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Complaint Review: Pizza Hut - Apache Junction Arizona

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Thu, November 30, 2000

Pizza Hut
495 W. Apache Trail Apache Junction, Arizona, U.S.A.
Pizza & Take Out
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As part of an ongoing investigation, badbusinessbureau.com placed display classified advertisements in several publications looking for employees who were victimized over the years by the Apache Junction Pizza Hut and one of its owners/manager Betty Carter and family members. We have been flooded with victims calling in over the last 3 weeks, along with other Pizza Huts owned and operated by the same people throughout certain areas of Arizona. Dozens of calls came in from customers as well who claim they got sick after eating at the Apache Junction Pizza Hut with a rude response.

badbusinessbureau.com has been conducting this investigation for over 11 months to date. (see all the other Pizza Hut Rip-off Reports by using our search engine "Search the Rip-off Reports") key word Pizza Hut


All we can say at this time is, "Betty Carter, the surveillance tapes DO NOT LIE"

More Pizza Hut victims reports below....


Further investigation reveals that existing employees have been approached over the last several weeks by Betty Carter, trying to coerce them into signing a statement (in short)stating what a good person Pizza Hut Manager Betty Carter is. WE are told, some employees may have signed a statement to keep their job. These statements will never stand up to any scrutiny at a later date if asked under oath. Some employees have avoided signing, stating, they have nothing good to say about Pizza Hut Apache Junction or Betty Carter. Some employees state they will sign so they can keep their job. Betty Carter has been at this store for over 17 years, other than the Carter family members, who else has been there for any substantial amount of time that would have anything good to say? That should tell you something?

Existing employees report they have recently been paid in cash, shorted hours and being forced to sign a paper that they received the money. That's fine to have the employee sign a paper they were paid, but no one we have ever interviewed has ever received a copy of what they have signed, leaving Betty's hand written receipt (in her hand writing) to possibly be altered by Betty later to show a higher amount paid. This situation opens a whole other can of worms, possibly fraud for this Pizza Hut franchise owned by Thompson & Brock Management Inc. in Pensacola Florida.


The following Pizza Hut employee Reports have the names Edited out in in most cases even though the employee might have given permission to do so.

The following Reports were mostly hand written and re-typed, then signed and then re-confirmed by the victimized employee before posting in to this Rip-off Report.


From: E-mailed Confidential at this time

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:04:58 0700

Subject: Article in the Apache Junction and E. Mesa News Papers

My name is XXX XXX,

I worked for Apache Junction Pizza Hut in 1999 and my story is much like many others you have received.

I began working at AJ Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. At the time of my interview with Betty Carter I requested as many hours as possible as I am a single parent and have a 10 year old to care for, and needed to make enough to survive.

For the first few days things went along just fine.

Then when I went to work one evening I was told that I was not scheduled even though the night before when I went home I was on the schedule. I offered to stay and help inside as there was always a great need for help inside. Betty was not there at the time so no one would OK me to stay. This happened again within a few days and at the same time on one of my deliveries I was given a $50.00 bill. At the end of my shift I was told that the 50 I had been given was counterfeit. I wanted to go back but I was told that the AJ police were handling it and I had to pay it now and get it back when the people were prosecuted. I never got it back.

After about 2 weeks as a driver, Betty Carter had a meeting with me and let me know that she felt that I was management material and that it would make life better for me and my son. I decided to take her offer and became the manager of the AJ Pizza Hut. She had promised a lot of things to me and in front of my Mother. I was promised several bonuses each month and my base take home pay was to be $1,600.00, before any bonuses, and that I would get to be the manager of the new Pizza Hut they were building soon. I came the next day at 7am ready to be trained for the job. I consider myself a very fast and good learner, and was certain that I would be given a manual with regulations and such to study and then be shown the hands on things and would be good to go. No manual was available at the time Betty said that the last couple of managers had taken them from the premises and not returned them.

