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Mon, March 29, 1999

Main Street Mesa, 85208 Arizona, U.S.A.
City Governments
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A STATE-WIDE NETWORK OF LONG ENTRENCHED POLITICAL CORRUPTION How is it possible for a city court judge to deny a defendant of his constitutional right to legal counsel in a criminal trial and openly allow jury tampering to ensure the conviction? A ridiculously unlawful trial? No doubt about it! A lawless conviction that would easily, immediately be overturned by an appeals court. Of course! But not here in Arizona! There simply isn't a state or federal agency, an elected official, judge or court in Arizona that would even dare to take any action to correct the brutal injustice. Thus, for the longest time the city of Mesa, Arizona, has flagrantly violated the civil and constitutional rights of citizens at will, with absolute impunity! Unbelievable? To be sure. But true never the less. The facts as stated above are all unquestionably clear in the trial transcript. The court record leaves no room for miscalculations. Yet, bringing the evidence of these monstrous violations to the attention of the following authorities (several times) did nothing whatever to gain their help. Arizona Governor Jane Hull; U.S. Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl The U.S. Attorney, Janet Napolitano Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods F.B.I. office of Arizona The Arizona Board of Judicial Conduct The United States District Court The Arizona Supreme Court The Superior Court of Arizona While no authority above has denied the facts of this terrible injustice and violation of civil and constitutional rights, none took any action to correct the wrong doing! In other words, no office of either city, state or federal government has ever responded to the claim that the city of Mesa ruthlessly, lawlessly violated the civil and constitutional rights of this citizen. Without exception, all as one acted to dishonor their oaths of office: "..to honor, protect, preserve and defend the constitution of the United States." The fact that a citizen's constitutional and civil rights were criminally violated; that no individual, agency or office of state or federal government would come to his aid, is, in itself, the clearest evidence of a state-wide network of long entrenched political corruption with its power base centered in Mesa. MESA MORMONS RULE THE LAND Mesa's Mormon founding, economic and political roots remain fused to the colossal Mormon financial and political structure of Salt Lake City,Utah. It is not merely by chance that Mesa government has been dominated by Mormons since its inception. Just about all the seats of power throughout the greater Phoenix area are occupied by Mormons, or people who have had long, friendly relationships with the Mormon power structure. Mesa alone remains the most concentrated area of Mormon power and influence in the state. To put it bluntly, expectation to be elected, or reelected, to be appointed, or reappointed to the bench, to gain favor in business and commerce, etc., greatly depends on one's good relations with officials of the city of Mesa. LITTLE CHANCE IF ANY TO EVER REACH TRIAL STAGE 300 MESA PROPERTY OWNERS DEPRIVED OF THEIR DAY IN COURT Legal actions against the city of Mesa are virtually a waste of time, money and effort. Whatever the nature of a complaint; whatever court it may be filed in, a legal action against the city of Mesa has little chance if any to reach a trial stage. Judges have taken extraordinary measures to dismiss legal actions against Mesa. In a recent case a federal judge dismissed a complaint of "Deprivation of Constitutional Rights" despite the mass of undisputable evidence which supported the complaint. The lawyers for the city did not deny anything listed in the complaint. Instead, they declared the complaint to be "untimely" and "barred by Arizona's statute of limitations". While no evidence supportive of these fabricated contentions was provided by the court, all the same, the court dismissed the action against the city. Thus, the 300 Mesa property owners who were deprived of their constitutional and civil rights were also deprived of their day in court to prove their case. Evidence in the complaint left no doubt whatever that the property owners had been deprived of due process of law, equal treatment and equal protection of the law. All involved violations of constitutional law. Yet, the judge of the U.S. District Court of Arizona dismissed the complaint on a baseless claim that it was barred by Arizona's statute of limitations! Surely, local law can never cancel the authority of federal law. Nor can any law adopted after the ratification of our federal constitution reduce, alter, neutralize or disqualify any laws and guarantees secured by our federal constitution! Clearly self-evident? Of course! However,unfortunately, the corrupt judges and courts of Arizona do not abide by law, fact, truth or justice. None of the maze of federal civil rights laws under Title 18 242which deal with "depriving citizens of their constitutional rights under color of law" apply to Mesa's violations. Why? Violations of such law are federal crimes which come under the jurisdiction of such agencies as the U.S. Department of Justice, State Attorney General, or County Attorney. None of these three law enforcement agencies in Arizona will investigate a complaint against the city of Mesa. None will provide a reason for refusing to investigate a complaint against Mesa. Well, okay, now you get mad and sue all three law enforcement agencies in the U.S. District Court for failing to enforce the law of the land. The court immediately kicks your case out of court on the basis of other laws that permit these agencies to corrupt and neutralize all civil rights laws! Those other laws declare that these agencies have the exclusive right to select which complaints they will, or will not investigate! Thus, Mesa officials continue to deprive citizens of their civil and constitutional rights, under color of law, constantly, with absolute impunity! Simply, as the power of corruption prevents enforcement of the law, it serves as Mesa's guarantee of perfect immunity from all law. TAX ASSESSMENT FORMULAS FAVORING "THE GOOD OLD BOYS" ROBIN HOOD IN REVERSE Lacking any responsible action by the courts and law enforcement agencies of Arizona, Mesa officials have constantly trampled on the rights of small businesses and entire commercial districts, distorting and imposing on every aspect of free enterprise at will without fear of recrimination. Without any lawful authority, against the law, Mesa officials have established lawless "improvement districts" based on discriminating tax assessment formulas favoring "the good old boys." One such improvement district # 228, (entirely unlawful) imposed a discriminating tax assessment formula of four different tax assessment rates: 10 per foot for the smallest and poorest properties; 3 per foot for the largest, richest properties. This ridiculous situation has been lawlessly bleeding small property owners for the last 13 years. It is the longest term improvement district in Arizona. MESA'S GREAT ELECTION ROBBERY Mesa's 1996 election was crucial to the corrupt objectives of city officials who placed a request on the ballot to issue $294 million dollars in additional bonds. Moreover, there were several candidates on the ballot highly respected by the people of Mesa. It looked like an election that would surely, at long last, rid the city of the all powerful corruption factors. Unfortunately, for the first time in the history of Mesa, city officials elected to circumvent the authority of the county's election officials. Instead, unknown to the people and the candidates, the city hired a private 'vote counting' company to provide the election results. Yup! You guessed it. All corrupt issues and 'good old by' candidates won.

