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Complaint Review: Les Schwab Tire Center - Monroe Washington

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Tue, November 07, 2000

Les Schwab Tire Center
Highway 2 between Kelsey and Lewis Monroe, 98272 Washington, U.S.A.
Auto Service Stations
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I have decided that this place has seen the last of my business. It is clear they are grossly mismanaged, overworked and run from the top down by investors and dictators. They always schedule more work than they can get done. Not once have I gone there to pick up my vehicle without listening to a bunch of feeble excuses and apologies for the work not being done. They are always in such a frenzy of activity that important details get overlooked.

examples: My upper control arm bolts left loose after an alignment, which I noticed after driving the car about 20 feet. Incorrect placement of 2 used,2 new tires and the spare, after explicit written instructions. Blue stuff left on whitewalls(ins't whitewall cleaning included with new tires?). I specifically asked for my deep cycle battery to be replaced, and they pulled out the main battery, used it for a stepping stone, and tried to install the deep cycle in its place. The difference is hard to miss if you have even a rudimentary knowledge of batteries, and in any case, I shouldn't have to explain it to them.

My Le Mans sitting in a bay for almost two weeks due to the unavailability of the correct wheel cylinders, which were in stock, in the correct bore size, at all three parts stores in town. Billing errors. Phone calls not returned. My mechanic's wife had to go to the hospital. The computer is down. The tires I want are back-ordered. They are too busy to install my studded tires, despite the appointment I made a week ago, because a shipment of tires just arrived.

The extra-loud ringer for the phone in the shop, which I can hear day and night from my house (presumably there to give the place a "busy" atmosphere).After nearly twenty years of this insanity and imbecility, I've had enough!

There is plenty of competition for my business out there, and that's where my money's going next time. And incidentally, has anyone ever seen a person of color working for Les Schwab? I have yet to see even one.

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Les Schwab has been ripping people off for thirty years and built an empire.

#2Consumer Suggestion

Sun, June 01, 2008

LS has been ripping people off for thirty years, and that's how they have been able to afford to open 400 stores in the Pacific North West!!! Everyones complaint about Les Schwab is legit. END OF STORY!!!! (i can list a million ways they screw you, even the educated customer) There is a reason why this company gets sued every 6 hours! The founder is rolling in his grave right now who died less than a year ago. Funny how the kids of the founder cant sleep at night any more, and want to sell the company! They are sick of making money off of innocent victims. Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, BFG, Uniroyal, Cooper, and Hankook all blow Toyo Tires out of the water in price and performance. (Toyos aren't bad tires, just over priced). AND PLEASE NEVER EVER BUY OHTSU tires, which is LS's economy tire. its the worst tire ever manufactured...end of story!


My thoughts after reading the complaint/rant

#3Consumer Comment

Thu, December 08, 2005

I am not a Les Schwab wife nor do I have any connection to the company. With over 400 stores throughout the Northwest of course there are going to be customers who are unhappy. The company has an overall reputation for dedicated, hard-working employees and I am sorry that not everyone has experienced the superior service that I regularly encounter at every single Les Schwab I have ever been to. I had the choice of purchasing tires for a couple of dollars less at Costco but instead opted to support my local Les Schwab. It's about loyalty, they have always treated me fairly and I am happy to pay a little extra for all the extras they provide. Also, I like supporting local business and hardworking employees who have earned my trust. There have been several times in my life that I have gone to get a flat repaired (even with the non-LS purchased tires that came on my Jeep) and the staff has always been incredibly professional and friendly in addition to fixing the flat for free. The remark that Les Schwab doesn't hire minorities is ridiculous; everyone has an equal opportunity to start at the bottom and work their way up. At many stores I have been to the employees have represented all different ethnicities and ages and on one occasion I was impressed watching a female sales and service employee out-run everyone. I feel that there are legitimate issues with any company and there is a correct way to resolve those and make improvements, but that in most of the instances listed on this website, the people complaining are simply bashing the Les Schwab Company and have made obviously misguided or untrue statements (ei. scheduled an appointment for tire service when Les Schwab doesn't do that). There are some who seem to be envious of the obvious success of the Les Schwab Company and these are clearly the minority who seem to look for issues. Everything I have ever heard from people about the service that they have received from Les Schwab (before encountering this website) has been extremely positive and none of the horror stories that I have read so far seem valid or to be of seriousness to bash an entire company. With so many managers and crews with different styles, of course there is going to be occasions when things aren't handled perfectly but I don't feel like it is a reflection of the company as a whole. Am I the only one to notice the apparent lack of education with many of the people posting complaints? How intelligent you must be to criticize and say Les Schwab sucks! All I have seen is bitterness, misspelled words and a whiny attitude from many without providing objective examples and complaints. I think that when there is a valid issue with a company this website could be a wonderful resource for consumers but that many people have not used it for everyone's benefit and instead it has become a gathering for whiners. If you don't like Les Schwab, don't shop there, it's your choice and one of the best things about being an American, but please don't attempt to spread lies and accuse the company of racism. As for me, I am going to continue to proudly support Les Schwab. If I weren't already committed to my chosen career, I might consider working there myself!


