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Complaint Review: Nokia [email protected] Rebate Center - Young America Minnesota

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- Roxbury, Massachusetts,
Mon, February 24, 2003

Nokia [email protected] Rebate Center
P.O. Box 8108 Young America, 55551-8108 Minnesota, U.S.A.
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Basicly, I bought two nokia Q4 phones, each $100, with $100 rebate. I sent the rebate cards in, filled out correctly with the barcode sticker just like they asked.

I got both pieces of mail returned to me to my surprise. Nokia claims that I did not put a barcode sticker of the rebate form as Im looking at the rebate card with the barcode sticker on it.

I thought I was the only one to go through this until I realized two things. Number one, I read this other guy's fraud report, and he went through the same exact thing I'm going through now. And second, the representative at the Nokia Rebate Center told me that she was sorry, and maybe it was just overlooked, but I sent those cards in seperately. How could they make such a dumb mistake twice in two seperate incodents?

I read the employee rebuttal on the other guy with the problem similar to mine with [email protected] and Nokia, and yea, the guy might have called the wrong people, [email protected] Wireless instead of the [email protected] Rebate Center, but what about people like me that did talk to the people at [email protected] Rebate Center telling me that there is nothing that they could do, because I must have not put the barcode sticker of the card like I said I did?

They told me to send both of my rebate cards back to them, circling the barcode sticker, and so Im hoping that doing so will be the end of my problems with this rebate thing, because unlike this other guy that has gone through the same problems Im going through with this, I dont give up. I work hard for my money, and I dont let people sit around and scam me into promotional sales where I think I am going to save money by getting a rebate when Im really not, and beleive me. If that is the case, Nokia is in for a hell of a fight!!!

Aliyya S.

Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Thu, February 27, 2003

Here's how . . .I too purchased an "upgrade" from AT & T (moving to a next generation plan . . blah, blah, blah). The Nokia phones I wanted were FREE ("instant" rebate) if purchased "online" (which I didn't want to do) so I called the 800# and spoke to an AT&T rep who said I would still get a $50 rebate from Nokia. I ordered/bought 3 phones (on 3 different days). The first phone arrived - no rebate form. I called AT & T again and after about 3 minutes of the rep acting shocked and "not knowing what to do if the ADVERTISED rebate form isn't included in the package", I decided to let it go as it was (stated by the AT&T repo) a "fluke" and that the other 2 phones would have been packaged right - and do you think they were . . . . ?? As each phone arrived it was the same song and dance. I got in my car, drove to the AT & T store and demanded/received a Nokia rebate form. I meticulously completed/copied/blessed/baptised (ok, that was sarcasm)but I read the form and followed it verbatim. I waited about 6 weeks and decided to check the status on-line (btw - the address to do that is www.nokiapromos.com). When it showed nothing I decided to call/check in (again, btw the phone number to do that is 888-600-4480 - press "1" for english but then press "0" stating that you "do not have the form in front of you" - that will get you a human being) and after being told that there were a few forms that had been printed with the "wrong" submit-too address (how convenient) I was given a completely NEW address to submit to. After pitching somewhat of a fit (after being told that lost submissions happen all the time - WHAT!!??), I got a fax number to fax the form to (which is 952-467-1109). My suggestion is (and to me $150 makes it VERY worth it). #1. make a copy of everything before you mail it and mail it via certified - return receipt mail. #2. start checking up on it after about 5 weeks (since one of the terms in the small print is that you have to have service from AT&T for at least 30 days utilizing this phone - this is how they cover their back - at this point you won't be able to return the phone). If they say it isn't in the system, fax it EVERY DAY and call and check on it EVERY DAY. You will get results (wink wink)

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