This $30 million street widening project involved the imposition of 'eminent domain' to acquire properties said to be in the way of the street widening plan. Fig. 1 shows a section of property (A) taken via eminent domain at a cost of $350,000.00 to Mesa taxpayers. But, while the city took the two properties in the A section and razed the buildings, the oil tank in the same section was mysteriously left in place. Thus, only the vice mayor's property in this section was spared demolition, reducing the width of the city's widening plan. Fig. 2.
Fig 3 shows how the vice mayor's business property was greatly extended at taxpayers expense. City officials awarded the $350,000.00 piece of land to the vice mayor - free of cost. The street was never widened to the extent of the plan which imposed the eminent domain proceedings for that said purpose. Corrupt land acquisitions and political gifts are common in Mesa. Good old boys, relatives, mainly Mormons, have long enjoyed the spoils of this corrupt system of land-grabbing.

Moreover, this 'so called' street widening project was illegal to begin with!!! THE PROJECT WAS NEVER APPROVED BY THE MESA CITY COUNCIL!

NO RESOLUTION TO WIDEN COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE WAS EVER PUBLICLY DISCUSSED, CONSIDERED OR ACTED ON BY THE GOVERNING BODY!!! This represents unequivocal evidence of the corrupt political machine which has long ruled supreme in the city of Mesa. It proves beyond question that Mesa is a city above the law. _______________________________________________________ RELATED STORIES How the City of Mesa Arizona put me and over 300 tenants OUT OF BUSINESS MESA, ARIZONA... THE GRIM REPUTATION IT SO RICHLY DESERVES To read more you can visit the official Mesa Arizona Corruption website at www.MesaAZCorruptionReport.com. _______________________________________________________ COMING SOON More in-depth stories will follow over the next several months under the category OF MOST OUTRAGOUS & POPULAR CATEGORY -- City Governments. Written By, Bill Brando "Voice of the Mesa Action Coalition" e-mail us c/o RipOFFreport "Editorial Staff" at the bottom of the front page of this web site.
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4 Updates & Rebuttals


If thine eye offend thee......