That day Betty met me there and said the other manager who had been a young kid had walked off the job so I would need to step right up to the plate and get the store open. She did stay and said do this, do that, when I asked if anyone else was coming in she looked at the schedule (written in pencil) and said not for a while.

I was a bit overwhelmed as there were endless things to be done before the doors opened for the buffet, dough to be made, completely setting up the buffet, set up the salad bar, do paperwork, making sure there was enough $ for drawer and change and if not getting some from one of the other stores that was open or going to the bank when it opened, and the list goes on and on.

Finally around 10:45, 3 more employees came in. However, none of them was the cook. Betty told them all what to do and told me to start cooking. Well, I had no idea what went on what for each pizza and I needed 6 different pizzas just for the buffet. Then the phone delivery orders started and what a mess. One thing that troubled me was that everyone had access to the money in the cash register. I talked to Betty she said it had always been that way and no problems so far.

At the end of the evening and the delivery drivers needed to settle up and there was some unhappy drivers because Betty did not let me pay them the 1.25 per trip that they were promised. A couple of them had gone back to the same place because of an error with the orders and according to Betty they were not to get 1.25 for that, even though the multiple trips drivers made were mistakes caused by the cooks, not the drivers fault.

That night after closing, Betty and I talked about how I would receive the bonuses she had promised. She assured me that if I met all the demands she set out and passed the "surprise inspection" I would get the $900.00 bonus with my first manager's paycheck.

Some of the demands required that I work every day from 7am until 2am. Also I would earn other bonuses by keeping my cost of labor down and cost of supplies. Well, I never got the $900.00 bonus even after working for 3 weeks without a day off and passing the "surprise inspection." I was paid close to the right amount for the $1.600.00 monthly salary she had promised me but I was shorted the last 3 days that I had worked as a driver before taking over the managers job.

The reason given me for not receiving the bonus was that my labor cost had been to high but I was right on schedule for the $900.00 bonus on my next check. I had nothing to do with the hiring or firing as Betty said she would continue to do that, however when they built the new store and I went there as the manager I would be doing it all.

After 3 weeks with no time off I told Betty that I needed some time to catch my breath and she said that she had a manager in the Holbrook store that "owed her some favors" and she would have her come down to share the day with me. She came and within 3 days I was called into the office and informed that $200.00 was missing from the register when she closed the shift and because I was the manager I needed to pay it now. I was angry as I had a great working relationship with all of the employees and we had not had any $$$ missing since I had taken over as manager.

With my Mother present I spoke with Betty about this and she said just keep your eyes open and see if you can spot the person that might have taken it as the AJ Police and I are great friends and they will do anything I ask them to do. This time you will not have to pay it back. I began to get stern with Betty about many unhealthy things going on there and not having enough help to get the daily things done let alone enough people to get the place clean. The tables were always sticky and the floor was just wet moped not scrubbed and the buildup was disgusting. Dropped glasses were placed right back on the shelf to be used. Not enough help so dishes were incorrectly washed. Employees making pizza would stop and take money and go back to cooking without washing their hands. I just couldn't get anywhere with Betty at all. Again I worked 2 weeks with no time off.

I was finally given 2 full days off according to the schedule (written in pencil) and the manager from Holbrook was there to cover along with the lady that was to be the assistant manager Betty had hired. Well, my first day off, Betty came down to my home to get me because she said I was scheduled to work. I went in and sure enough the schedule had been changed to show that I was on for that day.

Well, this could grow into a book as there were many things that daily went on there that were wrong and people were leaving right and left because of the dishonest practices by Betty. Many left in tears because they were always in trouble about not showing up on days that they had been given off according to the schedule, and when they complained about their paychecks, because it was short they were told that was all they had worked.

Then Betty left on vacation and within 2 days after she had left the Holbrook manager said she went over my paper work and found a mistake showing $97.00 missing. She said she had no choice but to let me go as the company policy is "2 thefts in the first 90 days" is ground for dismissal. I knew that was a lie but I left and begin trying to get a hold of Betty at the #'s she had left. I then ended up calling "Doug" the other owner, but he was no help said just keep trying to get in touch with Betty.

