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Complaint Review: Mac Mall & iMac - Nationwide

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Tue, August 22, 2000

Mac Mall & iMac
Nationwide, U.S.A.
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Subject: My Mac Mall experience and an iMac

Sent: 8/22/00 9:11 AM

Mac Mall

Attn.: Sales Manager

A little over a year ago, I bought an iMac over the objections of your sales people who claimed that the iMac could not do as much work as an old 6100/60 Power Mac. Fourteen years of experience using Macintosh hardware, Mac OS, Peripherals and application software for Mac, taught me that one does not

believe much of what sales people or tech support have to say until one has actually purchased the product, plugged it up, loaded the software and tried to run it. Then the tech support people for the individual products may be of help if things do not work.

Here is a list of things that the iMac was not supposed to be able to do.

An Apple Stylewriter 1200 will not plug in and operate.

An Apple Color Stylewriter 2500 will not plug in and operate.

With the help of 2 adapters, the above named printers not only work but they will operate at the same time in background mode while the iMac is used to work on a third and even fourth document in the foreground.

The Lotus 123 Spreadsheet version 1.1 which was the last version made was not supposed to work at all because of OS8. With the addition of the Imation Super Drive, to the iMac, not only was 123 load able, but it works better than it ever did on the 6100/60 in system 7.

The original Mac Draw and Mac Draw II program work even though they are not supposed to.

File maker Pro 1.0 works just as well as FIlemaker Pro 3.0 and 4.0 does. I have old files in all 3 versions of Filemaker.

The Microsoft Word and Works programs would not work at all but Apple has something that they ship with all of their machines called AppleWorks which will recognize all of any Microsoft file, even if it was created on a PC.

So by not listening to the negative jaberwocky of your sales staff who believes everything that some so called tech guru tells them rather than listen to the customer who has owned, worked and networked a dozen Mac computers since 1985, I was able to accomplish what the Mac Mall sales staff said could not be done.

Now, I am ready to add some things to my system in order to lay the ground work for a major expansion. The things that I want to buy, your sales people and tech support people say will not work. My attitude is let me try it and decide for myself because a tech persons definition of work is different than mine. The sales person seems to be afraid that they are going to have an item returned.

If the Mac Mall sales policy is do not sell it because it might get returned, I will not be doing any more business with Mac Mall.

Until today, I have only sent one thing back to Mac Mall and that was because the sales person sold me a redundant item that I did not need 2 of. Everything else that I bought worked better than anyone expected, including me.

Maybe you need to tell your sales people to do what Victor Karrass suggested in his book, The Art of Negotiating, “sit down, shut up and take the order.”

For the last time,

Eric C. Lamb

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