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Complaint Review: Covenant Transportation - Chattanooga Tennessee

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Covenant Transportation
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
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This company is the worse of the worse. This company will lie to you and make false promises. Then when you arrive there you are put up into their hotel which is an old econo lodge. Terrible place but its a roof, they offer food but 7 people got sick on the first night their so alot of people go to the Waffle House across the street or to Walmart.

When you arrive they meet with you and have you go over your paperwork in the driver lounge. During this they make you sign a 1/4 inch thick packet of paper, all of which you are told you have to sign or you will be sent home on the bus right then and there. Starters, you have to sign papers saying you recieved their rules and regulations even though YOU HAVNT and wont till the 2nd day if you last that long! Then theres forms you have to sign saying that you authorize them to CHARGE YOU! for your DOT physical, drug test, MVR and DAC. Regardless even if you bring them with you! You then have papers that you have to sign for if/when you get your truck they will charge you for tire chains, ezpass, load locks, padlocks, and more! Did i mention you will also be charged from your pay $50 if you get a dirty stop or a warning even? YUP!

So anyways the biggest issue is that when i went there was about 60 people there on first day, by the 2nd and 3rd day they sent home over 20+ people, ALL of which either had an old workers compensation case, or had a physical of mental disability, regardless or not that the Federal DOT allows such disabilities. They state its their personal policy and to deal with it.

They will make up excuses over excuses for these people, told some that they had to go home because they needed a DRs release, others the same thing but those who had DR releases there, Covenant then changed the reason and came up with others, Have an answer for that reason? Well then they give you yet ANOTHER reason their not hiring you. If you ask to speak to someone your just told to speak to so and so, go there they send you back and no one helps.

Other issues I havnt mentioned is that if you stick up for yourself they will throw you out and threaten you. They were even threatening people about filing FALSE statements on their DAC reports if they did not just get on the bus and go home!

Reason for this you ask? Remember that employee handbook and guidelines? Well in that they state that "If you are disqualified for any reason regardless of during orientation or even in the future of employement" That if it falls under their guidlines as being missed during hiring process YOU! Will be charged and have your bus ticket to get there, your RETURN bus ticket, all fees and charges, AND cost of orientation which they state in their handbook runs on average $200.

So for this week about 25people were sent home by the 3rd day so if we do the math thats roughly $150 there, $200 orientation, $150 home, $4.50 dac , $4.50 MVR, $41.00 Drug Screening, $125 Physical, plus any other costs is a total of $675! EACH

Covenant jsut made $16,875 in 3days JUST for sending people home due to their violation of the act of people with disabilities.

PS: If your wondering they will take it out of your pay they say, if you dont get that far they will rudely tell you that it will be sent to collection and put on your credit report.




PLEASE! If you have been a victim of this or know someone who has. Respond to this so others know and PLEASE get involved, hopefully we can get justice and maybe someone would like to start a class action lawsuit, people suffer enough and should not have to suffer more by these companies.

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