I was not given my last paycheck because the Holbrook manager said no one was there to draw up a check for me so I would have to wait and when my check was ready I would have to return all of the shirts I had before I would receive my $. I took the shirts up the next day and she would not take them as she said she did not have my $. This went on for over a week finally I was given cash from the till but of course there was no

bonus at all and the amount that I was given was about $350.00 short of my regular managers pay but she said if I did not sign for the $$ she was giving as all I had coming I would get nothing.

I signed the paper because I needed to pay my rent and thought I could get with Betty after her return and get things straightened out. Well, Betty has never been willing to talk with me about anything since my dismissal.

I hope that something can be done about all of the wrongs that have gone on at the AJ Pizza Hut. Many people have been shorted hours, shored pay and promised a lot of things that have never materialized.

In all of my working years I have never experienced a work place such as AJ Pizza Hut. It became obvious to me that Betty did not want people with brains working for her she also did not want people over 50 that would question the way the store was ran.

My mother offered to come and help out as she could see that more help was needed and Betty said NO. I figure that I am owed over $1,800.00 and if you do the math, according to the law that would be 3 times that, totaling $5400.00 am glad to be gone from there as the hours were too long and I was promised bonus $$$ that I never received and the working conditions were horrendous.

Good luck.

PS I wrote this on my mother's computer but her printer has no ink. If you will print this out and bring it too me today Wednesday, November 29, 2000, I will sign it.

Thank you.




The following was changed slightly to keep the victims unanimity.

I've seen many cockroaches, and I found a rat in the trash. I saw People that I worked with use cleaning chemicals, and then handle the food without ever washing their hands. I saw food that was dropped on the floor picked up and then used. Pizza trays and covers were thrown on the floor, then picked up, NOT WASHED and used again.

Many times after working six hours you still didn't get your break. No one was allowed to have soda, but they wanted us to chip in 7 dollars apiece to get an extra soda box for all employees, which included the owner Betty, who was manager at the time and Mary, an assistant manager. Andrew sat in the dining area and smoked cigarettes and drank soda all the time while us kids are working our butts off.

Andrew became assistant manager was seeing Mary's daughter. At the time he treated me like I didn't know what I was doing. He was constantly giving me a hard time, talking to me like I'm stupid. He made me feel bad. I brought it up to Mary the manager and she considered it sexual harassment and agreed that it wasn't fair that he was picking on me. She brought it up to Betty the owner, who basically favored Andrew. Betty told me that it wasn't anything to get upset about, Andrew is right and I need to just listen to him and pretty much just shut up. It's not important, that is how they made me feel, like nothing I said mattered. After that, Mary quit. She couldn't handle working there anymore, and neither could I.

I didn't receive my first check until after two weeks, my second check after like a month, and my third check wasn't ever sent till 6 months later.

Thank you, XXX XXX

EDITORS NOTE: In a recent phone conversation with the victims mother, she realizes the only reason her daughter received the check was because of the badbusinessbureau.com efforts.


From: [email protected]

To: [email protected] (Consumer Advocate)

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 18:53:10 0700

Subject: Pizza Hut, Apache Junction News advertisement for existing employees & EX-employees

My name is Krysta A., I am 17 years old. I am writing referring to the Pizza Hut in Apache Junction. I worked there for a month.

I was hired as waitress, and the entire time I was there I witnessed many things that were wrong.

We were forced to write our time cards in pencil, told that we could "clock in " later, to get to work for now, told our time cards would be fixed, but they never were corrected. I was missing hours on my first check, about 15 hours, and I never got my last 2 weeks check, and it was over 40 hours each week for a total of 84 hours or more.

Plus, I was being paid as a waitress, and we mostly never had customers, so I was told that I was guaranteed minimum wage, and if I didn't make it, it would be made up for. I would walk out of there every night with 3 dollars in my pocket.

