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Complaint Review: GE Capital Retail Bank - Kettering Ohio

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Carolinaj - San Antonio, Texas,

GE Capital Retail Bank
950 Forrer Blvd Kettering, 45420 Ohio, USA
800 250-5411
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March 18, 2014 - GE Capital added a deceptive and excessive interest charge for $1229.17 in January 2014. Refuse to remove the charge. I noticed my account balance increased so I checked statements. In Jan 2014, $1229.17 interest was added to account ending in 8021. I called C/S and was yelled at and told I should have been reviewing my statements and that it is my fault that excessive charge is still there. After talking to two people there I cancelled the card and am now in process of filing complaints with all authorities about GE's deceptive and illegal practices.

Repsonse from GE Capital on April 1st via BBB- no refund of deceptive interest due to the fact I actually charged and used my credit card. 

My response back:  Yes, I used my credit card that's what it is for, but I didn't sign up for any scam or promotional deal that would cost me $1229.17 in interest and this is not a license to gouge me.  I also responded back, since I've learned of GE Captial's scam, that the Consuer Financial Bureau along with a few other agencies have ordered GE to refund the money they've scammed tfrom heir customers.  I also asked GE Capital Retail to send me the signed promotion that I supposedly I engaged in because I was NOT aware of any promotion.


Actual Order:files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201312_cfpb_consent-order_ge-carecredit.pdf

i have since filed a complain with confumser Finance as well as the Attorney General.  If you've been scammed by GE Capital please let consumer Affairs know:  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at consumerfinance.gov.

To date, no refund.  I refuse to pay the gouge.  I will pay what I owe, but since receiving ill treatement from the manager of C/S, then the respondent to my BBB Complaint, I do not plan to pay one cent more than I charged for the service.  Consumer;s cannot allow themselves to be exploited.

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San Antonio,
GE, have some respect, please...

#2Author of original report

Fri, May 09, 2014

Let the truth speak for itself - the US Government imposed fines for your 'untruth' in lending practices.  Stop embarassing yourself, please, GE.

"There are about 4 million active CareCredit cardholders; it is the largest issuer of consumer health-care financing in the U.S. Consumers who are owed a refund will be contacted by either the CFPB or GE Capital Retail Bank.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found some consumers were not being given adequate explanation of the terms of the card because they were offered by poorly trained doctor offices staff rather than official representatives of CareCredit.

The CFPB also said some consumers did not receive copies of the actual CareCredit agreements and instead had to rely only on the oral explanations given by the service provider or office staff."


$34M Refund For 1M Credit Card Customers Using GE Capital's CareCredit




It's not my fault I didn't read my statement...

Read your statements...

#3UPDATE Employee

Wed, May 07, 2014

How is it excessive and deceptive when it is clearly stated on every monthly statement(by law) sent to you what the promotional expiration date is, and how much deferred interest will be charged if the promotion is not paid in full by the expiration date?  If you were paying attention to your statements, or even reading them, you'd have known exactly what was going on.


You state that yes, you used your card, but you were not aware of the promotional terms that were given to you by the provider when you signed the receipt?  Not sure about you, but I never agree to anything without knowing the details of the contract.  Don't blame GE for your lack of oversight or understanding.


San Antonio,
First Response from GE Capital via BBB

#4Author of original report

Fri, April 11, 2014

GE denied all accountability and denied my request for full credit of the $1229.17

I rebutted with a link to the PDF of the Court Order mandated by Consumer Financial Affairs Bureau that orders GE Capital refund $34.9 Million dollars to the consumers for deceptive and fraudulent credit card practices.

I received a notice from Consumer Financial Affairs, but am not able to read it due to no password and no sign up allowed.  Not sure what the response from GE was to Consumer Affairs, but I have a good idea that it wasn't pleasing for GE since the BBB, a week later, notified me I had another response from GE.


Today, the response from GE Capital indicated I have been refunded 1229.17 and they are working with the Consumer Affairs to better educate this/that blah b.s.  In other words, they were busted again. 

The letter states consumers can file for refunds from being gouged up until 04/30/2014.  if GE Capital has charged you fraudently and excessive interest rates - now is the time to file the complaint to Consumer Financial Affairs government office as well as the BBB.

Thanks for this site!

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