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Complaint Review: Eckerd Pharmacy - Irving Texas

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- Irving, TX,
Thu, August 03, 2000

Eckerd Pharmacy
Rochell location and Story Rd location Irving, 75062 Texas, U.S.A.
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Below is a letter that I have sent to Eckerd via the internet. - - Let's see if anything is done about it.

Let me go on the record by stating that I will never, NEVER step foot into another Eckerd for as long as I live. I am extremely fed up with the way that your pharmacys are run it isn't even funny. I think that the ironic thing is that the drugs that I am waiting for is to control my blood pressure and it is YOUR company that makes it go through the roof!!

You must take GREAT PRIDE in teaching all of your associates how NOT to conduct business. NEVER have I seen such a group of UNPROFESSIONAL people as I have at your Eckerd stores. I have even given you the benefit of the doubt by switching from one store to another store. Guess what?....It is even worse there!!! I guess that you have to keep things uniform from store to store.

This past June I went to your store on the corner of Rochell and O'Connor in Irving, Texas. The wait for the prescription was well over 1/2 hour even though there was no one before me waiting. The people behind the counter DID seem to have enough time for fun and laughs amongst themselves. You guys truly could have cut my time in half by concentrating on work instead of the jokes. The very next month I went to have my prescription filled again at the same store and once again I was told that it would be about twenty minutes or so. Forty minutes later I am still waiting. I did NOT move from the spot that I was in. I was witness to customers drop off their prescriptions AFTER me and yet leave BEFORE me!!!

How could you possibly explain that to me? I finally questioned the clerk behind the counter and she looked for the paperwork and couldn't find it. After a little more checking they found it stuck in another basket with another persons perscription. I waited for forty minutes at the counter before anyone even bothered to look. To be honest with you, this was this past July and I swear that I would still be standing there if I hadn't asked myself. I was totally invisable to your associates. Once again I feel the need to remind you that I am waiting for blood pressure medicine!! There was no regret for my additional wait. - - The pharmasist acted like it was no big deal at all. I guess that it wasn't to him....It WASN' T his time that was wasted!! How you you feel if this had happened to you?

Today I decided to try another Eckerd since the one closer to my house is NOT worthy of my business. This was the ULTIMATE mistake!!! From the time that I walked to the back to drop off my paperwork I knew that I was in for a real treat. The clerk that took my paperwork was RUDE beyond belief and she make me feel like I was a bother to her. Aren't I the reason that she even has a job?!?! She asked me to fill out a slip with my name, phone number, etc. I explained to her that although I had never been in HER Eckerds I DID have prescriptions filled at another Eckerds.

With a loveley sounding "humph" in her voice and a slight roll in her eyes she explained that all Eckerds are different and that I would have to fill out her little form. She then stated that I must be thinking of Wallgreens where they have links from store to store.

To be honest with you I was NOT thinking of Wallgreens but you can deffinately thank her for me for the idea. Anyway, she stated that it would be approx. twenty minutes before the order is filled. My next question to you is what is "Approximately 20 minutes" to you? I think that it can range anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Mind you....This is MY opinion only....I am curious as to what you think it is. Fifty minutes later (THIRTY MINUTES AFTER THE "APPROXIMATE" TIME) I had to ask when my order would be ready. Let me state the blood pressure once agian. The clerk told me that it shouldn't be too much longer. The pharmasist is almost to my order. Within the next few minutes the order ready. Finally someone told the truth. This is where things kind of go crazy on my end. The more I thought about the things that had just happened to me at this store (Story and HWY 183), and at the Rochell location I had decided that even though the order was ready you guys did NOT desreve the business. I asked for the perscription back and told them to keep the pills. Now it is a matter of principal.

Your company has wasted SO much of my time in a mere three visites to your stores. I vow that you will NEVER waste another minute of my time because I will NEVER step foot into another Eckerd and I will tell all of my friends and family about the "crap for service" that Eckerd offers.

I also intend to voice my opinion on any internet sounding board that will have me. I am sorry that it has come to this but I feel very strongly about customer service and your company does NOTHING to adhere to the ads that you have on TV and the radio. Maybe you should change the ads so that they say something like: "We don't really care about you, your time, or your issues.....If you don't like it....Tough!!!" Wow....Look at me!...I just wrote my first TV/Radio ad!!

