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Complaint Review: DRIVETIME - UGLY DUCKLING - FONTANA California

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- FONTANA, California,
Sat, September 06, 2003

9135 SIERRA AVE FONTANA, 92335 California, U.S.A.
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On June 13, 2003 I went to DriveTime aka Ugly duckling in Fontana california. And purchased a 2000 Ford escort ZX2. Now a on September 3,2003 my transmission goes out.

I called the Drivetime they said is it still under warranty? I said no it's past it 3000 mile mark. They said well you will have to pay out of your pocket the warranty is no good. So Drivetime basically dropped kicked me in the stomach. I have not had my car for 3months.

They can have this shyt back. I'm taking them to court this is unjustice. Now I no i did not mess up the transmission.

i want justice...we need to put them out of business....


FONTANA, California

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Tom, you are a mean man!

#2Consumer Comment

Thu, December 04, 2003

You are so nasty Tom, you should get a job working for Ugly Duckling/Drive Time!!!! People arnt complaining so you can be a creep! They are looking for help and answers. And YES the Duck WAYYYYY over charges people for the cars. My little 96 Ford Aspire cost me $12,000.00 The blue book value isnt even $2,000.00.. That is a $10,000.00 profit for them! Not to mention the harrassing phone calls almost daily (check out my complaint: "ugly duckling rip off artists") putting me into pre-labor and sending me into crying bouts for days at a time! This company is training their employees to be mean, and nasty. I have had calls when THEY call me in MY home where I am cozy and relaxed. The second I pick up the phone and say "hello" I am greeted with a NASTY attitude and terrible personality. They are threatening and pushy, when there is NO need or reason for that kind of attitude. Especially with a friendly person like myself. And the caller ID comes up UNKNOWN! Isnt that dishonest??? Shouldnt they have to have their name listed on the ID? Yes, buying a used car is going to cost anyone-but it shouldnt have to cost an unborn child, or the mental health of someone who is having financial difficulties. The world has come to be a very nasty evil place, and I think it is time for people and corparations to become a little nicer! No wonder people kill other people-terrible human kind is not nice anymore.


have somoene that knows how to spot problems inspect it

#3Consumer Suggestion

Sat, November 29, 2003

You can take a car to Pep Boys and get a pre-purchase inspection for $25. If you don't know enough about cars to inspect them properly yourself, you should take advantage of a mechnic's services. Any major purchase should be taken seriously by the consumer. The dealer gives you a 3000 mile warrantee and something goes after that, why would anyone expect them to pay for it? Why would they write it down and have you sign it? I'm confused by all the complaints, I haven't seen one on here about DT that said "they wouldn't honor the terms of the agreement I made with them" but many say "I don't like my car so I won't honor the terms I agreed to" Take your time buying a car, and have somoene that knows how to spot problems inspect it for you...


Nate, you are the LOSER & THIEF

#4Consumer Comment

Fri, October 24, 2003

Hey Nate I guess now you have shown us you are both a LOSER & a THIEF. You call me a loser, but it is you who wants something for nothing. I have made BAD DEALS in my life. I currently have a 2000.00 boat sitting besdie my hose that I got to use once. I got SCREWED cause I didnt check it over good. Whose fault was it, MINE. I accepted it, reread my sales agreement & it was sold to me AS-IS. So I screwed up. I accept it & go on. I have had a TRANSMISSION go out on a NEW CARE 5k miles after the warranty. I asked for a MFG EVALUATION as I had bought this car BRAND-NEW not used and was given like 700.00 on a 2500.00 job. I said THANK YOU. If they had given me nothing I couldnt have said nothing or done nothing, I had no rights to anything. They gave me the money as a courtesy & such. If you dont like the treatment you get or the way they run their business, show it with your dollars. DONT SHOP & BUY THERE !!!! A really simple solution.



