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Complaint Review: David Gotzh - Chicago IL

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MM - Chicago, IL, United States

David Gotzh
444 N Michigan Ave Ste 1200 Chicago, 60610 IL, United States
(312) 957-8474
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This attorney has committed multiple frauds and his license should be revoked.  He gives all lawyers a bad name and is full of lies.  There is a petition online to get him removed.  He should not be allowed as a GAL or around children at all.  There is a reason he left Chicago and now hides in Indiana because he is the laughing stock of the legal community.  Ask any judge about David Gotzh and they will tell you he has the intellect of a child and they feel sorry for any client that hires him.  He will take your money and run.  If you show up in court with him as your attorney be prepared to be laughed out of the court room.  He is the nerdy kid in school who got picked on and now he is an egomaniac that is harmful to society.  Here is an excerpt from the petition to remove him as GAL:


Attorney David Gotzh has committed fraud and lied to the probate court. Also, has a personal Relationship, and has been colluding with the Biological mother (who lost custody of the child when he was three months. That was 11 years ago) in the probate case and will not remove himself as the Gal for the minor.

Why is this important?

There is a DCFS History report of abuse to this Minor Child at the hands of the mother; that is why when this child was only three months DCFS step in to remove this child from the care of the mother, and that is how he got into the care of the family he has lived with. In the elven years of this child life, no other order or court has sought to give unsupervised visit because in the state of Illinois “best interests” of the child!

The year in a GAL report GAL Attorney David Gotzh said he does not know for a fact where the birth mother is living, he does not know for a fact anything about her as he DID NOT READ THE REPORTS IN THIS CASE. Now, the only factor he based his decision on to give unsupervised visit is the fact that he does not like it that they minor child calls his guardian mom and dad, and they are A Black family that is keeping this young boy out of jail and the system. This is the reason that he will turn over this minor to someone that he knows nothing about

At First GAL Attorney David Gotzh said that the only way the birth mother could get the young man back was if she won $10 million. This all change when the Guardians of the minor reported racist remarks and that Attorney David Gotzh had a personal dealing with the birth mother. He was asked to remove himself as the GAL; however, he has refused and CVLS will not take him off the case as it is their mission to have this little young black boy in up in the care of DCFS.

Attorney David Gotzh has misrepresented the facts to not only appellate court; however, he did the same thing in the probate court. On 4/30/18 he placed two phone calls to the minor in the school telling the story and trying to get personal information from them, he also had the birth mother called to get information by trying to pretend she was the mother and had custody and was afraid that the Guardians were doing things to the Minor. Attorney David Gotzh also had a woman call from a number that came up on the school phone as belong to Chicago Volunteer Legal Service asking a question about the said minor, both Attorney Gotzh, and the woman told the school that they were in fear that the guardians had run off with the minor.

Attorney David Gotzh has personal interfere in both Civil cases that have been file, he has crossed the line, and he is filing motions in the Probate case by passing the appeal court. It is the belief that Attorney David Gotzh is colluding with the birth Moher Joyce Washington to kidnap the said minor. He has violated his oath as an Attorney and has crossed the line to criminal actions. He is using his power over the parties; he has treated to have one of the Co-Guardians arrested.

The Co-Guardian have sent over 20 email and requested to CVLS to have them remove Attorney David Gotch from this case. However, all they have done is help him as someone from their office called the minor school and would not give their name; all three people that have called that school would not give a name, and it was only due to the fact that the school has Caller ID that they school knows who was calling.

Attorney David Gotzh will be a co-defendant in one of the civil actions, and he will be called as a witness in both. The birth mother has said that he is her Attorney, and this is a fact that he has denied; as it would have crossed the lines. Therefore he will be called as we need to get a copy of all the phone calls and emails and any communication that has taken place with the Birth Mother and Attorney David Gotzh to make a man do all this for a woman he just met three months ago.

  There are many more complaints online and lawsuits against him.  Look up Cook County case number 20196004314.  He is a con artist and must be stopped.  If you are his client or former client report him to the ARDC immediately to protect future clients who will be scammed by this charleton!!



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