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Complaint Review: Rakim Thompson Certified Social Media Marketing Atlanta Georgia United States1 - Atlanta, Georgia georgia

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Tim - lake forest , United States

Rakim Thompson Certified Social Media Marketing Atlanta Georgia United States1
Atlanta, Georgia, georgia, United States
678 851 6134
Rakim Thompson [email protected]
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this guy knew what kind of situation we were in with our home. and said he would help and lead me on for 20 days knowing we didn't have long .  I have several crowdfunding projects and the most recent is for a fintech start up called MoneyAve USA. We got that to the 9th fastest growing fintech of 2019.

Let’s jump on a call to dive deeper into what your are looking for.



Amazing !! I love doing crowdfunding !

Is this at start up level or have you been engaging in social media for sometime now?

I would love to jump on a call to discuss this further IF possible... This one definitely looks like a role I would love to do, I can also provide some further insight right away because I have several very popular influencer partners/clients with larger organic audiences that will also be able to help out with organic growth and overall exposure.

We need to create a listing and ad strategy ASAP!

after he agreed to take the job being paid to do the go fund me. He would be paid the first 5000, raised then the remainder would be paid to our bank. He agreed only to drag it out and not do as he said. To make this very clear I told him that he could be on the phone with me with the bank. I did not want him to think this was any kind of scam. he said No . I  have all e mails and tet messages should Ayone  want to see them to see this guy is a fraud and does not do what he says . 

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lake forest ,
United States
Rakim is a LIAR !! IF ANYONE wants to see the proof contact me i will send you

#2Author of original report

Tue, September 21, 2021

Rakim is A liar !!! IF anyione wants to see the proof please send me your information I will be more than happy to send you everything for you to make up your own mind. The place I found him at is investgating this also . They told me he broke several rules of theirs alone. He agreed to take the job based on being paid out  of the first monies from the go fund me page. Than he just dragged my wife and me along for over 20 days knowing we had a dead line. 

As for this being " racisum" give me a break . yes he is a man of color , that has not one thing to do with this . Ever since I called him on his lying about " doing research" and him all of a sudden claiming that our situation was not true. This was after he was told three times that he could contact the bank with us and chose not to. No this guy can not do what he says and then wants to blame others for his mis judgment on not doing as he says he will. 

We have also hired an attorney who is taking this he said pro bono to go after this guy. For defamation of character calling my wife and I "frauds" when we have complete proof we aren't . and saying we " are the underclass ". little does this guy have a clue. Just because you lose a job and fall behind on your mortgae does not make you "underclass". Infact that statement makes this guy look more Ignorant as we live in a 900,000 home . He has a problem with getting cvalled out on. Not to mention his threats "if you were standing in front of me thids wouldn't go this way ". agisn talking out of the side of his neck.  No this is going to go much father than this guy will ever imagine. 

Guys like this should not be allowed to do what this has done to us to other people. We will make sure of it. Funny though , How people of color always have to play the "race card" when they are in the wrong. To bad that wont work for him.       

Rakim Thompson

United States
This is false information + Defamation to the highest degree

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Tue, September 21, 2021

THIS HAS to be a joke ! This is racism ! This is online extortion!

1. I NEVER took or asked for any money to get started from this guy !

2. I NEVER asked for anything to benefit me at all!

I planned to start for free until we gain the first income. I repeat!!! " I SAID I CAN DO CROWD FUNDING AND DID NOTHING” - NOTHING EVEN HAPPENED. I NEVER ASKED for anything and NEVER received any money ! I WAS WILLING TO DO THIS FOR FREE but he couldn’t provide me with the information I needed This can’t even be considered fraud or scams because I NEVER ACCEPTED ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY HE IS RACIST and trying to create a narrative. 

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