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Complaint Review: Flashcast Kids - Universal City California

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- Van Nuys, CA,
Sat, April 01, 2000

Flashcast Kids
3575 Cahuenga Blvd. W, Ground Floor Universal City, 90068 California, U.S.A.
Employment Services
Tell us has your experience with this business or person been good? What's this?
Be aware of agencies that say they will get your baby or child into acting. Back in Janaury of this year, we went to Flashcast Kids for an audition for our then 7 month old daughter. They have all the parents sit in a room and a lady selects the children she wants to stay. They then asked us to leave a picture of the baby and someone would be reviewing the file and we were to call back later that afternoon to find out if they wanted to use her.

When I called back, I was told that my husband and me had to go back to the office to meet with the President of the company. When we got there we waited to meet with him. He sat us down and explained that they wanted to "advertise" our daughter and needed money from us to do so. They wanted $825 for a two year contract.

We wanted to think about it and were told it was that night only and no cooling off period. We discussed it in the office and after being told that our baby is very cute and that she will most likely get some work, we paid the money. We were told to get a work permit for her, which I did the next business day and faxed it to them.

We had to give them a lot of pictures of her and they were to forward them to different companies. We were also told that once a month we had to turn in 20 pictures of her along with a $20 processing fee. They will only give us status once a month and only the name of the company, not the location, what it was for, nothing. When I asked them to give the name of the companies to me in writing, they will not respond to me.

I then talked to a casting director and was told that any company that asks for money up front is probably a scam. If somebody really wants to use our daughter, they will sign her up, get her work and then collect commission from her pay, that's it. We have yet to receive a call for our daughter to go on any auditions and were told that we can not get a refund or take the company to small claims. All of our complaints have to go through the Better Business Bureau arbitration department.

I don't want other parents to fall for this. Please be very careful.


Van Nuys, CA

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I was also scammed

#2Consumer Comment

Thu, December 07, 2006

I was also scammed. I paid $1500.00 almost a year ago and have only had one casting call that wasn't even for babies!... By the way, my baby is GORGEOUS!.. But, I have no hard feelings.. I signed the contract knowing there were no guarantees... I just feel sad because he seemed like a nice guy.. maybe I'm too naive and trustworthy.. I will just view it as a lesson learned.


Finding an agent

#3Consumer Comment

Wed, November 15, 2006

dear parents, you dont need to pay somebody to refer you to an agent. Please go to screen actors website or the aftra. they will have all the licensed agents lists on your area. all you need to do, is to call them and ask if they take kids or babies., if they do they will ask you to submit your kid's picture if they like your kid they will schedule an interview with you and sign a contract. Dont pay someone because they will refer you to an agent, totally ridicolous, agents name and address are easily accessed. i called 4 agents from the lists they all work with kids, and they want to sign my baby without paying anybody.


Los Angeles,
So, Linda's a psychologist?

#4Consumer Comment

Wed, October 08, 2003

And where did you get your copy of the DSM-IV-TR, Linda (or did you get your advance copy of the DSM-V)? So, I'm crazy and you're banging your boss, Carl? How do you figure? If you are deperate enough to hump Carl you must have more than a screw loose, if you know what I mean, Honey.

P.S. Does your husband know you're a s**t with absolutely no taste? (Your children must be very proud! But at least boffing the boss get them work.)

P.P.S. How many months did you have to bang Carl so your kid could land two gigs?


West Lake Village,

#5Consumer Comment

Thu, September 25, 2003

Hi Rob-

We do not know why you are "bashing" Flashcast Kids! My husband and I have been very happy with them. I tryed getting an agent for my baby for months and I couldn't. I signed up with them and my baby has already landed two jobs. To all parents out there...Flashcast is a great company! This guy Rob seems to be a bit crazy, based on what I read.

Sorry Rob,

Linda In Westlake Village
"proud supporter of Flashcast Kids"


Los Angeles,
THE JURY IS IN: Carl Carranza is a liar and a racketeer!