It didn't help that they had me cooking pizzas while on a waitress's pay. When Betty learned the health inspectors were coming, she had me polishing brass and scrubbing floors, broken toilets and emptying the bucket under the sink in the bathroom, all on a waitress's pay.

The pizza toppings were always raw, and left out the entire day for fly's and God knows what else to land on them. There were rats and a LOT of cockroaches all over the place. The cleaning supplies were never used because they were in the shed, and I guess it was too big of a hassle to get them when we requested them.

I was repeatedly sexually harassed by a delivery driver named Tom who still works for Pizza Hut in Gold Canyon. He was an older man, he was always saying things like "come on, just give me a little kiss, I'll give you a kiss, just tell me where!" telling me that he wanted to marry me, but we had to go on the honey moon first. Patting me on the back, and rubbing my back and that sort of thing. I complained to Jason, he only laughed, but then again, he was usually on cocaine when he came to work.

I complained to Betty and she only laughed too. Melissa Carter was only there a couple of times, on her first day, she tried to get me a "deal" on some crystal meth, I told her I didn't use drugs and she started asking who I hung around with, giving me her phone number, and pager number, because I was "cute," telling me to call her sometime.

We were instructed that it was store policy that Apache Junction

Policemen eat for free, to give their checks to Betty. So I never charged them.

The salad bar condiments in the freezer were required to have dates on them so that we could tell when they were expired, but I have no idea why, because we were told to use the food anyway! Then we were instructed to put the food BACK again in the freezer at the end of the night.


When I went to pick up my check, it was 2:10pm, I was told when I got there, that she didn't open the safe between 2 and 8, and I would have to wait. I pleaded with her to give me my check, that I lived in Gold Canyon and I didn't drive 20 minutes to be sent back, and that I had things to do and I needed my money. She still said no.

So my mother went in and asked for her, a waitress named Mary went in the back and came back out and said that Betty was busy. My mother explained what happened and asked why there was such a problem. Mary told her to go back there. As soon as we did, Betty started screaming, and threatening to call the police, and she did. I then called my father from my mother's cell phone who showed up a few minutes after the police did. When the police arrived, Betty did not come out, and we explained what happened to the Police, we were told to leave and not come back, and not to come back on the property.


One day, we had a party of 40 people scheduled.

Another waitress and I were to split the tables and tips. We served the customers all afternoon. When they were ready to leave, Bettie took care of adding up the bill. She gave it to them and they gave me 20$ and the other waitress 20$ for our tips, which we reported to Betty. Then a few minutes later, the customers started discussing a fee on the bill. Betty told them

it was an automatic gratuity, which came out to 15$, 7.50$ for each of us. They told her that they'd already given us 20$ each, Betty acted like she didn't know and said "oh really?" She came to us and took the tips back, so I made 7.50$ for hours of hard work, on a 40 person table.

With everything that had happened since I'd been there, I told Betty I thought that was completely wrong, and by this time I was in tears because of my terrible day. She told me no one was forcing me to work there, I Quit right there, I finished my shift which was only 2 hours more, and left, with my 7.50$, I could not take anymore.

My phone number is (480) (phone # was confirmed).

If you need anything else, let me know.

Krysta A.

You have my permission to correct the errors and to print my story.





This complaint is in response to an ad I read in the Apache Junction "News" & "Independent" news papers.

I worked for Apache Junction Pizza Hut from December of 98 to may of 99 as a full time cook. As a cook I experienced:

1.) Both the time cards and the schedule (posted on the wall), were written in pencil where frequent changes were made by Betty and Rick Carter.

2.) I was personally shorted on hours 25-35 hours per pay period. Many times Rick Carter would stall, and then refuse to initial / approve my timecard after a shift,(a policy). I am sure that Rick Carter's omission to sign my timecards was for the purpose of shorting my total hours worked.

