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Complaint Review: KRISTI TARBOX - Tupper Lake South Carolina

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- Tupper Lake, NY,

SLUTRUS Tupper Lake, 12986 South Carolina, U.S.A.
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Alright...I am writting to warn all men within a hundred mile radius of Tupper Lake...Kristi Tarbox is the biggest dirtyest nasty s*** I have ever met. She f**** ne thing that can walk and doesn't care what they look like as long as she get's their attention. If you are friends with her and you like someone she'll go after them. She thinks she's hot s*** and god's gift to men but what she doesn't get is that NO ONE WANTS HER NASTY DISEASED @$$! No one likes her and I hope that she sees this. Take it from me a piece of dog s*** is more valuable than her. Her mother thinks she's god's gift to this world to! F*** that! I was friends with her and she used me. She just wanted someone to be her friend cause she didn't have any. I made the worse decision in my life and I should of listened to one of my best friends (not mentioning any names) that I would get in lots of trouble with her in my presence. AND I DID! She convinced me to go to a party where she said we'd have fun...so I went along with it knowing that if I got caught I knew I'd be dead. (And I was) Kristi drank 1!!!!!Beer....come on now how many people do you know that would get drunk off of 1!! beer...not many! She ended up fighting me and I left...she's a s***** a** w**** and no one wants ne thing to do with her! F*** off w****! Kristi's ex best friend Tupper Lake, Georgia

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Fri, January 17, 2014

To be honest , the mentality of this "rant" is just silly. The fact that you can not speak a paragraph without using a cuss word ,  shows how classy you are. I am sure your parents are proud.


San Angelo,
Whole town fulla monkeys

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, July 12, 2002

Sounds like this town is just fulla monkeys, skanky & otherwise. Didn't I just see a Tupper Lake special on the Discovery Channel? Just out of curiosity, are Tupper Lakes's city limits enclosed by bars and electric fences? If not, they surely should be -- terminal vapidity seems to be running rampant in those parts. Say, what else does Kristi got besides tar in that box? On second thought, never mind. Us rednecks got nothing on you folks. JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY !!!!!


Lake Placid,
New York,
No Surprise

#4Consumer Comment

Thu, July 11, 2002

Has anyone seen the movie outbreaK. Where the diseased monkey gets lose in a town and soon people get the disease just from being in the same town. Kind of like Tupper Lake GIRLS. Why signal out just a couple of nasty little females who cant wait for an excuse to jump out of their clothes and onto anything errect when the town is full of them. You need only drive down the blvd after 6 pm to see them and guys you can leave your wallets at home because these girls arent smart enough to get paid for it, they give it away to anyone. Just make sure to pack ALOT of heavy duty condoms, the kind that even nuclear fall out cant get through and a can of disenfectant spray couldnt hurt. The stonger the better. There isnt enough bandwidth on the world wide web to list all their names so treat every skanky looking female the same...with GREAT CAUTION. After all Herpes is forever, STDs will make ya real sick, and AIDs will kill ya. And the grave yards are full of smart a$$ people who said "It can't happen to me" cuz it can and it will.

Chris & Kyle

Tupper Lake,
New York,
Kristi a skank?? HELLO Danille grow up...and realize you are the dirty whore

#5Consumer Comment

Tue, July 02, 2002

Ok, although you arent the brightest crayon in the box It isnt that hard to figure out who wrote that even if you are to much of a wuss to write your name!! Come on Danielle you should be the one to talk about Kristi being a gods gift to men, like you actually think any different about yourself. Why would you wear tight a*s clothing if you didn't want to get noticed by the guys too? I honestly wouldnt touch you if i was paid, I think you are the ugliest girl I have ever met and oh yea..that party, you were having fun..I know because I was there. And the only reason you and Kristi got in a fight was because you were acting like a retard. You either cry, or whine if something doesn't go your way, come on your how old, and in what grade? Sorry to break it to you, but your not in grade school anymore, and most guys don't like dirty sluts like you. They look for descent girls, and if they do like you it's because your considered easy. It's not something I would personally be proud about but hey, then again i'm not the dirty w***e now am i? I dont have a perception problem, im the nice one....you by nature are a loud, dirty, poor, cry a*s b***h. You need to get over the fact that your last name is FLETCHER and realize that you might be a gift to your parents but when it comes to friendships you are lacking many qualities. Oh and something I forgot I'm sure it didnt take too much convincing on Kristi's part to have you go to that party..Wearing the same clothes everyday looks cool too, do you do that to look funny, haha..no!! Success will never change you. You'll always be a b*****d. If I were you (which im not THANK GOD) I'd get your knees off the floor, you arent making anyone happy with you mouth...Oh and at the rate you give people blow J***, you should buy stock in birth contol, d**n would it be bad if a kid turned out to be like you. Chris & Kyle * At any time, you can date anyone you please. Trouble is, you can't please anyone.

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