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AMBER - Grand Prairie, United States

P.O. Box 113297 CARROLLTON, 75011 TX, United States
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This company LVNV/ SCOTT & ASSOCTIATES  calls me about 5 to 10 times a day, leaving messages about having me served, they have been to my house multiple times and when i disputed this on my credit report it was removed by Experian and they stopped coming.

it was also removed from the other to credit reporting agency's and then put back on those 2 and now they are back to coming to my door, Someone came to my house after 8pm the other night trying to "serve" me and again that night I submitted another dispute against them on my credit report. Well they showed up again today at my door  AGAIN TODAY WITH NO ONE HOME .

I believe this is harassment. I am now getting very irritated at the situation. As of today I have again disputed this company and one report WAS removed and closed and the other is still there, but again today and I have this on video the server came to the door and taped the paperwork to my door then rang the doorbelland walked away not even waiting on a response.

NO ONE WAS HOME but he didn't not even bother to wait. AND might I add the account is still in DISPUTE so they should bot even be stepping foot on my porch. For one one of the debts they are going after is well past the limit! and they just keep selling it over and over again.

The 2nd one the account was closed a month after i got it due to an error on the credit card company not me! While reviewing my credit report from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, there was a collection account under "LVNV Funding LLC" with account number "******XXXXXXXXXX".

LVNV/Resurgent have failed to provide any legal validation or a dunning letter in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. I am seeking proof that this debt is mine and will require a copy of the original contract under which the credit amount was obtained, as well as monthly statements since the debt was purchased.

I have sent several letters, including notarized formal validation letters seeking this verification and to this date LVNV/Resurgent has failed to provide the information requested. LVNV/Resurgent is clearly in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and I will seek legal action against this company for the practices if the issue isn't resolved immediately.

LVNV/Resurgent has not provided the undersigned with any evidence to substantiate its claim that this debt is a legitimate debt. Further, there has been neither proof that LVNV Funding has permission to collect this debt, nor have they provided previous verification of this debt.

Finally, I have received no information that Resurgent currently possesses any documents of this debt. Since this company has failed to provide any evidence of the claims made in their response, I am led to believe that neither LVNV Funding or Resurgent Capital Services possesses adequate documentation to collect this debt.

In order to provide proof that this is a legitimate debt of over 7 years and they have the right to collect this debt. Until the above referenced documentation is provided, the undersigned's position is that this debt does not exist and a reporting error has occurred.

Finally, unless this documentation can be provided, LVNV/Resurgent shall immediately remove this account from all three (3) credit reports and shall be subject to any and all costs, including attorney fees, should I pursue this matter further I am responding to your contact about a debt you are trying to collect.

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