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Complaint Review: Bank of America Mortgage - Chandler Arizona

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David - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Bank of America Mortgage
2505 W Chandler Blvd Chandler, 85224 Arizona, United States of America
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Be wary of any prospective offers for work at the Bank of America corporate complex on Chandler Blvd. in Chandler, AZ, especially in the mortgage divisions. Chiefly, temporary agencies (such as Select Staffing and Disys, at least two responsible for placement within the group who began work with me) are instructed to tell candidates that there are inbound customer service and account maintenance positions. Your first alert is that they are constantly hiring for this sort of work.

I was told (via email) at 9:30 PM on the Sunday evening before I was to report for work that I would, instead, be making exclusively outbound calls for the process of "loan modification." It is a simple enough responsibility, but clearly not the one offered. You will not be given any written or stated performance expectations, so may be let go for an unknown lack of productivity at any time, among other things.

While the staffing companies were theoretically duped (everyone in my class was told they were being hired for the same thing), there is no way of knowing that they are not complicit in this bait-and-switch hiring, since they place people there regularly.

Two or three people were "let go" over something that purportedly emerged on their background searches. This was odd if, for no other reason, because they were already working there for more than a week before whatever popped up. Some elected to abandon the position because, as mentioned, it was not as was described or ultimately desired. There were one or two people showing up for the same work, "loan modification," every few days. "Training," initially explained as two weeks, actually took less than two hours, if that.

This was also a temp-to-hire placement, though I never came across anyone who had been brought on in this fashion. The office complex is fairly large and it would be unfair to categorize any of this as a universal policy or experience. A note on the initial circumstances of the employ, which may change depending on when or how you are hired: You will not have a valid entrance badge, you will not have a working computer, you will not have any access to other systems as would be expected to perform your job.

It can be inferred that this a position of little importance and bottom-rung make-work for the division. My agency paid $12.00/hr. for it. There is obviously no question that any of us, at this time in the economy, will take anything we can, even if they lie from the beginning to the end of your tenure. I also discovered that hundreds of outbound calls I was making could collect the exact information from a single website link, to which we had no access.

For anyone who may think I am merely grudging my termination over an implied laziness or--again, undeclared--lack of throughput, I was in constant check with the others who were brought on at the same time. I completed twice as many cases as any two of them put together. I also casually asked one of the three people who seemed to supervise me (the exact individual with this responsibility was unclear, the entire time) how I was doing, and was told I was performing well. When I received the call from my staffing agency, at 5:30 PM on a Friday, I was surprised and baffled at the reason for my termination. It's like biking across the country from NY to CA and being told you only made it to NJ.

While it should go without saying, I was always dressed properly, friendly and deferent to other employees, did not have inappropriate conversations, or any of the other pitfalls that can sandbag anyone at a new job. Ultimately, beware of who and how you are hired by this company, at this location. Even if you have no choice, bear in mind that any reason whatsoever can be invented to remove you, there is an outrageously high rate of attrition, and you will not be given the tools necessary to perform your work properly.

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Lori Donalson

United States of America
Re: "Job Agency" Bank of America scams

#2General Comment

Tue, February 23, 2010

I just wanted to let people know that what was said could very well be true.

This morning I was called by someone who did not give their name but said they were with Accountants International - which I know to be a real job placement agency.  He verified if I'm still looking for work, which I am.

He then said he had a Data Entry position at the Bank of America (BOA) at 2505 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ, 8a - 5p with possible OT on Saturdays: that it was a contract position for about 6 months and paid $14.50 per hour.

I said OK, sounds great.  Then he asked if I had ever worked for BOA before & I said no.  Then he said that BOA has a re-hire policy and he'd need my Social Security number so they could check to see if I'd ever worked for them before.

I told him I do not give that out.  He said they really need my Social Security number to check if I'd worked there before.  I again said I do not give that out to someone who has called ME, and that ALL of the news stations warn people EVERY night practically what information to not give out if someone calls YOU.

He INSTANTLY said I'm sorry, good luck in your job search.  CLICK.


Wells Fargo and Bank of America are different companies

#3Author of original report

Tue, February 02, 2010

I cannot speak to the 'rebuttal' that immediately follows my report. I have absolutely no personal, direct knowledge of this other financial institution, its divisions, hiring practices, etc. The response also looks a little spammy.

A lot of temp-to-hire positions dangle the hope of permanent work to keep contract employees either "in line," in competition with others at their level, or performing above their expectations. This is nothing new. What I objected to, specifically regarding my dismissal, is that it was on the basis of targets or performance standards that were never stated, written, or--to my observation--enforced upon others, evenly.

Bait-and-switch hiring also wasn't invented yesterday. It is an especially egregious practice in this economy, with people desperate for work. The company, or its agents, can say you'll be a vice-president, and when you show up, you're a janitor. What are you really left to do, when you've been unemployed for a while? It is quite clear that they count on this, though several people did leave, and were replaced one or two at a time.

I don't know that a vulgar lack of scruples necessarily represents a "ripoff." Certainly, the agency responsible for placing me, Select Staffing, should have been well aware of its clients practices, and waited until late the evening before I was to report that it would be for an entirely different position. Proving complicity is fairly impossible. It may also be important to mention that Arizona is a "right to work" state, a fairly basic, employer-favoring status that pretty much states--even as a permanent employee--you can be fired at any time, for any reason the company decides.

Sure, it also allows for any employee to leave a company on the same basis, but what fool is going to do that?


highlands ranch,
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#4Consumer Comment

Tue, January 19, 2010

all 3 videos that are available in the comments section to one of the most recent Wells Fargo Ripoff Reports!


Thank You.


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