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Complaint Review: Lifekey Healthcare Boland Naturals - Cincinnati Ohio

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- New York, New York,

Lifekey Healthcare Boland Naturals
10877 Millington CT, Cincinnati, OH 345242 Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.
I ordered a three month supply of Mioplex. The claim Lifekey makes on their web page is that it will increase the amount and intensity of the "Ropes" you have will have during an orgasm. They claim you will start feeling the effects after taking Mioplex for a week to ten days. After taking this product for over a month, it was clear to me that MIOPLEX DOES NOT WORK!!!

On top the the fact that MIOPLEX NOT WORK, Lifekey sent me another order, three months later. I just got off the phone with a saleperson and was told that there is NO RETURN POLICY. Therefore, they shipped another order of their product, without explaining to me that they would do so. Meanwhile, MIOPLEX DOES NOT WORK! Now I will be paying for another three month supply of a product that DOES NOT WORK!! Do not be taken by their claims.


New York, New York

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Fight! This company is a scam. They have so many issues with refunds and their products not working.

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Tue, November 11, 2003

I have seen it first hand and the owner simply does not care. They are in it for the money! Trust me. They don't want you to know the exact auto ship program - that's why they don't tell you up front! Easy money made and hard for the consumer to get back. You don't even want to know how many phone calls a day they get for this issue. It's all insane. This company needs to be stopped! They keep changing their name and the products name - so beware.


Cancel Your Credit Card Or You'll Be Charged Again

#3Consumer Suggestion

Thu, October 23, 2003

You've just figured out that LifeKey, Boland, Mioplex, etc. etc. etc. are crooks right? Good. You lost about $70-$100. Not so good. Don't make it worse. THESE CROOKS HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW!!! Don't take their word that they won't charge you again, they will. Remember, they are crooks. It's simple to call your credit card company and report the card lost or stolen. You'll probably have a new card in less than a week. It's probably a good thing that Mioplex doesn't work though, cause can you imagine what would happen if "Kellie - Harrison, Ohio"'s "ropes" became longer when she 'ahem'. Sorry, bad visual. Of course Kellie is the same person who always lauds the Mioplex product, since she works for the company. Compare the incorrect punctuation and spelling with all her (or his) other posts on this site. It's getting old (yawn)


In regards to "The Reorder Rate Speaks For Itself"

#4Consumer Comment

Wed, October 22, 2003

I would just like to say in response to the company's claim that their reorder rate speaks for itself... Since every customer who orders the product is enrolled in an "autoship" program, it would stand to reason that they would have a very high reorder rate. Obviously EVERY customer is going to "reorder" when it is an automatic feature to the product. That is not a good defense for the quality or efficacy of your product. Beware of this company and any other companys related to this one.


mioplex works for me!

#5UPDATE Employee

Mon, March 17, 2003

i have been taking the mioplex for going on a little over a year now, i was placed on meds that killed my sex drive. When you are a woman the doctors dont have very many answers for you,when i started taking the product it was a god send for me and my husband.Not feeling good about yourself when it comes to that part of your life it can be damaging for both partners.That part of my life has been restored and givin back to me.I thank boland for giving me a solution to the problem that even doctors didnt seem to care about. If there are any women out there suffering from the same thing call them they have changed my life, maybe they will change yours.


Our reorder rate speaks for itself!

#6UPDATE Employee

Sun, March 16, 2003

I am an employee of Lifekey Healthcare. I disagree that the product does not work. I have spoken with thousands of customers, the product does work. Our reorder rate speaks for itself! However just as with any reputable product, it works for the majority of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. For example Tylenol does not cure all headaches, nor can you return it for a refund because it did not work for you. As for the autoship program, it is clearly stated in the brochure in large print and also on the website and even now the bottles themselves.The autoship program includes two bottles of Mioplex for 59.95 and free shipping and handling. That is under $30.00 a bottle. It is a bargin!

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