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Complaint Review: Great Lakes Circulation - Evergreen Colorado

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- Fort Collins, Colorado,

Great Lakes Circulation
29029 Upper Bear Creek R. Ste 202 Evergreen, 80439 Colorado, U.S.A.
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We were visited by this company 1st on April 24th by Gary

and then on April 27th by Paula. Gary said he was homeless, trying to get off the street. Paula said she was a homeschool student working on a scholarship. They were selling magazines. When Paula left, we saw her outside with Gary though he was supposedly from "American Community Services" and she was supposedly from "G.L.C., Inc." She said she

lived in the house behind us. She doesn't. A very sick

elderly man lives there alone.

Gary and Paula aren't homeless or homeschoolers. They're scamming and pretending to represent a charity to get people to buy magazines and pay the donation fee.

On April 27th at 2 p.m., we reported this scam operation

by Gary and Paula to the local Police Department.

We cancelled our checks. Our bank advised us to close

accounts and get new ones because of the potential for



Fort Collins, Colorado

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to all who have complaints.. consumer or ex- agents

#2UPDATE Employee

Sat, January 14, 2006

I have been with the owner of this co. from the age of 17 to present. ( yes I completed high school with a diploma). I was like your typical mag agent troubled and cocky. the owner helped me thru all of this and showed me a road to success. So to you ex-agents grow up you couldn't hack it so you left, and to the consumer,half the time, if you don't get a mag remember there is such thing as a dishonest agent.So use the same fingers that you typed your report with and dial the phone # on the back of your recept and I'm sure you'll find someone who is more than happy to assist you with your complaint, and to get the magazine you ordered. And to you jeff from ga. miss you buddy mike from ga.


Get your lie straight Chris from Englewood CO

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Mon, October 10, 2005

First off I am an ex-kid in a contest! I have won many cash award prizes and also a few trips in the Cash Award Contest. Also, I moved up the ladder to become a Manager for a while so I will just get your lie straight for you. 1st of all, Great Lakes Circulation gave you an opportunity to "get of of the street"so you would no longer be "homeless" or which is it ,you said you were homeless in the beginning of your lie, then at the end of your lie you said you "went from having a home to being homeless " So your credibility is not looking too good. 2nd of all,you said you were "so drugged up"? Well Great Lakes Circulation does not , in any way , promote the use of drugs and it is policy ,as a matter of FACT, that if you are or use any type of illegal drugs then you are immediately terminated and you give up your right to transportation back to your hiring area. You are a the difference in "homeless" and "trash" Chris from " who really knows "!!


This Mag Crew is DANGEROUS!!!

#4UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, August 24, 2005

I worked for Great Lakes Circulations in 1998. I was "hired" in Chattanooga, TN. At the time I was 17... They promised me that I would travel the US, live in motels, party all night, and make GREAT money! BULL!!!!!! I was good at selling these subscriptions because at the time I had no alternative... no place to live, no money... They would make us wake up at 7am, eat breakfast, have a PMA meeting, and then sell magazines door to door for about 12 hours. If at lunch time you hadn't sold any scripts, you didn't eat. If at the end of the day you didn't sell any, then yo ugot publicly humiliated by the boss (BRENT MILLER) and he gave you 5 bucks for food. What can you buy with 5 bucks? They kept us so drugged up (Acid, opium, weed, crystal meth, booze, ectasy, peyote, the list goes on and on)that we couldn't think straight. Then they put boys * girls in the same motel rooms to share beds. ( I say boys and girls b/c most of us were under 20)I finally had enough and talked a couple (6) other people to quit with me... What did they do? Did they send us home like they told us they would? Did they give us money for a bus ticket? NO!!! They left us HOMELESS in Denver, Co with no money, no clothes (b/c they kept everything we had), and no way to get home. Me and Keith Peterson (Amarillo, TX), Joe (Detroit, MI), Chris Jackson (St. Lous, MO), Justen Pease (Trinidad, CO), Nicole (Pueblo, CO) were all left homeless, hungry, and scared. I was oldest at 17! We did what we had to do to get by, and I am still in Denver. I went from having a home to being homeless over night because of this company. (I wslept in Civic Center Park for 3 months) Not to mention that the money Brent had been sasving for me on my "Books" never got paid to me, and last I checked he owed me well over $1000. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! IT"S A SCAM! I sent my mother 4 subscriptions and she has still to this day waiting to receive one! I feel sorry for the people that work on this crew. Make you make it home safe, alive, and in one piece!


Well said

#5UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sun, August 08, 2004

Well said if not well spelled Tim.....This is a legit contest for these kids. Over-priced?....I know we never lied that way...we said cheaper than newsstand prices not subscription prices. Use common sence when helping these kids....use you better judgement


you got slaped

#6UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sun, July 11, 2004

the way it works is every kid has a different sales pitch the contest is real kids do when the $1000 and the trip myself and my wife won the trip. sales is all in monipolation really know one wants to buy mags thay buy them to help a kid in contest really its a contest of life for the kids strenght courage and dedecation to learn and grow as a young adult in the world

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