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Complaint Review: Indiana Business College - Indianapolis Indiana

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- Beech Grove, Indiana,
Tue, October 10, 2000

Indiana Business College
5460 Victory Drive Indianapolis, 46203 Indiana, U.S.A.
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I went to IBC for 2 1/2 years for one degree. I was suppose to finish with an A.A.S.D. in Medical Assistant and a Diploma in Medical Transcription. They said that I switched my major so much, that was why I still didn't have the degree. I did switch my major a few times, but It still shouldn't have taken that long.

I went on my externship for Transcription and I did 94 hours of 160 hours and they withdrew me from the extern. I did all of those hours but 9 trying to figure out how and what to do. I did not receive the proper training for this and I knew that. They offered me classes to audit, but I could not do those hours.

I called them back and told them and someone was suppose to call me back to set up something else. To my suprise, noone ever called back, which is the way they always do me.

I have had trouble getting the classes I needed to graduate. The director of education would tell me I would have certain classes the next quarter, but when that time would come, I was told otherwise.

I have taken out over 13,000 dollars in student loans and did not receive the training I needed. I did graduate October 31, 2000 with only one degree in M.A. I have trouble with them in different situations and I would not recommend their school to anyone. All they seem to be out for is money not the students best interest. I have had to be quite rude at times to get my point acrossed. Which should have not been needed. I have encountered alot of unpleasent treatment from the staff and I think something should be done before they rip off too many people.

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IBC is a complete RIP -OFF!!!!!!!!!!

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, September 23, 2008

I have a Rip Off Report on here also about IBC, and I just wanted to let you know I agree with everything you said in my report however, I left out the lack of knowledge from the instructors!! It was rediculous my nine year old daughter could have done a better job than some of the instructers they literally hired any john doe off of the street!!! I had one maybe two well qualified instructors out of the year and a half I was there!!! I was so scared to go out into the real world and perform what is expected by medical assistants because the training I received was horrible!!!!!!! And when you do bring anything to the front office people they do blow you off even if you team up with 5-7 classmates, they still find a way to brush everyone off!! Also on one of these reports IBC posted a rebuttal, and it is so funny to read it because they put things like it is up to the student to research, Man they wouldn't have nobody to enroll if people would researched them and talked to people who have graduated from IBC!!! I know I wish I would have, They make me so aggrevated!!! It is a joke!! A very expensive Joke!!!


I was a former student of the school as well! ..I should have known

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Sun, March 30, 2003

When I started there everything sounded good. Little did I know I would be scammed out of thousands of dollars. I was told everthing I wanted to hear so that they could get me in the door. I found out later that that nothing from their medical campus transfers into Ivy Tech or I.U.P.U.I. at all because you don't even have to have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. to go to school there. So that why their admissions test was soo easy! I should have known something was wrong with the school and if that's not enough when you call to file a complaint they laughed at me on the phone. I cried like a baby. I wish there was a way for me to get the word out about this school! When I saw this report I read it four times because I knew I wasn't the only person out there that had been told fraudulent things. Ohh and I don't see how these people can sleep at night knowing that they are essentially aiding and abedding a criminal that is stealing thousands if not millions of dollars from innocent people. Their admissions reps. have to meet a quota to work for the company or else they will get fired so that is more of an incentive for them to lie. Then before I had been there for less than three months they had fired at and rehired at least ten people. Ohh , then I was informed that they even called some of their past students back and asked them if they wanted to teach. Isn't that something and you have to be qualified to teach or else you are wasting your breathe because you don't know what the heck you are doing or teaching. Then for the teachers that were there they made them teach everything and there is no way that an "instructor", can know everything about every subject. You have to be specialized in that area! I am soo sorry that this happened to you too. Could you send me a rubbutal and tell me what happened in your case because I filed a complaint with the better business bureau, the "director" of the company and the commission on proprietary education within Indianapolis!

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