


My daughter has been traumatized from the 6 police officers dragging her out of her car at gunpoint, all because of the of the car dealers stupidity. The police did nothing wrong. Stolen cars deserve this procedure by police who risk their lives every day.

I have not been able to go to work because I have no car.

I have also had to deal with my daughter who is 7 months pregnant and definitely traumatized..

We've had no way to go food shopping.

I cannot take my daughter to the doctor, I've had to pay for a cab.


I will be posting stories all over the Internet, so when people do an Internet search for cars in Phoenix Arizona, this Rip-off Report will come up, so other unsuspecting consumers will know what Sky Harbor Auto did to me. This Rip-off Report will also come up when people are looking for Sky Harbor Airport and housing and even places to eat in Phoenix.

I will start picketing the dealer in front of the dealership all day, letting other unsuspecting consumers know what they do with their paper work and how they sold us a stolen car with different stolen plates from another vehicle. While I am out there picketing, acording to badbusinesssbureau.com, there will usually be other victims that will pass by and tell us their horror story and would most likely join us in a law suit.

When sky harbor is ready to compensate me for the damages they have inflicted on my pregnant daughter, myself and family, for their mistake, we will stop picketing and handing out flyers to the other dealers along Van Buren.

They better hope that my daughter's pregnancy is not effected by this situation.

[email protected]

Phoenix, Arizona

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