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Complaint Review: Hampton Inn - Morrisville NC

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Hampton Inn
1010 Airport Blvd Morrisville, 27560 NC, United States
855 605 0317
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This issue is self explanatory and does not require a fifth grade education to understand. It is not argumentative, it is the status quo bedrock and ingrained attitude of professionalism that has gone unchecked at THIS Hampton Inn. ALL the gatekeepers for Hampton did me supreme on June 2, 2023. I had attempted for two days to fly from Denver, CO but experienced setbacks from Southwest and a moving company. Therefore, I finally arrived on June 2, 2023 and checked in for a room at 02:30 a.m. History has taught me that business will ambush you at night with the poorest service they can offer. Yep, you read it right they really do not give a "F" about you because you are vulnerable. Some of them will try to sell you a bucket of "piss" if you buy it. Therefore, anyone would think that after traveling with three large travel bags, two smaller ones, a booster seat, and a five year old ALL you want is just a good night's sleep and please of mind. That is If you believe that the Easter Bunny is coming this Christmas or the sun will rise in the North and set in the South. You are about to READ the worst nightmare you can experience! I have always had high critical views of any company that you see with all high five star ratings and more. We all know that anyone can pay their friends to get a "A" rating from the BBB. If you are not familiar with the BBB companies pay a fee to be listed to advertise their name. Readers might not like what I have to say but I challenge you to review your thinking on ratings and detest any lies from any source about Hampton Inn. I am obligated to research before scrutinizing the actions of others. The fate of others can ultimately be in your hands for others when decisions are rendered for transactions. Upon entering the Hampton Inn room and was just about to JUST lay down after traveling ALL day I was greeted by a black spider. The spider was right at the lower headboard getting ready to strike. Time stood still as I pondered on the primrose path of words and quality that Hampton had advertised but did not deliver. I am sure as long as employees are being rewarded and well feed they don't give a "D" as long as they are being rewarded with their FAT paychecks They will continue to scavenge and pick your pockets like vultures as false advertisers. Now that I have pulled back the curtain exposing the great OZ IT'S LEFT UP TO YOUR CHOOSING! I paid $157.44 for false advertisement coming from fabricators and manipulators After reporting the spider issue I was assigned another room only to be challenged by the on duty check in clerk. He became hostile and I refused to become argumentative. I was assigned to Room 322 but still have to physically carry three large bags. two small ones, booster seat, and a kid. The Hampton Inn gatekeeper showed NO concern about the transactions of the bags. Professional customer service is expected to be rendered as a public servant. There is perhaps no valued and deeply cherished position than to provide that level of quality service. However, there are those that will push the boundaries for their self serving ways. They WILL push the boundaries and never be held accountable for their actions. Regardless of their intentions the decision rests on a fundamental reason as their adversity. As retired military, Hampton Inn is one of those that pushed their boundaries!

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Absolutely, Positively One Hundred Percent CORRECT!!!

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Wed, July 26, 2023

 I've stayed at a lot of Hamptons and I can say this instance is a bit unusual but most assuredly understandably upsetting. You are CORRECT in regard to the BBB. To all of you eavesdropping here, let me elaborate because I don't want any of you to NOT learn this. The BBB is most definitely NOT part of ANY government or law enforcement entity. They refer to themselves as a "Bureau" as a RUSE to make you think they are something they are not. REMEMBER THAT! The BBB and all their PHONY BALONEY has absolutely ZERO POWER to force any business to do anything. Got that? The BBB has ZERO POWER to enforce ANY federal, state, county or city laws or ordinances. The BBB is NOT the business police! The BBB is NOT your friend. The ONLY purpose in the life of this alleged "non-profit" is to SELL their PHONEY BALONEY fake "ratings" and fake "accreditations" to ANY business willing to pay the price. Would YOU want to go to a doctor who had an nice looking, official looking certificate hanging on the wall WHICH WAS PURCHASED??? The BBB with all their PHONY BALONEY will give you a Disclaimer which says they do not endorse any business! What they are telling you is they know their "A+" phony rating they SELL is worthless otherwise they will gladly endorse a business which has one. Isn't that an open admission!!! What they do with complaints about businesses is they use them as sales leads to sell their PHONY BALONEY fake "ratings" and fake "accreditations". By the way, REAL ACCREDITATIONS which are issued to colleges, medical professionals, legal professionals and others are from a reputable accrediting body and issued after extensive investigation and verification of qualifications, track records and reputation. At the BBB its "Here's the price". The BBB is has a very long reputation as a PAY-FOR-PLAY operation so much so that any business person who has been in business for at least 15 minutes already knows this!

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