smells like an amway defense

#4REBUTTAL Individual responds

Fri, December 17, 2004

les schwab sucks, plain and simple. overbooking, how can any of these asswipes defend the actions of a company that refuses to respect a customers valueble time, most of the "victims" are sitting in a waiting room for hrs staring at the d**n tv with outdated magazines and a stupid popcorn maker...waiting for a mount and balance. my jeep sat on jacks for 2 hrs because les schwab refused to accept the fact that they were too busy to run to the other store ( 5 miles away) and get my tires.instead of saying why dont you go to the other store because we are too busy they lead me on saying it will be done in the next 15 min. i finally demanded they drop my jeep so i could leave... let me think..sit around wasting my time so i can then PAY you for wasting my time or go elsewhere i dont care what you "schwabbee" wives say you cant defend the "fake it till you make it" approach


Very Satisfied

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, December 13, 2004

I would just like to comment on the "Race Card" that I read about recently about LS and their hiring practices. I have been going to LS for several years to get my non-waranteed work on my cars and have been always satisfied with the service, the help, and the kindness given me by the mployees. Here in Othello, we are privileged to have a LS here in town. Recently I saw many employees of all colors working, black, hispanic, white, and asian. Who cares what they look like!! They are trained to give the best service possible and if they can't do the job, they will help you find someone who can. My hats off to LS and the employees. One quick success story---I had just purchased a previously owned Buick LaSabre. I had noticed that the front end was vibrating badly. I saw a LS, pulled in and asked to have someone check the tires. This fine young asian man, took all four tires off the car, checked the balance on the tires, even took the tires off the rim to check to see why one tire would not balance. They rebalanced all the tires, rotated the tires and told me that if I had anymore problems, come back to see them and they would make sure to solve the problem-----And never charged me a dime for about an hours work. I estimated that it should have cost me about $100.00. I have come back to LS from that time on and have yet to be disappointed. Way to go, LS!!!


A proud Schwabbie WOMAN!!

#6UPDATE Employee

Fri, October 08, 2004

I am a woman and work at Les Schwab, and have for now 7 years. Yes, I do work in the office, but I think that my job is pretty important keeping people like you as happy as we can. Every place of business gets busy, you must be one of those people that throw a fit in the grocery store line if there is 2 people in line! I am sorry to hear about the bad expierences you had at that store, but they are only human. Did you speak to one of the managers? I can't see them just sending you out of the store that upset that many times. If you were unsatisfied with a job, why did you continue on going back? Did you try another store? I know lots of times that something may go wrong in a job and push a schedule back. We do take in a lot of jobs, but is all to serve our customers, with out them we would not have a job! I think the others on here have done a good enough job telling you how you were wrong, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in about the Schwabbie wives. Those women have to be very supportive and understanding. Those guys work very long hours to be in managment. They go in very early to prepare for the day and stay into the night finishing up 6 days of the week which makes it very hard to spend times with their famalies. Les Schwab takes very good care of their employees and famalies with medical benefits, profit sharing, a yearly bonus, and the chance for advancment (just to name a few). Why wouldn't we all come to the defense of something we believe and depend on in so much? I think some of the things that were said about the skirts and wigs and also the racial comment is horrible. Just because there is no people of different races at that location doesn't mean anything-get a clue! Les Schwab hires anyone that is hard working, dedicated and has pride to be part of such a good team. I love when I go somewhere an I am recognized for being an employee of Les Schwab. I am proud and always will be to say that I work for LS! Keep complaining, but don't expect us Schwabies to back down!


