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Complaint Review: Pulte Homes - Corona California

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- Adelanto, California,

Pulte Homes
1351Pomona Road Suite 200 Corona, 92882 California, U.S.A.
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Purpose of this listing: Beware of Buying into a Pulte Community

The following is a letter that was sent to Pulte that summarizes the consequences of being misled by Pulte Sales Associates:

To Whom It May Concern:

We are homeowners in the new Ridgemont Heights Community. The purpose of this letter is two-fold: (1) to expose a very serious crisis that has transpired in the Ridgemont Heights Development and (2) to attempt to resolve this crisis directly with Pulte. We have created subtitles to aid in the organization of this letter.


We all agree that Pulte builds an impressive structure. The Pulte home includes many standard features that most builders consider to be upgrades. We have referred many to Pulte such as parents whom recently purchased in the Solara Development and have also referred professional colleagues to the Rancho Summit Development. As you can see, we really like our Pulte homes; it's everything outside our homes that prompts this letter.


During the sales process, we were misled to believe by Pulte associates that the Ridgmont Heights Development would be an owner occupied community. A few homeowners in the community were required to sign a contract stating we would not rent out our homes in order to ensure the quality of the community. The words quality community behind the proposed Pulte brand that is full of commitments to the homeowner, sealed the deal. The sales process felt like a Nordstrom experience; quality at every turn.

Upon move in, we received a huge wake up call that Ridgemont Heights is NOT an owner occupied community; it's a rental community and an investor's haven. We assumed all homeowners were signing the rental contract; we now know differently, only a few buyers signed the contract. Pulte failed to disclose that behind the scenes they sold an alarming number of the homes in the community to investors. Failing to meet community/building/sales protocol and then failing to disclose this information to the homeowners during the sales process has created a catastrophic environment.

Current Conditions

Because of the disastrous sales mismanagement fiasco, we (the few owner-occupied homeowners) live in a brand new community that has turned upside down over night into an unsafe, unkempt, and devaluing environment. We have experienced multiple home break-ins, constant graffiti, drug houses, neglected homes with burned up lawns, excess trash flowing through the streets and gutters, multiple-family residences, and unsupervised children wandering the streets leading to police interventions at all hours of the day and night. These problems are due to the large portion of homes sold to investors that are now the Section 8 rentals that have over-run the neighborhood. The local law enforcement refers to the Ridgemont Heights Development as, The Projects. We have a horrible reputation among our community that is directly hurting our resale value considerably. We now reside in these new Pulte homes surrounded by renters wondering what we got ourselves into. Pulte, how could you do this to us homeowners whom trusted your name?

No More Excuses, Less Talk, More Action

While we have tried to get answers to our questions, we continue to receive misleading information from Pulte, as we did during the sales process, on how this came about. Every piece of Pulte information is in conflict with outside sources. There has not been a sincere effort from Pulte to correct this huge injustice, only cover-up.

We have noticed from our interactions with Pulte associates the use of flattery and other diversionary tactics in efforts to delay and excuse any action. We have been individually blown off and are now gathering as a whole for answers and immediate resolution. When Pulte associates' flattering words and high-fives run out, they are quick to blame outside sources and slow to assume any role that takes sincere effort. For example, they had the insincerity to tell us, the homeowners, that this was a big mistake by Pulte, but we should feel assured that they have learned from their mistake and are moving on. Where does this leave us? The only effort they could come up with to assist in the situation is to fund punch and cookies and a facility for us, the homeowners, to meet together to work out the concerns of the neighborhood. We find it amusing that they thought we would spend our time and resources to fix the mess Pulte has created. The other excuse we find amusing is, We can't remove the renters because of discrimination issues. This is correct, Pulte can't. Not because of discrimination, but because Pulte knowingly and willingly over sold to investors. Pulte sold multiple homes to individuals. Did Pulte think one person could live in five to ten homes at once? The investors certainly did not sign the rental agreement. Pulte has no ability to enforce a homeowners-only policy at this point. This has to be done at the sales point of the process.


We are asking for Pulte to be accountable for the inconsiderate and deceiving manner in which they sold the homes; with no thought to the well being of the true homeowners and their families and the community of Adelanto. Again, we are writing this letter with the goal to resolve this concern directly with Pulte. We are pursuing a financial reimbursement that will allow the homeowners to be redirected to an owner-occupied community that Pulte originally lead us to believe we were investing in. We trust Pulte can rectify this situation if they choose to. Failing an immediate and satisfactory resolution to our concerns, we reserve the right to exercise any and all legal and equitable methods up to and including litigation, to preserve our rights.


Adelanto, California

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