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Complaint Review: Blockbuster - Dodge City Kansas

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- Dodge City, Kansas,

2503 Central Dodge City, 67801 Kansas, U.S.A.
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On Oct. 11, 2003, My daughter and I rented 2 movies, purchased some candy and paid some late fees on prior movies at Block Buster. I had a coupon for a free movie. When we got in the car, I looked at the receipt and realized that I had been overcharged. The employee had forgotten to apply the coupon. Ok, no big deal I thought, it's an honest mistake, and the store was very busy, I will just simply go in and get my money back for the amount that she over charged me.

When I went back into the store to get my refund, I was refused. The clerk very nicely told me that she could not give me a refund that she could only give me a credit. That their store policy was to give credit only.

I said, "Wait, your telling me that YOU made an error while you were ringing up my purchase, and I have to pay for it?" I said this is not merchandise that I have purchased and returned, this is an error on your part, you rang the purchase up incorectly.

She again told me that I would have a credit on my next rental. (This young lady remained very nice and professional the whole time, which is a wonder as I was getting mad) I asked, "why can't you simply void the incorrect transaction and ring it up again the correct way, then give me change from the amount that I have already paid you?"

I was told that she could lose her job if she gave me my money back as they were only allowed to give credit, even if it was an employee error. She apologized several times.

I would have spoken to the manager, however, the manager had just left the store to run and get supplies from another store.

I allowed the employee to give me a credit, and when she did so, she had to write the credit down on a transaction log and have me sign it. Below the transaction log she wrote a note to the manager that she could take the error out of next pay check!

I thought, wow, what a horrible company this must be!

Now, I was REALLY mad. Not only does this company fail to teach their emplyees how to handle a SIMPLE overring. (which I do believe was an honest mistake.) The employees fear this type of thing so much they feal they have to make up the compensation!

Now, I was no longer dealing with a simple $3.75 overcharge, I am dealing with a matter of principal.

I wrote the phone number down for the district manager, and promptly went to the car and called from my cell phone.

Of course, the district manager was not available and I got ahold of another employee who told me, "What's the big deal, she gave you a credit. WELL, I will tell you what the big deal is! If you go into ANY OTHER store and they overcharge and it is 100% store error, that store, no matter if it is a gallon of milk, or a $2,000 diamond ring, had better be prepared to make it right, and return the extra amount of money that you took from that customer. In effect it is STEALING!

Shame on you Block Buster! You have missed the boat on so many levels here!


Dodge City, Kansas

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