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Complaint Review: Mike Shiley ( www.accessory1.net ) - Portland Oregon

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XYZ - Frisco , Texas , United States

Mike Shiley ( www.accessory1.net )
1123 Se 23rd Portland, 97214 Oregon, United States
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I opened a business a account with T-Mobile in Frisco Texas office. A Buisiness rep names Reginald Boone came in contact.

In order to qualify me to get new iphone 14 max pro, he promised he had gotten an approval for $355 

for iphone he got me in touch with T-Mobile partner www.accessory1.net for iphone backbuy

Being a business client coming from another carrier I had bought 10 iPhone 13 max pros for which I paid.

Due to ATT negligence in billing month after month , 18-24 months ago , I quit ATT.  All my iPhones were unlocked. I have receipts for them

based on Reggie Boone suggestion not even thinking I was offered a quote through t mobile reviewing all IMEI on a spread sheet 5 months approx prior to making the deal. On spread sheet accessory1.net put what they will pay against each iphone as all were new iPhones 13 max pros differentcapacities on storage i.e 128 -1 GB 

Due to my busy schedule I let go of the deal with accessory1.net for buy back for 8 phones amount to $5800 , which costed me $12000 approx 

after four months when I was ready, Reggie Boone at gaged for Lance Inman to call me on 2/24/1023 and we finalized the spread sheet from before same IMEI 

kance sent me a UPS label on 24th Feb  to send phones back. On 2/27/1023  I reached out to Lance informing all phones weee sent out. I added additional 2 more iPhones making it 10. 

The $5800 I would get plan with Reggie ( T-Mobile ) was I would buy iphone 14 max pro 4 cash down with the money 

on 03/07/2023 I get an email from Mike Shiley phones I sent are stolen. He stated further 


1. he will hold my 10 phones 

2. he will contact ATT as he has a agreement with ATT and get back to me 

3. he has filed a police report on me 


on 3/8/2023 Mike Shiley ask me to contact ATT myself???? 

I contacted Reginald Boone ( T-Mobile ) and he played dumb staying so 'lance did it call you' 

I knew right there and then this was a group of frauds who make money from innocent people 

i starting digging accorsor1.net and Reginald Boone who stopped communicating with me. 

infound out accessory1.net is based in Portland and has operations in China ( you can look it up) 

I did my best to work with this company. A fraud report was internally filed on T-Mobile. I closed my account on T-Mobile as Reginald bone never even applied all credits promised. I see a bill yesterday from T-Mobile for $600 pending??? 

the issue with tmobie was escalated to top management through twitter as Reginald bone  would not make me talk to his mangers ??  

tol Managment stated it's very unusual their Agnets  to lead their clients to third party. They confirmed accessory1.net is not their partner 

I gave accessory1.net ample chances? No response 

I called t mobile to help settle bill and apply promised credits 

they called Regginald Boone with no response. T mobile customer care after hearing the case suggested why don't we call ATT to discuss who is owner or the phones 

we did a three way call and explained all to ATT ( done by T-Mobile) . ATT confirmed on a recorded call iPhones belong to me. 

Then I called ATT again and spoke to Ms. Amanda in Oklohoma ( working from home ) who after hating the whole story confirmed 

1. they have no partner or agreement with accessory1.net

2. Phones belong to me. ( I did ten trade ins ) 


Then  I called third time with same response. 

I then called Mike Shiley followed by email. I confirmed to Mike findings with T-Mobile & ATT and police report 

1. I invited Mike to come on a conference call with ATT or get a letter that they are partners 

2. I informed Mike they are not Partners of any kind  to ATT


3. they lied about a police report. I had a Sargent come upon my request who actually took a report on T-Mobile ( Reggie Boone & Mike shiley) 


Sargent ask me to call records dept and no report was filed 

All shared by Mike was a big lie


Mike / Lance could not produce anything at all and kept on holding the phones. I gave them 72 hours to provide documentation on agreement or anything stating phones are not mine 


no response. After my persistence on making accessory1.net to come on call. They gave up and put allegation on me for stealing phones from guests in Resturant's and they had no time to talk to ATT. They sent a wrong cheque  to me for $2375 ( wrong amount - on cheque it stated twenty two hundred and seventy five ) 

I then sent a sent to Jeff Merkley office ( senator for oregan ) . I informed Mike and he within 24 hours instructed Lance to send me out a Cheque out shin willing for right amount. Still not the right amount.

I told Mike and he said he has paid out. I asked him to return my phones. Money he sent out is voluntary I never asked for it.

accessory1.net knows they have wronged me and they May be going to many. They don't care 







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