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Complaint Review: First Data - Atlanta Georgia

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BankersAreParasites - Montgomery, Alabama,

First Data
5565 Glenridge Connector NE, Suite 2000 Atlanta, 30342 Georgia, USA
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I'm a contract worker who earns pretty decent pay. I recently finished a one year contract, was unemployed and looking for three months, then landed another one year job in another state. It was the second day after I arrived at my new home that my troubles with ADP/First data, and their Totalpay debit card began.

Now, the card says "ADP TotalPay Card", but I think First Data corp is the actual company. Written on the card is the statement that "this card is owned by MetaBank" and also "visit us at www.moneynetwork.com". That website is owned by First Data corp. So while I cannot be certain exactly who I'm dealing with, I can say with conviction that  whoever they are, they are heartless, conniving liars.

For reasons that they still have not explained to my understanding, they decided to freeze my debit card account the second day after my arrival in this a new state. When I called them and asked them why, first they said it was because my former employer (who's also my "new" employer, they're a staffing agency who got me the last two jobs) had not made a deposit into my account for three months. Why a deposit is necessary for me to have access to my hard earned wages was not made clear. Then another day they said it was because they could not verify my identity.

Now, with most credit (not debit) cards, simply giving your name, DOB, and SSN over the phone is sufficient to identify yourself. Not with these guys. They told me I would have to fax them a request to unlock my account along with a copy of my ID (driver's license and SSN card). I was, allright, fine, and faxed it to the number they provided.

The next day my account was still frozen. I called to ask why, and they said they never received my fax - even though I had a copy of the fax transmission and it was successful. In other words, they were lying. There seems to be a HUGE DISCONNECTION between their Customer Service and their Compliance departments, the latter being the kind folks who froze my account. The customer rep I talked to even surmised that they might have TORN UP MY PAPERWORK - because my card number was not written or displayed along with my ID.  THEY NEVER TOLD ME TO INCLUDE MY CARD NUMBER. So, fine, I re-faxed my request, ID, and wrote my card number on the fax cover sheet, the request letter, and I even scanned my card & sent that in as well. 

Day 3 - and my account was still frozen. I called them. I was told that the paperwork I sent in was insufficient. They wanted my last two paystubs also. SOMETHING YET AGAIN THEY FAILED TO MENTION THE PREVIOUS DAY. As I could only get my paystubs from a website, and I didn't have access to the internet at the time, I called my employer. My employer faxed them a copy of my paystubs, making sure to write my card number on the fax as well.

Day 4 - still no access to my money. I called them. I was told that, yes, they received the faxed paystubs - BUT DIDN'T HAVE THE REST OF MY PAPERWORK. Paperwork I send them the day before. That I have a fax tranmission sheet that says it was received. They "lost" my paperwork yet again. They suggested that I email them all my paperwork instead of faxing it. By this time I managed to get on the internet, and I sent them request along with all my paperwork. 

Since this was done on a Friday, of course, it's not being tended to by their Compliance - it's business hours only. They tell you takes only 24-48 hours to unlock a debit account (while most banks & credit card agencies, you can do it with a simple phone call) - DON'T BELIEVE THEM!

It's been SIX DAYS now. I am nearly out of money. I've been living the past week on plain bread & baloney sandwiches for five days, but that's almost gone too. I'm going to have to ask my family for help, or go get food stamps - for two weeks, ha, since I start my new job in a week (and won't get paid until the following week). I have movers showing up at the beginning of next month, expecting to be paid. I have to pay rent then also. Not to mention I am nearly out of food, money, gas, you name it.

I am far, far beyond having lost my patience with these guys - ADP, First Data, whomever they are. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but since these folks are not accredited, they likely don't care (last I saw they had over 1000 complaints about this ADP debit card). I'm wondering if I should find a lawyer, whether one could help me.

My advice to anyone who's offered a ADP TotalPay card - REFUSE AND RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

FYI - It looks like they're going to change the name of the card from "TotalPay" to "Inline" - DON'T BE FOOLED, it'll be ran by the same bunch of parasites and jackals that already have over a thousand complaints lodged against them.

As soon as I can access my account I'm withdrawing it all and never giving these stinkers a dime of my money, never again. I hate bankers and their ilk, and it kills me to have to get a checking account, but it seems like, in lieu of mattress stuffing (tempting!) I have to.



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Fri, October 02, 2015



This phrasing in your complaint:

"Since this was done on a Friday, of course, it's not being tended to by their Compliance - it's business hours only. They tell you takes only 24-48 hours to unlock a debit account (while most banks & credit card agencies, you can do it with a simple phone call) - DON'T BELIEVE THEM!"

Leads me to ask...


Why not just get a bank account. Even if you don't have direct deposits going in, the most that would happen is, you'd get charged a fee. The account wouldn't close or be frozen unless you have outstanding over-drafts or being put on "check systems". The account would remain open as long as funds are in it.


I have an account that I closed a week and a 1/2 ago and it still open even though i don't use it much.


I wish you the best of luck dealing with these "termites".


Have a good day!

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