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Complaint Review: Just Breaks - Arlington Texas

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- Arlington, TX,
Tue, September 05, 2000

Just Breaks
Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.
Auto Mechanics
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A copy of a letter written to Just Thieves (I meant Brakes)

I brought my wife's car into above mentioned shop on September 9th because she stated that the brakes began grinding the previous day. Later, I received a call at a little past 1 PM from

Tim who told me that both front disks and corresponding pads needed to be replaced.

I was told that with parts and labor the cost would be $332.77. Tim also said he was taking $30.00 off the cost due to the fact that when we dropped off the car, my wife asked if they had a discount for American Airline employees. we were told "no" at the time but when he called me back he said he was taking $30.00 off because his father works for American Airlines. I was not happy about the bill anyway, so I was happy to accept the discount.

Because I work nights and needed some sleep, I sent my wife to pick the car up around 5:30pm, Which by the way they never called us, my Wife called them at 5 to find out the car Was fixed.

In any case, because I was suspicious of the bill, I asked that

they keep the disks for me. When she got back my wife asked me if I had authorized a pad "upgrade" I told her, that she was sitting across from me when Tim called and knew that I did not. So I looked at the ticket and saw where they had charged $55.00 for a pad upgrade. I also noticed that on the ticket under"pads" and "rotors", that "left" was circled for both but under "rotor", another circle included "left" and "right".

I called the store and spoke to Tim, he told me he did explain that we need an upgrade, and that I specifically gave approval for it. I told him that was not true, and that I did not want to pay for something I did not want. He again told me I approved it, and that he spoke to "31 people that day and explained to all of them that they needed upgrades" (every person needs an upgrade?) I told him that I did not appriciate being called a liar.

He then said that he refused to speak to me anymore, and transferred me to someone named John. John stated that when Tim called me that he was sitting right next to him and he remembered specifically that he told me about the upgrade (does he specifically remember the other 31 people?) I could see the conversation was going nowhere so I disconnected the call. I then called and spoke to my credit card company about denying the charge, and then called the store again to inform them of my intentions.

At this point Tim transferred me to John again who told me that they would exchange the pads for me on September 5 (today), and take off the 55.00 charge. They were also going to take off the 30.00 discount.

I assume they're logic is that if I don't like being called a liar, I don't get a discount.

After the call, I went out to look at the rotors, one was visibly bad, the second one, I could see nor feel any flaws in. So this morning I took it to two different machine shops, And was given, in writing, that there was nothing wrong with the rotor.

At this point, I refuse to take the car back to the shop, to have the regular pads put back on. They have and I have proof of the fact that they lied to me, and robbed me. I am perfectly willing to pay for the work that was necessary, I would be will to take the car in and have the old rotor put back on and have the "upgraded pads" taken out, and "regular pads" put back in. And you can have it all back, but I refuse to take it back to that shop.

So as it turns out I was charged $85.00 for a rotor I did not need, $39.94 for pads I did not need, and $55.00 for an upgrade I did not want. The total $179.94 plus $15.75 in tax. And for this I receive a $30.00 discount.

So far, I have only spoken to my credit card company, but if I do not receive a timely, appropriate response, tomorrow I will begin investigating my legal recourses in this matter.

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Still no satisfaction


Sat, October 14, 2000

Just Breaks keeps telling me they will respond and they do nothing.

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