#5Consumer Comment

Thu, October 23, 2003

Hey Tom, I bet you think your pretty smart. Well your not. Now the interest rates are high, and nobody made us sign the contract. But I bet if you ask EVERY single customer that bought a vehicle there, "did you think the vehicle would last the term of the loan?" I bet they would say yes. Now in this great country of ours, people feel confident that a company would NOT sell a vehicle they know should NOT be sold to someone. And hey Tom, what about safety issues? I bet if someone in your family was injured or killed because some Drivetime idiot sold them a car with hmm say faulty brakes, YOU WOULD SUE THE CRAP OUT OF DRIVETIME. What about the safety of those on the road? Just because you have bad credit does NOT mean you deserve to get ripped off. I understand that no dealership is perfect but Drivetime sure has ALOT of bad situations as a result of the loser car salesmen that cant get a job at a real dealership. Think about what you say. Yeah the warranty may have expired, but did they offer any kind of resolution? I bet if the wheel fell off your trailer you would b***h and moan. That is the problem Tom, Drivetime does Not honor there "warranties". And guess what, they will never forget me when I get done with them. I bet their scared :). JUST DONT GO TO DRIVETIME. Oh and by the way, Hyundai cars dont usually cost as much as Drivetime charges. Maybe a Volvo.

The Great Thorn - Rip-off Report Consumer Advocate

New York,
TONYA and all car buyers should read what I posted, VERY IMPORTANT!

#6Consumer Suggestion

Mon, September 08, 2003

Let's say that you bought a car from your so called friendly car dealer and soon after your purchase you find you been Ripped OFF! So you think you can take a car dealer to court and get your case infront of a honest jury, RIGHT! Think again and real hard then read the below what I found on the net. Print this off and save it if you do not fully understand it have some one you trust read it then explain it to you. "June 7, 2000Chairman Gekas and Members of the Subcommittee, Public Citizen is submitting this testimony because we believe that the use of mandatory pre-dispute arbitration clauses presents a grave problem for consumer rights and public safety. The use of mandatory pre-dispute arbitration clauses is growing at an alarming rate and congressional action is urgently needed. If the trend continues, soon we will have a private justice system adjudicating disputes that is largely controlled by corporations. Automobile Consumer Credit Fraud On January 31, 1999, Ann Brown of Sandusky, Ohio borrowed $5,500 at 25% interest from a J.D. Byrider Franchise car lot to finance her purchase of a car from Byrider's used car lot. The car turned out to be a "junker" and a safety hazard. The entire wheel and axle fell off when Ms. Brown's teenage daughter was driving down the road. In her lawsuit in Ohio court, Ms. Brown alleged that she was forced to pay an artificially inflated price in violation of the Truth in Lending Act. Ms. Brown also alleged that Byrider violated the Truth in Lending Act by requiring her to accept an $895 warranty fee that was also to be financed by J.D. Byrider at 25% interest. In addition, Ms. Brown alleged violations of the Ohio Sales Practices Act and fraud. But Ms. Brown was denied her day in court by the district court in Ohio, which ruled that the arbitration agreement contained in Ms. Brown's contract had to be enforced because of the FAA's policy favoring arbitration. Under that arbitration clause, Ms. Brown LOST ALL her claims under state and federal lending and consumer protection laws although Byrider retained the right to sue her. She also waived her right to punitive damages, no matter how reckless or malicious Byrider's conduct. Instead, she must proceed under Byrider's choice of arbitration, for which she must pay half the costs and attorney fees. The costs of arbitration, which begin with $300 - $500 filing fees and approximately $1,500 per day arbitrator's fee, exceed the value of her claim. It is simply not worth it to take the case to arbitration. In sum, Byrider is using this arbitration clause to insulate itself from the consequences of violating the Truth in Lending Act, Ohio Sales Practices Act and flat-out fraud. Ms. Brown did not understand that she was waiving her right to go to court when she signed an arbitration agreement with Byrider. This is hardly surprising because the Byrider financing officer himself had no idea what arbitration is or what the rules of arbitration are, so he was unable to tell Ms. Brown what rights she was waiving. Nor was she given an option -- the credit contract was presented in a standard form, take-it-or-leave-it format and she was not allowed to challenge any of its provisions. The mandatory arbitration provision only applied to Ms. Brown. Had she defaulted on her loan, Byrider would have been able to file a lawsuit against her. When Ms. Brown first filed her lawsuit, Byrider stopped using the mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts. But once the courts refused to vindicate Ms. Brown's rights in court in favor of arbitration, Byrider began using the clauses again. Ms. Brown's attorneys have received inquiries from over 40 consumers similarly defrauded by Byrider. Unfortunately, no matter how many of J.D. Byrider's former customers are defrauded, they cannot file as a class action because the mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts waive their right to maintain class actions. Don't EVER think that car dealers hire lawyers to write up car buying contracts that help protect consumers from auto dealer deception. If your so called friendly car dealer wants you to sign a contract that has a built-in mandatory arbitration clause in their contract, tell them to SHOVE IT!