3.)Rick Carter asked me if I used cocaine. (note: this was not for employment screening purposes, but rather for his own financial gain), he hinted about me selling cocaine for him.

4.)Numerous times at work I lent money to Rick Carter (the manager), after cashing my check. Rick rarely paid me back. I lent a total of $350 to Rick Carter over a period of 5 months.

5.)I was shorted 38 hours / $250 for my last check. Betty and Rick never arranged payment to me for monies owed.

I, XXX XXX, am owed:

1.)back pay for pay shortages. 15 hours a week x 28 weeks.

2.)$350 total unpaid loans ro Rick Carter.

3.)38 hours shorted on last paycheck. 38 hours at $6.50 an hour = $250.00

All the above is true to the best of my knowledge.

"Apache Junction Pizza Hut was the most mismanaged and corrupt business I've ever worked for.

In Confidence,


The above victim was interviewed after we received their signed Report.



I saw your ad in the Apache Junction News. It's about time someone puts a stop to those people at Pizza Hut.

I worked from 98 to 99, I was hired on as the dough person and assistant manager. I know things about this Pizza Hut, and all kinds of stuff went on there. From drug dealing from the Apache Junction Pizza Hut store in AJ. to home delivery of drugs to the customer. If a driver were afraid to deliver drugs for Pizza Hut, the manager would cut their hours and then fire them,

keeping their last paycheck. When the driver wouldn't take the order, they would make me take the order in their car to the customer and if I didn't do what they said I would lose my job.

One time I was there and I watched them send a young man to jail for something he didn't do. He was falsely put in jail because Rick owed the guy money for drugs.

The store was in real bad shape. There were times where we would just rinse off dirty dishes and send them back out to be used. To save costs, we had to use outdated foods on the salad bar. The front line had would have perishable food out all day on the counter.

I have seen Police eating there free all of the time. Time cards were tampered with. They used pencil to change the times on peoples cards. I was there and I was told not to say anything that was going on to no one, or I would lose my job.

Then there was this one employee, they would call him f*g. They would screw with his head all the time while he was at work. They would call his house from work and threaten him and they scared him. He used to be a driver and was a good person. I knew about all this stuff going on, they thought I was a loose end. So one day they decided to use me as an escape goat so they got this girl to claim sexual harassment against me to get me fired. It would take heat off Rick Carter the store manager, so I got fired. I didn't get my last two checks from them. As they call it I, "worked for free for them", forcing me to quite so I lost money that way.

Then I was hired back by Pizza Hut because Rick went to jail. I asked them why were they giving me my job back, was there another cover up for Rick, so he would not get in trouble? I asked Betty if I was going to get my last check and she said yes. I also asked her if I was going to get my money that Rick said he would pay me back. Pizza Hut never did pay me what was owed for pay and what the manager borrowed, and that came up to $1300.

Every once in a while when I came in to Pizza Hut to pick up my pay, Rick would ask me if he could borrow money. After I cashed my check Rick would come back to Pizza Hut to work, he would wait until I was in the back room working before he would ask me to borrow money.

This family caused me a lot of grief. I am still waiting for my last check and the money owed me. Because of this, I lost my trailer which I was renting to own. After getting kicked out of my trailer I had to go to the river bottom to live for a while. I could not get a job in Apache Junction because Betty put the word out that I was not a good worker. I stayed at the river bottom for about 6 months until a friend of mine was living in Tempe and told me to come live with him since I couldn't get a job in Apache Junction because of Betty at Pizza Hut. So I moved from the river bottom to Tempe and my friend came across your ad in the paper. So I called it. I had to work a week and give them 3 days off the clock or it was my job. I don't know what more I can tell you, I could go on and on. I figure I am owed!

1.) Two pay checks for the last four weeks at 160 hours

2.) Plus the money I gave Rick the manager at Pizza Hut as a loan equals $1300

3.)For the loss of my trailer. Rent was $700 and the deposit was $400.

