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Rodger - Timberon, New Mexico, USA

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Discrimination by Tiger Direct should be investigated. I called Tiger Direct and spoke with Elie Phillippe regarding making purchases with a check and purchase order. Elie explained that there would be no problem. Simply send an email with my list of my order and that it would be held for 30 days awaiting the check payment. I explained that I was disabled handicapped and that the funds would be disbursed by an accounting agency under state contract. Elie explained, no problem, simply let him know what I needed.

So I sent an email containing a cut and paste of my shopping cart order. This copy showed all the prices, quantities and even shipping.

The next day, I get a confirmation email. The price has gone up on items and the shipping is now more than one hundred dollars. I called and inquired as to what was going on. I spoke with a young lady, Jessenia DelSol, who emailed me the confirmation order. I explained that the Order P1323042 reflected an increase in price and shipping. She told me it did not even though I had it printed out and was holding it in my hand.

She then told me that the prices increased and that I could simply pay the invoice if I wanted the items. She then told me they lowered the shipping and saved me money. I again explained that the shopping cart showed lower prices and shipping by $100+. She again told me to pay if I wanted the items.

Amazingly, the pending order has been deleted from my account and when I called back the agent that answered the phone, tells me that I canceled the order! I never did. I simply questioned an arbitrary price increase of 7%.

I spent months getting a budget approval, several weeks shopping and comparing items, and then when I put the order in my cart with the current prices, Tiger Direct changed the prices on the invoice that they emailed me.

So I complained to Eli at Tiger Direct. He tells me management changed the prices and that you just have to pay if you want the items. However, this contradicts the policy and procedure as it was explained for holding for a quote.

Whats the deal? Advertised price, Company shopping cart and shipping, then when you explain the payment method it goes up $100? Great way to treat the disabled or is this the way you treat all customers.

Apparently Tiger Directs policies simply are not understandable by even their staff! Or is it because I am using government funds, perhaps they think that since I am handicapped, it must be a mental thing.

So, what is it, the government funding or the disability that raised my prices?

It is just too bad, that Tiger Direct, a large volume company operating under many names, has a problem working with both government funding and the disabled.

By the way, management will not respond to my questions, so PLEASE beware of TIGER DIRECT as the have no set policy on pricing, except, GET WHAT THEY CAN! I once tried to report a fire safety issue to their management, I should have learned my lesson then, since they would not respond at that time either.

As a formerly loyal customer, I guess it is time to search the internet not only for the best price, but the better reputation.


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New Mexico,


Wed, August 26, 2009

First, let me say Ashley, that this is "Tiger's" policy of "holding the merchandise for up to thirty days" it is called by them, a "hold for quote". 

Second it sounds as if you are a good employee of Tiger's and just need a bit more experience.

Also, as far as not all the story being told, I guess that could be true, but since I listed all of my recolection, it was up to Tiger to tell there side with the Tiger name signed to it.  However, instead of corporate responding on the site, we got to hear the inside story from an "long time employee" that just reenforced my information and showed the same foundation.

Last Ashley, nothing changed untill I disclosed the fact that this would be government funds due to my disability which has left me confined for 13 years. 

The best to you, but I think you put your toes into some  .....




BL Judgment Enforcement 718 909 6246

New York,
Disgruntal Employee


Mon, August 24, 2009

Hey Symbol,

You are not as smart as you think you are.  Your info is not as secure as you think it is, what makes you think Tiger can't find out who you are.  I know who you are, because you sent a letter almost exactly as you written it on this forum to my wife.

You never know who you reach to on a public forum.  Get your unemployment records ready, you'll soon be out of a job, because I will defininately report you, and I dare you to come after me.  I, unlike you, do not hide.

BL Judgment Enforcement 718 909 6246

New York,
Tiger Direct Has Never Failed Me!


Mon, August 24, 2009

In defense of http://www.tigerdirect.com/ I have never had a complaint with them.  I have 2 personal computers, and 6 business associated computers, along with one laptop.  I have dealt with this company since 1997, and never had one complaint.  I have received things in error, or not ordered, and they have been quick to respond, and fix the situation at hand regardless of the error.

You guys are complaining, because you failed to read, or are just not knowledgeable on computer specs.  I have read these complaints, and most of them are pilot error.  That means you.  From what I have seen Tiger Direct has addressed your complaints with diligence, and courteously.

The Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org/ rates this company as an A+, and I tend to agree.  So get your facts correct, as most of you have been addressed by Tiger Direct on this forum, and got embarrassed enough not to make any further complaints.

Stop bad mouthing a very reputable company like this.  I you have a real complaint, then file it with the BBB, and not here.  You will get better results, and immediate action will be taken, unlike here.  This is just a complaint station, and very few matters are resolved legally here.

The Symbol

You are absolutely correct Rodg


Mon, August 17, 2009

As an employee of Tiger Direct I have to tell you to stop purchasing from us/Tiger Direct.  Most people fall in the so called cheap price trap but really most of our merchandise is negotiated in ways you would not dream of.  There are vendors that don't even get paid, hell we sometimes don't get paid what we earned.  The young lady that responded is a clear example of some of the ruthless employees that for one reason or another think they are a special part of some imaginary team.  I have been with them for some time now - I will only say a couple of years - and I must tell you that the re-furbished business started here, I have sold magazine subscriptions that were supposed to be free for a month and after 30 days you as a customer could call the company and cancel if you were not satisfied. Well that company never picked up that line and so credit cards were charged and many people just give up that charge and take the loss.  Now don't get me wrong, i'm not mad at Tiger Direct or anything hell, I'm only here for the money, as long as I play the game and behave so that I don;t attract too much attention from the coaches here I will be fine.  I wouldn't buy crap from here or the store in Dadeland though.  I really wish you well, don't waste your time trying to get any respect or responses from the upper management, bekieve me when I tell you - THEY DON'T CARE, This is Tiger Direct.  Read up on them, there is negative crap all over the net, it is all true for the most part.


Good Luck trying to trace this Tiger!  HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA




Fri, August 14, 2009

" This price protection policy only applies to regularly advertised products and doesn't apply to limited time sales, instant savings offers, instant or mail-in rebates, private offers, auctions, open box items, limited quantity and close out items or other promotions or offers and may not be used in conjunction with other discounts. Due to fluctuations in the industry, CPUs, Memory, and products or bundles containing a CPU or Memory (ex. Desktop and laptop computers) are not included in our price protection policy. Prices on CPU and Memory are subject to frequent change and we cannot offer price protection on these items and products containing these items in the event prices rise or fall. "

If your order contained any of these items, they will not guarantee that the price will not change from day to day. Additionally, you are asking them to hold merchandise for 30 days before shipping? A lot can happen to prices in 30 days.

I seriously doubt there is any sort of discrimination based on disability here. they are a business and want your money, why would they want to discriminate against government money?

I believe there is more to this story you are not telling us. Your order sounds highly irregular.

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