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Complaint Review: Presidential Limousine - Washington DC

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Scott - Fairfax, VA, United States

Presidential Limousine
2100 M St. NW # 170-193 Washington, 20037 DC, United States
(703) 347-6900
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DO NOT USE www.presidential-limo.com!! The owner’s name is Zabiullah Ahmed  and he uses aliases so he can repeatedly abuse customers and not have to deal with any consequences.  I wish we had taken time to read any reviews about this person/company before such an awful humiliating experience.  We'd like to warn people to steer clear of this person disguised as a legit limousine company, and save yourself the negativity as no one deserves to be treated as poorly as we were. See the attached video. 

There was much more verbal abuse, hate, and vile behavior in this awful experience that wasn't recorded, but this is what I was able to capture, and he really didn't seem to be concerned in the video, which disturbing and shocking by itself.  We were in such disbelief that this guy's behavior was so bad but it turns out, based on other online reviews, this is his normal behavior, especially when there are no men present.  It was and is truly one of the worst experiences of my life.

 A group of ladies (all neighbors), and our children (ages ranging from 6-11) were going to experience live music event for the first time, all together.  “Max” is the alias of the limo driver who picked us up that day.  My neighbor's husband greets him in the driveway.  "Max" asks if he's coming and the husband says “No, it’s just the Moms and the kiddos today."  "Max's" demeanor and attitude immediately turns dark.  I tried to close the limo door and he stops me, very rudely saying "the door stays open!" I tell him we are getting wet and it's hot and humid so we’d like the air conditioner on. He SLAMS the door, and is pissed when the last lady we were waiting on comes out of the house to get in because he has to open the door again (the child locks were on the door so it could not be opened from inside the vehicle).

Once all the kids and ladies are in the limo “Max” gives everyone a stern lecture about no feet on the seats, walls, no eating, touching buttons, windows, etc, speaking to us like we're all children.  This was a little weird, but we're thinking ok, people talk to kids like that sometimes, no biggie.  We found out in talking to other people who have hired him that he gives the same lecture to everyone, even when it’s all adults. 

 I forgot something at my house, which is only a few houses away, so I asked “Max” politely to stop by my house. He refuses to pull into the driveway and pulls over in the street. (It’s a long driveway but I didn’t think much of it.) I run to the house and while I was inside one of the ladies asks him to get one of their bags from the trunk. “Max” angrily gets out of the vehicle and slams his door, mumbling the whole time to himself and urging my friend to “hurry up.”  We ladies exchange looks as if to say “boy, this guy is cranky!” but we were still in a good mood and excited to see the show with the kids so we brushed it off. 

While we are underway and almost at the venue, I start to mention that we have a special parking pass but “Max” cuts me off, shouting “I am NOT your SERVANT! I know what the HELL I'm doing! Don't tell me how to do my job!”   I was stunned and the kids’ eyes got wide and everyone stiffened up.  I try to say that I was just going to ask him if he knew... I didn’t even get the thought out of my mouth before he cut me off again, this time ratcheting up the insults, yelling, “YOU ARE A PATHETIC, PATHETIC WOMAN! I should drop you off here and leave you!”  OK, now I’m pissed and a little scared. He has threatened to abandon us and the kids and all our stuff at this venue many miles away from home, in the rain. Everything gets quiet and the kids are scared. That’s when I asked him to put up the partition between the driver area and the back and he says flat out “NO!” When I ask him again he says “It is DISABLED!” OK, now we think this guy might have some other agenda with us.  We feel totally uncomfortable and threatened and don’t know what this guy is capable of!  I called the husband who booked the limo, since he was the only one the driver seemed to listen to when we were at our houses. I tell him “Max” says he’s going to ditch us, help!  He starts working a plan to come pick us up when “Max” calls HIM to complain about how rude I was to him and say he doesn’t want to complete the job.  

That’s when I pull out my phone and started to record. You can see in the video that I am not provoking him and he screams at me “PATHETIC, PATHETIC WOMAN!” and then he  flips all of us the middle finger!  It’s all in the video!  

But wait, it gets worse!  We get to the venue and as one of the other moms is fumbling looking for the parking pass on her phone he says to the parking attendant, “I'm just dropping these f**kING BITCHES off!!" We (including the kids!) HEARD HIM SAY THIS!  The attendant thinks for a beat then waves us through without us giving the pass to him, thinking the driver is going to exit the parking lot after he dumps us there.  

We park and “Max” is fuming, talking again on the phone with the husband who booked the car. The husband is trying to talk some sense into him and convince him not to leave all of us in the rain without a ride home even before the show begins. 

To our surprise and relief “Max” parks the limo so he can continue to talk to the husband on the phone. He gets out of the car to continue his conversation and after about 15 min one of the other moms decides that she is going to try to talk to him off the proverbial ledge, so she asks him to open the door. (Remember, he kept the child locks on so we could not open our own doors.) He reluctantly opens it and she talks to him outside the vehicle for a good 20 minutes.  She finally returns to the car and says that he agrees to stay IF I apologize AND delete the incriminating video. 

I just want this stress to be over so we can enjoy our evening so I suck it up and act like I don’t want to punch this fool in the face for causing all this tension and trouble, especially in front of our kids on what is supposed to be a fun night out. I smile and tell him it’s all a misunderstanding and we all have bad days and I ask if we could just start over.  He agrees and says “OK, so you will delete the video now?” I tell him, “Sure, no problem” but of course I didn’t because people need to see what a compete a-hole this guy is and how much he hates women. He should NOT be in any business that has anything to do with dealing with the public.

A day later the husband who booked the service sends an e-mail to the company asking for a refund, citing the horrible and scary experience the moms and kids had that night.  “Max” as it turns out, is the owner of the company who sometimes goes by “Sonny” and “Nico” among other aliases.  He responds to the e-mail with a hate-fueled multi-page tirade about what a horrible, “mentally unstable” person I am and he tells the husband his motive “all along” was to get out of paying, which is insanely outlandish. The many negative reviews online, which can easily be found, are all true. Some are from former employees!  There are several similarly-written good reviews out there too, which were obviously written by the owner himself. Beware of his aliases I mentioned – “Nico” (the office manager persona), “Sonny” (the driver) and “Max” (another driver) – all of these personas are the same guy. His name is  Zabiullah Ahmed.  The website is www.presidential-limo.com and he is NOT LICENSED TO DO BUSINESS IN VIRGINIA. The website looks legitimate, but this guy is a TOTAL PIECE OF s**t who HATES WOMEN. Save yourself the trauma, humiliation and the stress of dealing with this a-hole and chose another limo service. 

Lastly, if you think I’m exaggerating, please read the "NOT CURRENTLY RECOMMENDED" reviews for this company.  This is where you will find the truth about this individual/company and anything that resembles a positive review for them is fake and clearly written in the same style by the same person. He also replies to the bad reviews (and there are a lot!) that they are all “fake” reviews and anyone who writes one is a “thief” and a “liar” who is trying to destroy him. 

DO NOT USE www.presidential-limo.com unless you enjoy being berated and humiliated by a misogynistic a*****e who doesn’t fulfill his obligations and treats women and children like complete s**t. 

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