4.)For the year that I worked for them open until close (18 hours days), they owe me for 85 days of work. Total hours of missing pay all together- 1715.

5.)I would really be happy if I was compensated for the wrongful firing of me for sexual harassment, when it was really Rick the whole time. This was all very hard on me. I should be taken care of for Ricks wrongdoing since it was FALSE!

6.)My job title pay as assistant manager and for the bonus that goes with it, which I didn't get for the whole year.

7.)For holding my job over my head for all of Pizza Hut's wrongdoing for that year and the stress they put me through.

Another thing I remember is that Betty's granddaughter Melissa was serving beer to customers the whole time I worked for Pizza Hut and after I was gone. There is so much I could tell you!

Thank you very much for trying to help us,


(badbusinessbureau.com felt that it be best to keep this victims identity confidential.



I am writing this in reference to the ad in the Apache Junction independent.

Thank you, I am so happy to see someone finally do something about this situation. I started working for Pizza Hut about or approximately May of 1999. I worked there for about a month to a month and a half. During the time that I was employed by them I experienced several things that were not acceptable for

any place of work.

I was encountered with the following things;

unsanitary/unhealthy work conditions for employees and customers, roaches and mice in the food, on the floor, everywhere. Filthy kitchen, especially in the dishwasher / food prep area. I was asked to prepare food and deliver food that I myself would not have eaten. The managers that ran the store

which I worked at were uncouth and politically incorrect with their language, and I felt they were often too close to maintain a personal safe distance from them. They were invading my comfort zone.

Management was asking people to be involved with illegal activity. I myself feel on at least one occasion I carried drugs for the management, at my serious risk without my knowledge. The amount of favoritism and racial tension was great.

Betty, Tim , Rick, Melissa, and anyone else for their little group of family threatened with police involvement if you didn't do as they say, and the police did confront employees on several occasions after receiving free food for their "troubles". Also one person was made fun of because of his sexual preference to his face and behind his back. This same person was threatened

about his job and got a bogus speeding ticket by the same officer. The drivers name was John, he trained me at Pizza Hut. A good person.

The management was always messing peoples time cards, which were written in pencil so they could subtract hours for disciplinary action, or just because they didn't have the money to pay us.

They would threaten to fire us if we told. After all that the management would then turn around and borrow money at the threat of being fired if you said no. This happened to all of us. That is the exact reason that I was fired. Tim had borrowed $250, and promised to pay me back. He never did so that is why I told him no, he couldn't borrow anymore money. I was fired immediately. $250 was borrowed over the time I worked there. I was never paid for my last two weeks working there. That's 40 hours a week times

2 weeks at 6.50 and hour plus tips, which half the time my tips were stolen anyway. About $150 during the time that I worked there.

They tried to say that I was a "no call no show", after I was told that I was fired because I told Tim I would not give him any money. The management at Pizza Hut made many people suffer, good people. My friend, XXX XXX was the dough person for Pizza Hut. He was wrongfully terminated for sexual harassment, and then rehired! For what reason if this was true in the first place?!!

I feel that this company owes me:

1.) Two weeks pay - 40 hours x two = 80 hours at 6.50 per hour.

2.) $250 borrowed from me

3.) $150 in tips stolen by management

4.) 10 to 14 hours a week that I wasn't paid for.- All my overtime 53 hours.

5.) Compensation for losing my place to live, my girlfriends place to live,

and all of my belongings, which cost me more than I can add up.

Thank You,



EDITORS NOTE: Many other hand written statements reveal basically the same things. Victims range from senior citizens to minors who were not paid at all, not paid the wage promised and the list goes on.

We are currently going through many more signed letters and e-mails. We are only dealing with the ones we can verify. More will be pasted by Friday and over the weekend.

If you are a victim or you were just a witness to any kind of wrongdoing, please contact us at:

E-mail us at: [email protected]


Extension/mail box # 6028-230-00

California office fax: 425-799-9729

Badbusinessbureau.com, llc

Nevis Island, West Indies


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