STILL Proud To Be a Schwabbie Wife

#7Consumer Comment

Thu, October 07, 2004

I have previously posted a rebuttal on this issue and had to respond to the most recent posting directed at Les Schwab employees and their wives. People continue to amaze me with not only their ignorance, but their wild (and somewhat disturbing) imaginations and assumptions. I am, indeed, the wife of a Les Schwab Assistant Manager. As posted previously, my husband and I have been a part of the Les Schwab company for over 8 years. When you are part of something that is truly worthy of respect and that you are sincerely proud to be a part of, it is only natural to protect it's reputation against false or exaggerated slander. I don't understand why that is surprising? Do Les Schwab employees make mistakes? Do they miscommunicate? Do they have an occasional bad day? The reality is WE ALL DO. What sets Les Schwab apart is how they handle those things as they arise. The customer's service and safety is always top priority and they do all that they can to correct the situtation in a fair and timely manner. In any rare cases that that is not the intent and action of the employee, I guarantee you that appropriate action is taken. Les Schwab, himself, would accept no less. If you are seeking perfection, stop kidding yourself...you are the problem. Also, unless you know Les Schwab or fully understand what he has accomplished and believes in, I suggest you keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. After your posting I am more proud than ever to be a part of the Les Schwab company. All you have done is point out yet ANOTHER way that this company has succeeded where others have not. Les Schwab has employees who are extremely proud of who they are and what they do....and we aren't afraid to defend it. Thank you for noticing!


Idaho Falls,
Enough with the Schwabbie wives

#8Consumer Comment

Thu, October 07, 2004

The amount of Rip-Off reports regarding Les Schwab alone ought to say enough about this company, so I will only comment on the fact that I have seen more rebuttals come from from employee's wives that from employees themselves. I am almost sure that it is the very Les Schwabb himself writting this rebuttals while dressed in lingerie and stockings in his office. LOL I also saw an editor's comment in one of the Rip-Off reports mentioning how employees for this company submitted more rebuttals than any other company, maybe this "Schwabbie Wives" are simply those same employees hiding behind long skirts and wigs.


Here we go again...

