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Complaint Review: Genevieve Barr - Fortworth Texas

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Sandra - Belton, Missouri, United States

Genevieve Barr
4255 Bryanr Irving Road suite 211 Fortworth, 76109 Texas, United States
(682) 9905757
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In April of 2017 we received an emergency court summons for a Texas custody switch from my daughter's DFW ex! I also read the "supporting" affidavit that went with it and it contained so much perjury it gave me a headache!! Some perjury was 3rd degree! Genevie C. Barr's violation of TRCP 11-13, rule 215-2b (signing off on a legal document containing perjury) was not only malevolent but caused my caring loving fit daughter to lose custody of her little girl unlawfully and improperly! She missed 5 years of parenting time.

When we attended the first court hearing Genevieve Barr arrived 15 minutes late and offered no apology for making us wait. We had driven 8 hours from Missouri to be at the hearing. We were on time. 

When my daughter was on the witness stand located on the 5th floor of the Tarrant County Family court house, Judge Bill Harris would roll back and forth in his chair, look at his computer, roll his eyes around and never gave my daughter a fair shake in court or respect because of the perjury on paper and in the courtroom, ground work, and unlawful, improper Texas action by Genevieve Barr. For example: "CPS comes out to your house a lot don't they"?  

My daughter's lawyer Shelley Cooper could have faught for her a whole lot more in court. However, in court she was not allowed to submit rebuttal evidence, she was over ruled, she stood down because of Judge Bill Harris's hostility toward my daughter. His lack of objectivity and hostility came from the unlawful, improper, perjurous initiating actions by her ex and enabled by Genevieve Barr his attorney.

My daughter received a final court order from Texas by Judge Bill Harris that stated she was not allowed any telephone contact, physical contact, attendance to birthday parties, no school aprisals or visits, and health notes. No contact for 5 years! My daughter lost important bonding time, her parenting time, and my grandbaby lost valuable contributions that her Mommy could have made in her life!

Furthermore, my daugter in 2017 made $8.55 and hour. She was court ordered to pay $404 a month in child support!!  Please note that she was abandoned 5 years earlier by her DFW ex, with no home, no car, no way to fend for herself and the baby, and penniliess. I bought my grandbaby's medicine and diapers. She had to catch rides to work as I worked and held a full time job. He never one paid child support in 5 years. She never missed a payment! All because of Genevieve's unlawful improper Texas action!

We spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to fight intense jurisdiction issues for the next 3 years!! In 2020 it was deemed by a Missouri court and Judge that the DFW father was uncooperative, and the Texas emergency action was ruled ulawful and improper. My granddaughter had always been a Missouri citizen and this was her homestate. My daughter received full custody in 2020.

The DFW father refused to give my grandbaby back. Furthermore, my daughter drove all night after her job with her court order in hand to present to the TC police to get her daughter back. She was told that they did not honor her court order and judge. She would have to come back to Texas and start fighting all over again. So the DFW father was protected! All because of Genevieve's initial presentation in court.

Finally after more intense fighting and thousands of dollars more spent, a Missouri judge had enough! He put out an arrest warrant for the DFW father. Only by a miracle did my grandbaby come home for her 10th birthday! We learned that she lived in an horrific situation for 5 years. She is forever changed! So do not let your kids go to Texas for summer or winter breaks unless you go with them! They may not come back! 

All of this could have been avoided if Genevieve C. Barr would have not violated TRCP 11-23, rule 215-2b, signed her name to the perjury. If she would not have aided the DFW father in this malevolent, improper, unlawful action, we would not have gone through this traumatic expensive ordeal.

So beware!










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