#2Consumer Suggestion

Thu, October 17, 2002

I left Mesa after thirty years because the city was stealing everything I had, daily violating the law, the Constitution, and principles even Communist governments do not normally overreach. What I did, incidentally, was own land in the wrong place, and offend a couple of the local MormoNazis. It did not help that I converted OUT of their religion, and became a Catholic. But it was mainly a money hassle, and a land fight, and I won a few skirmishes, but could find no one who would enforce the law. This is a strange place. The MormoNazis are a tiny minority, mainly in the civil service part of the government, but they still control everything. Citizens are apathetic and incredibly stupid, and as far as I can tell, the local schools are trying to make the populace dumber still, over the years, intentionally. Nobody reads books or newspapers, only half or less of those eligible vote, people get arrested for nothing, and yet, when I tried to get a methamphetamine factory shut down or investigated, nothing happened. That was eight years ago. I came back to see a friend a few weeks ago, and the factory was still there and working!!! I saw a continuous decline in the overall wealth and quality of life, mainly due to these crooks, and when they started to squeeze, simply took the opportunity to get out. By the way, I have never been convicted of ANYTHING...though I was questioned by cops vast numbers of times, usually when they were trying to infer that I was financially involved in some crooked business I had reported, and about which these gobs of spit then did NOTHING, save move to protect themselves. The place is hopeless.

The Fist

Start putting solid evidence together....

#3Consumer Suggestion

Thu, September 19, 2002

Who is surprised? Hang around the city courts and the county courts in this town and you realize, this is a community where prosecutors daily introduce hearsay evidence of the worst, fourth and fifth hand sort, less really than gossip, scam defendants, rip off anyone who isn't Mormon, sometimes even a Mormon without the "right" connections and "recommends"... Time to start assembling the best evidence, police reports, eyewitnesses. Force a Class Action Suit in FEDERAL Court, with a clear and sharply focussed eye toward nothing less than the collapse of the entire rotten heap. And yes, many of the minions of this snakepit of scum must be IMPRISONED, FOREVER... The only laws that mean anything in this town are the "under the table" ones. Public exposure is only the FIRST step.


This is a community whose upper "civil servant" class has enriched itself for over a century, at the price of the freedom of others.....

#4Consumer Suggestion

Wed, September 18, 2002

This is a community based on fraud. We--and that is NOT an editorial "we"--are working hard to explode the local flim-flam men, in every legal, lawful way. Hundreds of verifiable cases have been assembled and readied for exposure. The man who was hassled for a bogus DWI for having Vikadan and Naproxyn Sodium accessible, in his car... He was on his seventh knee surgery, and kept the drugs handy in case he got stranded somewhere. Police had no violations, his blood showed no alcohol or ANY drugs, and yet the police and the city prosecutor persisted for months... People beaten and humiliated merely for walking past the Mormon Temple in a "provocative" manner... Totally fake cases constructed out of air, to put levers under property owners whose land was coveted by important local LDS officials and businessmen.... Grotesque crimes completely ignored for political reasons, sensible only to closed cadres of Mormon functionaries.... Oh, yes! Revelation is coming sooner than Luster and Hutchinson know. We may not win. But we are tired of losing to these whining dirtbags. And soon the whole world will know.


Right, but old news.

#5Consumer Suggestion

Sun, June 23, 2002

It's very simple. The decent people of Mesa need to pursue FEDERAL prosecutions of these criminals. Everything else is hogwash. For all the lies and claptrap and bogus conspiracy theories, there has never been a more dishonest and corrupt goverment than Mesa's on the face of this planet, to and including Red Romania and Ancient Byzantium. The Feds, the U.N., Cuba--they have NOTHING to compare with this community. I am leaving for exactly that reason. Local administrators make "decisions" to discriminate against people, usually because somebody figures there is a danger of competition with a local LDS-owned racket, and that is the end of the road for that business. It is discrimination of the rottenest kind.

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