#9Consumer Comment

Wed, May 07, 2003

As the wife of a Les Schwab Assistant Manager I cannot express how much these Les Schwab-bashing letters anger me. First of all, they are written by people who obviously have no clue how the company positions or policies work. "run from the top down by investors and dictators"??? You have got to be kidding me. Les Schwab has created one of the most unique and respectable forms of employee management you will ever find. Each store is ran by a long time, experienced Les Schwab employee who has worked very hard to earn the right to run his 'own' store. Of course, there are guidelines, policies and an overall commitment to the customers that he must abide by, but besides that he has the freedom to create his own present and future success. So, as you can see Les Schwab provides great freedom and opportunity to those that strive and earn it. It is in no way a dictatorship. Also, in 7 years with the company I have yet to even hear of "investors" influencing any aspect of the Les Schwab company! Les Schwab was built from the ground up by quite possibly the most intelligent businessman you could find. He, along with his close, carefully selected staff continue to be the biggest impact on it's great success. That team is the backbone to a long line of Managers, Assistant Managers and employees that work very hard on a daily basis to uphold the Les Schwab name. Their tremendous experience, intelligence and pride are what keeps the Les Schwab company going, not influencing "investors". Obviously, you need to read a copy of Les Schwabs book. You should learn how a company is built and ran before you condemn such. As far as the problems you've experienced with the company, some things are inevitable. #1 - The phone rings over the intercom in the alignment centers because there can't always be an employee sitting in the office waiting for it to ring. The loud ringer enables them to answer every call to avoid customers, like you, from complaining about their calls not being answered. #2 - The only time I have EVER seen blue left on white wall is if they are turned to the inside. If you are complaining about blue being on the INSIDE of your tires you need counseling. #3 - Is it possible that your tires weren't placed the way you asked them to be because it wasn't the safest or correct way to place them? You didn't mention how they were incorrectly placed. I'm not going to say that all of your complaints are untrue, however, they seem extreme. If you EVER have a problem with service or parts you should ask to speak with a member of that stores management. The company truly cares about it's customers and will do what is fair to correct the situation. If you just walk away mad you are just as much to blame. Also, if you knew that your specific part was at a local parts store why did you not tell them or go buy it? All companies have specific suppliers and they probably didn't know someone local had the part. Do you honestly think they WANTED your car sitting at their shop? What did they have to gain from that? Unless they were charging you daily fee for storage it just doesn't add up. One more thing...I know for a fact that the situation with your studded tires is NOT TRUE! Les Schwab DOES NOT make such appointments (they only make appointments in the alignment centers). Tire work is done on a first come, first served basis. So, it is very possible that they were too busy to get them done right that second, however, you did NOT have an appointment for that. Excuse them for having an abundance of loyal customers that keep them VERY busy. From the sounds of it, if you take your business elsewhere you may be doing your local Les Schwab a favor. It seem you're LOOKING for ways to put down a great company. So, good luck with the competitors, you'll soon find out just how great Les Schwab is.


Hey You

#10Consumer Comment

Fri, May 02, 2003

Number one: if it has always been a problem for so many years go somewhere else. Your one of thoes bitchy customers we wish we could all tell to go to hell. Number two: Les Schwab does not take appointments for tire service. It is first come first serve. During a snow rush we might stop taking work orders so we can go home before midnight. Sorry we bust our a*s to get everybody done. Number three: DO NOT EVER PLAY THE RACE CARD. I WORK WITH A BLACK AND TWO MEXICANS. GET A CLUE IDIOT.


Proud to be a Schwabbie

#11Consumer Comment

Tue, October 29, 2002

I'm a proud Schwabbie wife. My husband has been with the company for ten years now and plans on retiring with the company. When I tell people where my husband works at they always respond with nothing but positive comments. Like how hard the employees work, and how well they do their job. I thank Les Schwab for making the company that it is today. He gives employees the opportunity to grow with the company. How many other companies can say the same?


People are human..They make mistakes!

#12Consumer Comment

Wed, October 16, 2002

I have bought 3 sets of tires from LS and they are the only company I trust to do other work like turning rotors and repacking bearings. Now I wouldn't have them do axle work or complex jobs mainly cause I've never met an ASE certified mech at LS. Sure they've screwed up a couple times but they've always made good on the job. I ve even recieved free work because of mess ups. Keep in mind these guys probably earn between 10.00 and 12.00 an hr! I know how to and have done my own repairs but I can afford not to now (plus my back hurts too much!) So quit yer 'bitchin people!


Racial Card?

#13Consumer Comment

Fri, September 20, 2002

I am a customer of Les Schwab. I know many people that work at Les Schwab. And many of these people are of Hispanic Origin and African-American Origin. I also know a woman who Busts tires, who doesn't just sit behind the counter answering phones! I even know (from one of the workers) that one of the main lawyers for Les Schwab is an Africian-American. So, please, before you throw the racial card, do a little research. I am sorry you had a bad experience...I am sad for all the of the complaints. But you guys are the toothpicks of bad letters compared to the haystack of compliments and praises of letters that have come across the Les Schwab business. The "Pride in Performance" has left a lasting impression that les Schwab has built their reputation on. And that will, I am happy to inform you, be the #1 reason I am keeping my name on the "Happy Customer" list.


Sat, December 01, 2001


Sat, December 01, 2001


Sat, December 01, 2001

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