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Complaint Review: Phillip W Knight - Toronto Ontario

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Phillip W Knight
10 King St E, Suite 600 Toronto, M5C 1C3 Ontario, Canada
416-716-7444 416-543-537
phillipwknight.com www.gordbaker.com
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WARNING: Phillip W Knight, Phillip Knight, Gordon R Baker, QC, Innasmatt Lynx Top Hat Investments, Zurich, Toronto

This is a WARNING to anyone who is considering business transactions with Phillip W. Knight of Canada. Phillip W Knight and Gordon R Baker QC Attorney Trust Account (www.gordbaker.com) was on the receiving end of a wire transfer of US$75,000 initiated around March 30, 2019 that was part of the transaction for ‘supposedly’ securing a financial product that would become the equity piece for a funding facility that would finance our oil and gas project in the USA. The US$75,000 was sent through a Trustee named Gordon R Baker QC (Queens Counsel) who was supposed to hold the funds in trust for the transaction. The transaction did not complete, all deadlines passed, and our US$75,000 has not been returned back to us. We have been pursuing these funds since 2019 after all deadlines in the Agreement passed and we became aware of a website (https://phillipwknight.com , Skype: harbourmaster13) and postings related to Phillip W Knight and his past attorneys for transacting shady and unethical business transactions that victimized innocent people to the benefit of Phillip and his associates, but to the detriment of a numerous amount of victims.

We remained in contact with Phillip W Knight until he stopped taking and returning our calls and have since stayed in touch with his attorney, Gordon R Baker QC. We have routinely been told by both Knight and Baker that the US$75,000 will be returned. We are temporarily unaware if Gordon R Baker QC is a knowing and active participant with Phillip W Knight in our missing US$75,000, similar to another past attorney in the Phillip W Knight schemes mentioned on the website, or if Gordon R Baker QC is simply an attorney that is stuck with a scumbag and very unethical scheming client that victimizes innocent families and small business owners.

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At this time, we can only presume that given the long continuous never ending round of lengthy ongoing excuses and empty promises provided by Phillip and Gordon, since 2019, we have likely been scammed by Phillip Knight and/or Gordon R Baker QC.

We are preparing to take extra measures to enforce our rights. But most of all, we want to FOREWARN anyone considering business with Phillip W Knight and possibly Gordon R Baker QC in Canada to be aware of our experiences so you can rethink your consideration. We are an upstanding successful oil and gas operation in the USA with a great track record.

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I absolutely hate career scumbag scoundrels who have an ongoing legacy of stealing the bread from the table of innocent good hard working families. A Con Man is short for “Confidence Man”, a con artist. He is dishonest. He is a swindler who makes his living by exploiting the confidence of his victims; a person who tricks other people in order to get their money. Please know I will report any updates regarding the facts, return of funds, and/or government intervention. In the meantime, please take all precautions upon considering any business transactions with Phillip W Knight and/or Gordon R Baker QC until further notice.

Numbers 32:23 But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the LORD, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.

 1Corinthians 6:10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.


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United States
Gordon R Baker QC gordbaker.com - SUSPENDED Law License

#2Author of original report

Sun, January 22, 2023

Gordon R Baker's law license has been SUSPENDED per the Law Society Tribunal decision held in December, 2022. It was determined that Gordon R. Baker, Q.C. failed to cooperate with the Law Society investigations and failed to produce the books and records they requested regarding the two (2) cases filed against him for fees that he held in trust and NEVER returned to the victims after the deadlines for their transactions expired and the transactions never completed. There are a total of eight (8) victims that have been uncovered so far with over US$1,000,000 in stolen fees.

This scandal revolved primarily around Gordon R. Baker, QC the trust attorney of Toronto Canada and his associate scammer Phillip W. Knight of London, Ontario who resides at 25 Southland Drive (reconfirmed again in January, 2023) with his girlfriend Allison whose father is the president of the local newspaper there.

Please contact us with your helpful information and help justice prevail against people like this who steal the bread from the table of innocent honorable families. We would appreciate any assistance that can be provided for further exposing the truth in Canada. Contact email is [email protected]

Please also see the judgement online against Phillip W. Knight for $353,000 at www.phillipwknight.com .

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Paul Kersey

United States
Eight (8) Victims Uncovered - Gordon R. Baker Q.C.

#3Author of original report

Thu, July 07, 2022

March 29, 2022 posted update regarding victims of Gordon R. Baker Q.C. and Phillip W. Knight on designated website https://phillipwknight.com/the-buzz/ .

Approximately eight (8) people have been uncovered who were subjected to financial improprieties by Gordon R. Baker QC and/or Phillip W. Knight. The losses have now crossed into the millions of dollars range. Government intervention has been ramping up across a number of agencies over the past two months. They are alarmed by the amount of the damages AND number of people harmed by these two.

Please, if you have experienced a loss of money as the direct result of involvement and/or business dealings with Gordon R. Baker QC, Phillip W. Knight, and/or Innasmat, or Avalant International (Calgary), we strongly suggest you contact us ASAP. Be assured all correspondence will be confidential. Please send a confidential email with your details and contact information to [email protected]


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