Response back to "C" whatever

#7Consumer Comment

Mon, September 08, 2003

I am not one of their Managers or have anything to do with them. However, I am getting sick of hearing all the WHINING from people who think they should get a ROLLS-ROYCE for the price of a HYUNDAI. When you buy a USED-CAR it can come with problems. Why else did someone possibly get rid of it. You should know this going in or do you believe everyone has their head stuck up their own ARSE like you. Also as stated originally, there was a 3000 mile Warranty. This is not a requirement of any CAR TRANSACTION. It is not the DEALERSHIPS Fault that the car broke down after this time. Who knows, maybe she didnt change fluids properly or had a leak & didnt take care of it. With car ownership comes RESPONSIBILITY. Most people whining here dont seem to understand this. Also as far as COURT goes, the first thing a Judge is going to do is look at a simple piece of paper called a CONTRACT. I would suggest she go back & read it. This is where EVERYTHING the sale is spelled out. Most likely it will say "AS IS, WHERE IS" and also clarify what is covered by this 3000 mile warranty. Which will also state it expires after 3000 miles. Not 3001 or 5000 or whenever the consumer wants it to be. Sometimes BAD THINGS happen & you have to deal with them. Just because DRIVETIME is a Big Corporation with lots of $$$$ doesnt mean they are a RIP-OFF. They sell to a STUPID SEGMENT of our population as shown by the WHINIERS who have filed most of these RIP-OFF REPORTS. You need to LOOK, ASK QUESTIONS and maybe even spend a few Dollars & have a GOOD MECHANIC go over any car before you buy it. But the FINAL DECISION is yours. Not the Dealerships. They dont hold GUNS to your head to force you to buy anything. So you need to take some RESPOSIBILITY for your own actions.


tom from arlington is a jerk

#8Consumer Comment

Sun, September 07, 2003

i read the rip-off report about the ford escort and nobody new or used should have to make that type of repair after 3 months i bet if this situation were you there would be letter's and attorney's involved. that person is not stupid they did business with a dealership they thought the could trust i work in the car business and drivetime is a rip-off i suggest the party who feels ripped off take them to court when they were ugly duckling they were garbage and their reputation got so bad assuming the name change would bring business back they are heading down the same road as ugly duckling and i hope they do go out of business their car lot is full of peices of s**t !! and the was you sound you must be a one of their store managers !! you jackass this person is not looking to blame anyone just the people at fault !!! oh i was offered a job at drivetime and refused to many angry and unhappy customers.


What is the RIP-OFF ????

#9Consumer Comment

Sun, September 07, 2003

You bought a car with a 3000 mile warranty and as you stated the problem occured after that. Also did anyone FORCE you to purchase this car or anything. Face it, you got unlucky and now you want to blame everyone else. Take some responsibility for yourself. When you buy a car it comes with certain responsibilities like fixing poblems when they occur. I am sure they will just REPO the car if you quit making payments & then get a judgement against you for the defeciencie. Oh well you are probably too STUPID to understand any of this wanyway......

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