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Complaint Review: Tigerdirect.com CompUSA Systemax.com - Internet

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consumersanonymous - , Florida, United States of America

Tigerdirect.com CompUSA Systemax.com
7795 West Flagle Internet, United States of America
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To whom it may concern:

From the rumors I have heard--one of the Senior Purchaser Mr. Howard Wu ([email protected])
from Tigerdirect/Retail-CompUSA parent company Systemax (public trade company NYSE: SYX www.tigerdirect.com, www.systemax.com) along with Devana Johnson, who handles power supplies and cases, takes a bribe from the owner of Diablotek International name Mr. Jerry Lin ([email protected] (Diablotek.com) According to the rumors, Mr. Howard Wu purchases Jerry Lins company product brand (Diablotek/MSI chassis) to combo most of the Tigerdirect/Systemax top system
build SKU, which is for high quantity. The combine bribe estimate amount is $97,000 US dollar within a period of 2011 to 2012.

FBI is considering an investigation of both party member Howard Wu of Systemax/Tigerdirect and Jerry Lin of Diablotek international for Unfair Business Practices of bribery through Tiger Direct and Systemax NYSE: SYX, Retail CompUSA.

Jerry Lin of Diablotek International is paying Howard Wu of Tiger Direct NYSE: SYX  half-a-dollar, per-unit under the table,
every time he places an order.  All dollar amount paid under the table goes directly to Mr. Howard Wus personal bank account. All we know that this is against our law and has to be consider as illegal bribes.

Mr. Howard Wu bribes required of placing an order and bundling with a system with following brand, which is Jerry Lins company:

Diablotek international -case and power supply- brand name Diablotek

Pro-Com is an indirect company of Mr. Jerry Lin, which also bought Licenses to use MSI brand name for chassis.

To confirm this rumor ask Tiger direct/Systemax NYSE: SYX to show history when Howard Wu was handling Tiger direct/Systemax  account as a Purchaser , and see if he has been placing large order from Diablotek International and MSI chassis. 

At that time no one was willing to carry large quantity of MSI case especially if products/item does not have any sales history and consumers price is high. But since there is a bribe involved with Tiger direct/Systemax NYSE: SYX, they are motivated to take a risk.

This email has been sent to: other Tiger Direct/Systemax Member, FBI, local news, and consumers, for investigation to see what is really going on.

If you are a consumers and feel a public trade company Tiger Direct/Systemax NYSE: SYX and other big company is wrong on hiring these employee that sell unfair products to us the consumers, base on how big the bribe.which is illegal

Forward this mail to your friends and let the people know!!!

Unfair Business Practices of Bribery is Wrong and unfair for consumers and is illegal

Information has been submitted to https://tips.fbi.gov/

2 Updates & Rebuttals

James Park, Esq.

Santa Fe Springs,
United States of America
Legal Notice to Consumersanonymous

#2General Comment

Thu, September 06, 2012

Further Status Update

James Park, Legal Counsel for Jerry Lin and Diablotek International, Inc.

To Consumersanonymous:
Dear Sir/Madam,

My office has been retained to represent Jerry Lin and Diablotek International, Inc.  As you may know, your statements regarding my clients were made in violation of California Civil Code Sections 44, 45 and 45a.  Your defamatory statements were made as a publication of a statement of facts that were
false and unprivileged.  Further your defamatory statements have caused significant damages which are subject to legal action.

Under the cover of the pseudonym Consurmersanonymous you posted the following false and defamatory statements:

a.   Howard Wu of Tigerdirect.com takes a bribe from Diablotek International, Incs owner, Jerry Lin. 

b.   The combine (sic) bribe estimate amount is $97,000 US dollar within a period of 2011-2012. 

c.  FBI is considering an investigation of both party member (sic) Howard Wu of Systemax/Tigerdirect and
Jerry Lin of Diablotek International for Unfair Business Practices of bribery through Tiger Direct and Systemax

d.  Jerry Lin of Diablotek International is paying Howard Wu of Tiger Direct NYSE: SYX, half-a-dollar, per
unit under the table, every time he places an order.

e.  At the time no one was willing to carry large quantity of MSI case (sic)

f.  Mr. Howard Wu bribes (sic) required of placing an order and bundling with a system with following brand, which is Jerry Lins company:.

