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Paul - Dublin, Ireland

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Mark Gerard Lineham, acting on behalf of IPMB also known as international precious metals bullion limited, used falsified information to defraud investors out of their money.  IPMB's coin "value" is a direct result of its own developers "trading" privately to manipulate its numeric value, as the coin has yet to go public.  Mark used these self generated statistics to persuade various investors and lending groups that the coin has genuine value.  He also asserted that the IPMB coin is backed by gold assets; we determined that they do not have any assets backing them at this time.

Mark Gerard Lineham is currently is in legal disputes in the United Kingdom and is not legally permitted to have a business account.  Despite his ongoing legal battles, he continues to scam individuals out of their funds as well as steal business contacts using malicious practices with the intention of acquiring funds.


Mark Lineham, John Vakis, Rob Buchan(Mynizaga) and Clifford Redekop, conspired together to withhold information as well as convey falsified uodates with the malicious intent of cutting legally contracted individuals out of a multi billion dollar loan opportunity that they helped establish and negotiate.   Their intention was to use these falsified and manipulated statistics of the coin, to gain access to a bridge loan, with which they could then acquire the gold assets to legitimize their coin scheme.  The lending company, realizing that IPMB didn't own the gold assets, planned to convey the falsified numbers and show Rob's boss Nick that they could make billions once the coin goes to trade assuming he could front a $20 million investment for the gold.  They falsely conveyed that John Vakis' partner and true founder of IPMB, Mihai Albu, had a family member that was pledging the initial capital investment, when in fact Nick of the family office, Rob's boss, was truly the one entertaining investing into this scam. 

In the wake of FTX and the many other crypto based scams, it is important to be aware and cautious of which crypto you pledge your money to.   With shady and malicious individuals such as Mark Gerard Lineham, along with "his" team of complicit conspierers, IPMB coin is being navigated with a very dark intention to scam both lenders, investors and future consumers out of their money.  The federal trade commission is on alert of this group and it is advised that all crypto firms, gold mines, and other potential targets of this entity known as IPMB be advised to not entertain any dealings with this business.   

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Sat, May 20, 2023

Is available in the comments section at Ripoff Report #608272. Just type in 608272 at this site in order to sing it, if you’d like.

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