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North Carolina,
working in a pharmacy is no piece of cake

#2UPDATE Employee

Tue, March 23, 2004

As a Eckerds Employee. I can tell you that working in a pharmacy is no piece of cake. Our pharmacist who are over worked. Rarely ever get a break. They can barely step away from the drop off section to check the prescriptions. Before someone else comes in with one. On a Monday morning I have recently witnessed. At least 100 to 150 precription refills phoned in overnight. Isn't that a lovely thing to look forward to at 8 am. Just because you didn't see anyone in front of you doesn't mean that you are the only person in your town who needs to be waited on at that moment. As per your blood pressure. I suggest after leaving your precription at the drop off window. Leaving the store and coming back later. This may help your blood pressure some. As you are not waiting for something and getting madder and madder at the minute because it's not ready yet. The pharmacist and employees are probably laughing, because sometimes we need to step out of the pressure if even for a second. I have witnessed people screaming at me and threatening a co-worker. It's not wonder that employees are hard to come by. Who wants to subject themselves to this abuse day after day??? In conclusion, I also think you should think about the poor pharmacist who barely gets time to sit down for 5 seconds and whom most work 12 hour shifts at a time. It may not be your problem. But, at least put your self in their shoes before you judge them or their company!


New York,
It's not Eckerds... but all chains

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Fri, January 31, 2003

As a pharmacist who has worked for 4 major chain drug stores (Eckerd's 2 years ago) and two independently owned "Mom and Pop" pharmacies. Please, allow me comment on a few things and offer some suggestions. 1) The Eckerd corp. itself has very little to do The problems you have described. This WILL happen at ALL chains (CVS, Walgreens etc.) The problem lies with a national shortage of pharmacists and very high volume of prescriptions and most importantly the individuals working on that particular day. 2) ALL the chains pay their technicians just above minimum wage. Because most states don't recognize techs as anything more than unlicensed personnel the "help" often becomes retirees and high school kids. 3) Retail pharmacies are open from 8:30am-8:30pm. The average has 1 pharmacist for that entire shift. In that 12 hours 200-250 prescriptions will be done. That's 3.2 minutes per prescription to be... entered into the computer, checked for drug interactions, MD called for any errors. Then the prescription is verified via modem that the Insurance company will pay for the med. A label must be printed and placed on the bottle, the correct drug pulled off shelf, drug counted by by a pharmacy tech, the drug now in the bottle given a final check by the lone pharmacist. Long story short, if during any one of these stages something held up or the insurance will not go through you wait longer. Also Just because there are no people in the store right dosen't put you at the head of the line. You didn't see the person 1/2 hr before you with 12 prescriptions or the the 2 inch pile of prescriptions faxed in and due NOW. The average pharmacist and techs work at a break-neck pace all day, If their laughing and talking they are probably waiting for your insurance company to get back to them. Incidentally, I hope your pharmacist no matter where he/she works is NOT giving you good CUSTOMER service... He or she took an oath to provide you with the best "patient care" possible. I'd rather all my patients go away from the counter fully informed and with the correct and best choice medication for their disease VS Getting them home as quickly as I can. You change pharmacies all you want, the wait, the service will be about the same. My suggestions for faster service... 1) CALL your refill in wherever with the correct RX number 24 hours ahead (it'll be done when you get there) 2) For new prescriptions make sure your MD has your correct information on the prescription. 3) Carry insurance card WITH YOU. Get your prescriptions filled at a grocery store/pharmacy and shop while you wait the 50 minutes. 5)If you want a little more 1 on 1 attention go to an independent pharmacy, but expect to pay 40-50% more for meds and wait a little longer. While I completely understand your frustrations...having very little patience myself. I also take offense, since this whole scenario offered is a very common and unavoidable one. Frankly, a pharmacy is not a McDonalds. Yet, most in our profession work our asses off to make it as fast as possible for you no matter where our paychecks come from or what our name badge emblem is. Besides do you really...really want your blood pressure meds faster? Knowing that there are about 100 things that could kill you on the same shelves as your pills? And the next time you see your pharmacist Why not ask him what HIS blood pressure is running these days? Or perhaps the last time he got a lunch break?


Eckerds is the worst!

#4Consumer Suggestion

Sun, March 24, 2002

I am a pharmacy technician. I've only been in pharmacy for a few years, but know their reputation. Eckerd's is often a joke among real pharmacies. They are money driven. I've heard that they hire inexperienced people to save money on their payroll. Some of their employees aren't even certified and may be only making minimum wage. Which, to me, is the same as a fast food drive through employee with no experience. I thought this was well known everywhere. I, as a technician, am sorry that you were given such poor service. I wish they would quit giving pharmacies a bad reputation. There are so many other places you could go. There are many great pharmacists and technicians that remember that your well being is the first/only priority. This should be the ONLY reason they work in pharmacy. My advise to you is to never even think of going to another Eckerd's. You will probably never find a good Eckerd's anywhere. Best wishes to you.


Fri, November 30, 2001

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