#6Consumer Comment

Wed, September 24, 2003

Dear Carl "the sphyncter" Carranza,

Hey jackass! A quick check of the Internet showed that you were in fact CONVICTED OF 10 COUNTS FRAUD! Here is a direct quote from the Better Business Bureau website. I should point out that this information has disappeared from their website, but I have archived the information! We ALL know how litigious you are so the best guess is that you threaten to sue them and they probably
caved, as usual. Right?

For the record, This is what the BBB said about you:

"On December 18, 2001, we were advised by the company that they would no longer respond to the complaints presented by the

On July 24, 2001, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed a 14 count misdemeanor action against the company and its principal, Carl Carranza. The complaint alleged in part, that the defendants made misleading statements in print ads, verbally, and on their website.

On May 17, 2002, Flashcast, and its principal, Carl Carranza, were convicted of 10 counts of using false and misleading advertising in violation of the California Business & Professions code. The company and Mr. Carranza were placed on probation for 36 months and ordered to pay a fine of $4,050.00. They were also ordered to include a statement listing any fees charged, including monthly fees, in all of their advertisements. Anyone seeing an ad that does not contain the fee information is asked to contact Mark Lambert, Deputy City Attorney at (213) 485-4515."

As ALL can see, you are still up to your old tricks is and until this handled criminally there is no stopping you from being dishonest.

I guess Mark Lambert is the only person in California with the stones to enforce the laws already on the books. Mark, any thought to prosecuting this piece of fecal matter for violating California's Advance-Fee statute?

Carly, your entire argument is wholly unfounded. Just for starters, just because you may have "satisfied" customers does not make you legitimate. I'm sure pimps and drug dealers have lots of "satisfied" customers.

Oh, and one last thing; I'm not a competitor. I'm your worst nightmare. I will not rest until you are out of business. I cannot stand people who prey on the dreams of others. You steal more than money, you rob people of their future.

Have a great day, pondscum!

You call us a "scam". You are obviously CLUELESS.


Wed, January 23, 2002

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their name: Mr. Carl Carranza

Their relationship to the company: Owner

Dear Complaint (or who knows, possibly "competitor"):
First and foremost, we are NOT an agency. We are an advertising service that specializes in infants and children! We have been in business since 1988, and have HUNDREDS of clients who have received auditions and/or bookings through the talent agents we work with. As I said, we are NOT a talent agency. If you were, in fact, a real client of our service, you would already know that! Wouldn't you? We advertise children on a monthly
basis, and NO, we don't do it for FREE. I used to be an agent (licensed) myself.

It is almost impossible for a new baby to procure an agent. Most agents generally don't even take children under (4) years of age.
Something else I guess you didn't know. Client's enlisted on our service have recently appeared on advertisements for: THE GAP, BABY GAP, KODAK, STRIDE RITE BABY SHOES, ROBINSON'S/ MAY, MARSHALL'S, THE X'FILES TV SHOW, VERIZON, IKEA, COCA-COLA, JCPENNEY, M&M'S CANDIES, JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!!!!!

You call us a "scam". You are obviously CLUELESS.
If you are, in fact, a legtimate client, please contact me at my e-mail. I will probably find that you sent in pix's for a few months, if that, and gave up because YOUR baby didn't become a STAR as quickly as YOU thought. We simply advertise children. We DO NOT contact you for the auditions, book the jobs, negotiate, etc., etc. THAT'S WHAT A TALENT AGENT DOES!!!!!

OUR services are rendered whether or not you receive employment or inquiries. The allegation that your child never received a call does NOT constitute you referring to us as a "scam". Like I said, I do not even beleive you are a real client.

I think you are a so called "competitor" attempting to intervere with our business. IT DIDN'T WORK. I would love to hear from you
to discuss the matter further.

probably won't hear from you, but felt compelled to response to your ridiculous and meritless complaint. Please contact me. I will forward you copies of several letters from "satisfied" clients.

Thank you for listening.

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