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Complaint Review: First National Bank Brookings SD Midwest card services and JC Christensen & Associates Inc. - Brookings South Dakota

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- Jasper, AL,

First National Bank Brookings SD Midwest card services and JC Christensen & Associates Inc.
780 22nd Avenue South Brookings, 57006 South Dakota, U.S.A.
I applied for a VISA card and nowhere on the website at that time did they have anything posted about a $199.00 "Processing Fee" or an "Account Setup Fee" of $149.00. In addition they also bill a $5.00 "Monthly Fee." We have called this "Company" many times to complain and have disputed the charges. I paid 2 seperate payments of $60.00 for a credit card that I assume I would receive about the time they stop printing money. Today is July 17, 2000; one year and one month after their first bogus billing and I received the following letter from their cohorts (JC Christensen & Associates PO Box 519, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 1-800-711-0451): "We wanted to let you know that you are eligible for a settlement offer to clear up this debt. Your outstanding balance is $544.84 but we will accept 65% (Percent) of this balance as a settlement in full of our account." WHAT DEBT? I never charged anything and I sure as hell never authorized these idiots to charge me for once having a student loan I couldn't repay on time! Let's see: $120.00 sent to them due to my stupidity, A balance due according to them of $544.84. That's $664.84 for what? Oh, before I forget, they set the initial credit limit at $400.00 and you are then billed for $353.00 which includes the $5.00 monthly fee in advance. If you fail to pay this they then add a $20.00 "Late Fee" and a $20.00 Overlimit Fee." Also, on 9/1/99 they listed a "*FINANCE CHARGE* PURCHASES of $6.31 and this has been about the same amount each month since. My husband talked today with a MS. Marsha Spring at JC Christensen and she said that if I would pay $364.15 they would report the entire amount paid! Otherwise it will "continue to affect your credit for the next seven years." Is this the way to do business?

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What About The Phone Calls

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, December 16, 2006

I don't owe a collection agency anything but this one J.C. Christensen & Associates keeps calling for a person whom had the phone number I have now. I have told them this person no longer has this number and to please stop calling but they refuse this company has to have some kind of rules to follow besides harrasing innocent people just because we had the unfortunate luck to get the person they are looking forold phone number if it even was there number to begin with. Does anyone know of a way to get this Drew Parker the name he uses when leaving mesages or anybody else that may call from this company to stop calling? Thanks


Sauk Rapids,
factual Information

#3UPDATE Employee

Sat, July 03, 2004

It's funny how because we are the collection agency for this creditor, that it would be seen as our fault for the debtors mistakes. First and foremost before applying for anything and accepting it is the responsibilty of that party to read all the information before accepting the terms. JC Christiansen & Associates does not hand out credit cards, mail credit card applications, or for that matter sign peoples names to the credit cards. We simply collect on the bad debts that are turned over to our office by the clients. This person accepted the credit card, used the credit card and now is responsible for the terms and conditions of the credit card. If indeed FNB Brookings did not disclose all information on the web site then your complaint is with them, not with our office. As far as being offered a settlement, that is not something we offer on a daily basis. We get approval from our clients to offer it to those in need due to a hardship, instead of being angry at being offered a settlement, you should be thankful that it was offered to you as a way for the mistake you made to be resolved.


Credit card scam nothing to do with J.C.Christensen and Associates

#4UPDATE Employee

Sun, January 25, 2004

In response to this incredibly insane complaint, maybe you should accept responsibility for neglecting to check into the credit card you were applying for. As an employee of J.C. Christensen and Associates I hear debtors complain that it is our fault, when it is not. It is the consumers fault for not reading the terms and conditions or failing to check into the card before applying. Why should the hired collection agency take the blame for someone's irresponsibility? As for Marsha, tell it like it is sister! She was just explaining to you what your future could hold, because obviously someone needs to explain things to you!

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