Your statements were false and disparaging in that it alleges illegal acts and bribery, and members of the public understood them to be disparaging.  Your statements are false with no factual basis and were made in reckless disregard of the truth or consequences.  

My Clients have never offered or paid any bribes or kickbacks to anyone under any circumstance, and you specious and vicious allegations were intentionally made with malice. 

This is notice to you that legal action has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court case number BC490544 for Defamation and Injunctive Relief.  We are in the process of obtaining subpoenas for your identity and location for service of process. 

While you have the right to your opinion, you do not have the right to make false and defamatory statements.  We will seek to obtain your identity and enter a judgment against you for your defamatory statements.

Yours truly,

James Park, Esq.

Jerry Lin, President Diablotek

City of Industry,
United States of America
Diablotek- Jerry Lin- Responding to malicious defamation

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, August 08, 2012

How do you respond to a malicious attack by a cowardly perpetrator who, by design of the website, is allowed to remain anonymous and make defamatory statements.  Consumersanonymous starts the false and malicious allegations by rumors I have heard

The false statements are made to intentionally hurt and damage the individuals and business trying to survive in the current economy.  There has never been any bribe of any kind in the history of Diablotek. 

There is no FBI investigation.  There is no violation of any kind, civil, criminal or ethical. 

There is no basis for any of the false statements.  These malicious and baseless statements are intended to cause serious consequences without any truth or basis in fact.  In this matter, the accusations supposedly are based on self serving rumors which are unidentified and unverifiable in any way. 

The larger issue and problem is that it's almost impossible to correct the false allegations directly.  The victims who are being attacked have no way of responding directly to the attacker. The culprit making the false statements feels safe that there is no real danger, as they are not only hidden, but also faceless.

Since 2003, we at Diablotek have produced some of the nation's most recognized power supply and components, and have relationships with all of the top computer component companies in the world including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ATI, and many more. We at Diablotek have taken pride in building some of the most highly regarded computing solutions in the industry.  The basis of our success has always been quality at the lowest market prices. 

Specifically, Diabloteks relationship with Tigerdirect.com, CompUSA and Systemax.com has been and will be based on the quality of the products at the lowest market prices.  Since 2004, our relationship with Tigerdirect.com has been based on such fundamental free market factors of quality and price. 

Despite the long standing history of quality products delivered reliably at the lowest prices to our vendors, the writer of the false statements makes a clearly verifiable false allegation.  The writer is unaware of the truth that the ongoing relationship with Tigerdirect.com pre-dated the employment of Mr. Wu or Mr. Johnson.  These two innocent victims of the baseless and malicious attacks have been disparaged with no recourse.  There is and never has been any kick back or bribe to any purchaser in Diabloteks entire history.  Due to our competitive pricing and quality, there has never been a need or desire to act in such a manner.  Despite our ethical business practices, this anonymous coward makes a complete fabrication of a combine bribe estimate amount is $97,000.   No facts, no basis, only a cowardly act by a malicious person.

What choice does a company have? Do we ignore these character and company assassinations? Or do we respond to them? Some say that we must respond and give our point of view. However, such attention sometimes exacerbates the problem as the person or persons on the other end have anonymity and continue to make further misinformation. We at Diablotek are proud of our company, and the quality and price of our products.  We will continually do our best to counter such evil-minded and malicious accusations.

As a company with a history of consistent products and prices, we strive to keep up with the competitive electronics market and delivery a consistent product at the best prices.  Our RMA are one of the lowest in the industry and we stand behind our products quality. 

As an American based company, we understand and respect that people have the right to express their opinions, but the current allegations have crossed the legal line from an opinion to defamatory conduct.  Such false statements are subject to legal action for trade libel and defamation.  We are especially sorry to the innocent victims of this malicious attack, and promise that we will be taking all legal actions against the responsible parties. 


Jerry Lin
Diablotek International, Inc.

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