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I had received a letter from AT&T about the bill for my internet service, and they had included an envelope in their letter that I could use to pay my bill. On 09/27/2021 I had went to my local post office to get two money orders. One was for $127 to pay my rent at the home that I live at and the other one was for $30 to pay my internet bill for AT&T.

I had even purchased a stamp at my post office to put on the envelope that they had provided me (which I did put it on the envelope that they had provided. I had made out both money orders. One for the home that I live at that I had given to the manager over here. The other one was for AT&T. I had listed the address on the money order that they had stated was the address for it on the letter. After that I had put the $30 money order into the envelope that they had provided.

After that I went to put their envelope with my money order on it into the "letter slot" at my local post office. Earlier today on Wednesday, 10/20/2021 I was chatting with AT&T about questions that I had about my internet speed and upload speed. He was telling me my account is currently in suspesion for lack of payment. As I had informed him, I had 100% paid my bill. He had called me 15 minutes and had sent me to the billing department. They claims that it takes 5-7 business days to send out, and they did not receive it.

He had given me an email to send proof of documentation to him. I currently cannot find my receipts because I have recently threw away a lot of things in my apartment. However, I can play a recording of all of my transactions on my debit card. It matches the information that I had given them that I had purchased 2 money orders on 09/27/2021 (one for $127 & the other one for them was for $30).

It was a total of $160+ that I had paid USPS (my local post office) to get these money orders to pay them. I know for a fact that I had sent off the money order in the envelope that I had provided them. My payment to them was supposed to be for $29 and some change. My money order that I had given them was for $30 (more than the amount for my bill). There is 0 reason why they should have my account in suspension.

They should have completely gotten my money order of $30. Based of thousands of complaints that I have read about them all across the internet, they are notorious for doing their customers like this and cheating them. I want them to credit the $30 to my account and restore my service as they should do. Now, I cannot even use my internet service period.


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Thu, October 21, 2021

The president had called me, but I had missed his phone call. I had got an email from him saying that he was trying to reach me. He had gave me a number to call him at. I just called him. He was trying to give a weird explanation. I had told him that I had showed my proof and how thousands of other customers are having these exact same problems out of them. That seems to be an issue on their ends, so customers should not be punished for their fault.

I had told him that the money order receipt and the receipt of my 3 purchases from USPS that day including the reference #s for the money order was sent the email addresses that they had provided. He had claimed that he is not arguing me, is not saying that I am wrong, and is not saying anything. He said that thousands of things could happen in between the time that I send off the money order coming to them. That is understand, and I would believe that if only people who was sending them money orders or checks was having that issue. However, based on a review on RipOffReport earlier that was posted by someone he or she had the same issue out of them when they had made a payment through their bank too.

It is obvious people have this problem out of them when they pay when their credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, money orders, or checks. He had said that my $30 credit has been issued to me. It has been covered for next month, and my service will be fully restored within the next few hours. 

had went back to explain to him the situation that I was having.


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#3Author of original report

Thu, October 21, 2021

I just sent that guy in collections a duplicate copy of the receipt that I had got from my local post office showing the $127 money order for my rent that had included the serial #, the $30 money tha I had used to pay AT&T with the serial number, and the stamp that I had purchased on 09/27/2021. I had also included that receipt in my complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.


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#4Author of original report

Thu, October 21, 2021

Yesterday, I had also filed a complaint against AT&T with the Better Business Bureau & the FCC.I had called my debit card last night to hear a list of all of my transactions for the past month. On 09/27/2021 I had heard a charge being made at USPS on 09/27/2021 for $160.48 (the charge for my $127 money order to pay my rent, a stamp, & a $30 money order to pay AT&T). Anyways, early this morning on Thursday, 10/21/2021 I had found my money order receipt for the $30 money order that I had used to pay AT&T.

I had immediately took a picture of it and had emailed it to the email address that the guy on customer service had told me to email proof of documentation to yesterday, which is: [email protected]. Around 9:00 A.M. CST The manager of AT&T said that she had got my complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. I had told her once again about my issues. She had asked me was it for wireless. I had told her it was for their internet service.

She had asked me was it for DSL or Uverse. I had told her that it is either DSL or Uverse, but I think that it is for Uverse. She had said that am I saying that I had paid them but was not credited for it. I had told her that is correct. I had told her that I was told yesterday that my service was in suspension. I had told her that I had emailed them a picture of my money order receipt this morning. She said that she cannot see it on her end because she can currently only see my complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

She had told me that she is going to contact their collections department to notify them. She had told me that someone should be calling me back. After I had got off the phone with her, I had also updated my Better Business Bureau complaint with the picture of my $30 money order receipt that I had used to pay them. Someone did call me back from their collections department. He had told me that they have fully restored my service and put my account on hold.

They still have not received my payment. He had claimed that what probably had happened is that they have not received it yet or that their machines had probably misread it. Their machines had probably mistook a 5 for an 8 or something like that. I had told him that I had emailed a copy of the money order receipt to them this morning. He had said that a money order receipt only show that I had purchased the money order & not something else that he had stated.

He had told me to go back to the place that I had purchased the money order and get a copy of the receipt. The receipt will usually show some tracking # and then they can go by that. He had given me his name, email address, and phone number to send the information to. Along with that, he had told me to put Attention with his name in the subject of the email. Then, it will automatically go to him. I just went to my local post office. They was able to successfully pull up a duplicate receipt of the transactions that I had made that day that shows: the stamp, the $127 money order that I had used to pay my rent, & the $30 money order that I had used to pay them.

While the clerk at the post office was doing all of this for me, he was telling me that my receipt will show the same thing as my money order. He had even agreed that AT&T is just giving me a hard time. I had just took a picture of that receipt and had mailed that one to: [email protected] too. Also, I am about to go home and send it to that man in the collections department email address and update it on my Better Business Bureau’s complaint.

Based on my research and the comments that I had read here on RipoffReport, someone else had this exact same problem with AT&T earlier this year. It is a shame that I have got punished for something that I did not do. It seems to be a common problem with AT&T. Instead of fixing their systems and problems, they are punishing their customers for it. They are obviously greedy.

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